Celebrities spotted: Favourite ski destinations of the rich and famous

The rich and famous love to ski – but they don’t just pull on their Superdry coat and hit any old slopes, oh no! Celebs hang out at some of the most prestigious, stylish...

The Importance Of Music In Your Life

Music does a lot of things for a lot of people. Not only is understanding and listening to music beneficial for adults, it's also important for children. There are many things that music can...

6 of Hollywood’s Favorite Non-American Actors

Star quality and talent, two qualities deeply desired in and around Hollywood, are certainly not traits found among Americans only. Over the history of American film, while the vast majority of those on the...

6 Premium Cable Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

Watching some of the most popular TV shows involves more than just tuning in to your local television stations. Consumers are looking for intelligent writing and original content. In fact, some of the highest...

10 Movies That Blew Up The Most Cars In The Making

When I look at these Movies nowadays with big action scenes, lots of big car chases and of course the total destruction that follows, I cringe...but yes I do enjoy them, maybe not as...

20 of the Best Scorned Woman Songs Ever Written

In The Mourning Bride, William Congreve wrote “Heaven has no rage like love to hate turned nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” This little pearl of wisdom is often paraphrased to a...
Marilyn Manson

Top 10 Musicians Who Should Stop Making Music Right Now

With news that New Kids on the Block are touring again, I find myself wondering why are they still trying? It’s fine to try to recapture your glory days and relive ...
David Hasselhoff

Top 10 Celebrities with No Talent

The dictionary definition of “celebrity” is a person who is easily recognized in society. Usually someone is a celebrity because of something she or he has done. They may receive attention for talent, lack...

Actors that used to be Fat.

Hollywood has always had a certain opinion of those with a ‘larger’ figure. Though many of the stars have to lose/gain weight for particular roles, such as Christian Bale in The Machinist, many simply...
juilian mcmahon

The Hot List: Top 10 Underrated Gorgeous Celebs

When you think of gorgeous celebs you think Pitt, Jolie, Depp, Kardashian and countless other names you constantly see topping the hottest celeb lists. It's puzzling, really. There are any number of gorgeous celebs...