7 Celebrities We’d Like to See Play US President

We’ve had a range of celebrity actors play presidents in the past. From Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact, to Martin Sheen in The West Wing, to Geena Davis in Commander in Chief, and Harrison Ford in Air Force One. The list goes on.

(Btw, why’s Harrison Ford always chasing or being chased in ev-e-ry single film he’s in?)

Now, we’re in no way taking away from the guys (and gal!) who’ve played presidents before, but here at World of Female, we’d like to rustle up a lil list of our own. Because we said so. Because we can. Because we will.

You dig?

So without further ado, heresy goesy:

1. Patrick Stewart…


Best known for his role in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Stewart is a fine fine actor – very eloquent, very strong, firm voice and certainly not bad looking either – rather on the handsome side actually, like the old guy you really shouldn’t find kinda hot, but do.

Stewart played the captain to a tee; Jean-Luc – a gentleman, natural leader, diplomat and lover of all things detective and Shakespearean. It’s easy to see him standing tall and strong at the White House. I mean, there is the tiny matter of the British accent, but that’s just a formality, compadre. I’m sure he’d be able to brush up on a stateside accent in the time it takes Justin Bieber to paint his nails, no?

(img credit: Wikipedia/urbantog)

2. Clint Eastwood…

Eastwood has always played strong roles. Who can forget The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in the ‘60s and Dirty Harry in the 80’s? OK, so I’m 107. So what? In The Line of Fire was a film and a half too. Clint invented cool, calm, collected, with those pensive eyes, strong jawline and laidback voice like he ain’t going nowhere in a hurry. How could he NOT be considered in our line-up for cool actors to play president? 81 years young or not, if he’s up for playing president, we’re not gonna stand in his way. Would you?

(img credit: Wikipedia/f. bouton)

3. Woody Allen…


just kidding…

(img credit: Wikipedia/c. swan)


3. Susan Sarandon…


Like Eastwood, Sarandon tends to take up strong female roles. She was in Thelma and Louise, a classically empowering film for the ladies (plus it had the delicious Brad Pitt in it too). She was in the beautiful tear-jerker Lorenzo’s Oil, playing a mother whose son had a form of dystrophy. And she played a physician in Ice Bound, a woman trapped at the South Pole, who self-administered her own treatment for her cancer.

I can’t think of a better person to play president. She’d so rock.

(img credit: Wikipedia/d. shankbone)

4. George Clooney…


Whereas Brad Pitt is a bit too on the visually-sugary side to play president, Clooney is the right mix of good-looking-ness and charm (is good-looking-ness a word? Well now it is!) Clooney’s got that look of dependability. He’s also got that touch of edginess to him, like when it’s time to throw it down, he’ll so throw it down and do what needs to be done.

(img credit: Wikipedia/n. genin)


5. Sigourney Weaver…


Gurlfriend whopped some serious alien ass in her time, even when she was carrying one in her stomach, even when she was a clone. So she gets a straight-up pass to play president. No arguments. Sigourney’s also got that real strong look about her anyway. It’s hard to imagine her playing anything other than tough characters.

(img credit: Wikipedia/d. shankbone)

6. Denzel Washington…


I’m over the fact Denzel will never be my husband …in this lifetime… … which is why he’s on the list, to show there are no hard feelings. That and the fact he happens to be an incredible actor. Training Day. The Hurricane. Malcolm X. Philadelphia. Cry Freedom. To name a few. He was amazing in all of them. He’d make a cool president and was actually the first actor that came to mind when our list was being compiled. However, while I’m (mostly) over not being Mrs Washington, you never forget the pain, which is why he ain’t no.1 on the list!

(img credit: celebrity-gossip.net)

7. Angela Bassett…


Last, but definitely not least, there’s Angela Bassett. Ever watched Boys in the Hood, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Waiting to Exhale? She shone in those. She also played Betty Shabazz alongside Denzel Washington in Malcolm X, which she was equally awesome in. She was frikkin amazing in What’s Love Got to Do With It, a biographical film of the great Tina Turner’s life.

Bassett can act. Period. If she doesn’t get to play president, then no one does. Nope. Not even Susan Sarandon herself, who I uber adore.

(img credit: flickr/kingkongphoto)

And those who didn’t quite make the cut…

Brad Pitt: as mentioned, too pretty.

Colin Farrell: too young. Eyebrows too hairy.

Meryl Streep: she’s already playing former UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Playing a US President would be just plain greedy.

Sylvester Stallone: now how shall I put it? Erm…

Jean-Claude Van Damme: oh, is that the time? Must dash.

Madonna: love you, gurl, but this is one audition you won’t be coming to.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: yah kidding me, right?

So there you have it. A lil sumin sumin World of Female rustled up. If you disagree with some of the folks on the list, then go make your own. That way, we can come over and disagree with your list and call it even. Kapisch?

Aww, we love you too. 🙂