Celebrities Photoshopped: Before and After

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people nowadays know or have at least heard of the graphics editing program by Adobe (that is unless you are above 55 and have never even been near a computer) known as Photoshop. You know, it’s the program that can turn your modest brown in eyes in to sparkling whirlpools of blue and make you instantly lost ten pounds. It can, if used in the right hands, turn us mere mortals in to superstar celebrity types! Yep, you can start off wearing one kind of lipstick and end up with a completely different one in the finished product! Still not sure what I am talking about (where have you been under a rock?!) well, check out this video:

The Photoshop Effect YouTube Video –

So all along we have been admiring celebrities for being out of this world and not human for they must be gods and goddesses to look like they do! So we rush out and buy whatever perfume and eye makeup range they happen to be endorsing at the time and were all fooled! And what’s strange is that we know that no person can be that perfect and we all know that Photoshop exists but on a day to day basis we don’t seem to put two and two together! Well, I don’t anyway. I don’t pick up a magazine cover and say “I would love to have photoshopped legs like that!” I say “I have to have her legs!” But lets be honest, not even the celeb has legs like that! They have been prodded and shrunk and airbrushed within an inch of their lives. Hell, they probably believe they actually look like their photoshopped selves now! Would explain a lot of celebrity ego’s out there.

With today’s culture of young people suffering more and more from illnesses such as anorexia, bulimia and mental health issues, I think it’s important to point out the way these celebrities really look before the magic happens! Yes they have dimples, cellulite, dull complexions, flat hair – so lets celebrate their flaws that make them more like us ladies!

Jessica Alba


There has obviously been a lighting enhancement but Jessica has clearly been pinched in at the waist, legs, arms you name it! Why would anyone even bother airbrushing her? She looks amazing without it.

Kim Kardashian


Kim herself celebrates her fuller, curvier figure and is renowned for having a voluptuous and womanly figure but look….she has dimples and cellulite on her thighs too! She has also been “reduced” in size – tut, tut!

Laila Rouass


Now this has to be one of the most shocking pictures I have seen. The difference is remarkable. They may as well have used a completely different person altogether and not used Laila at all. They obviously didn’t choose her for her figure when they have replaced it with a photoshop version!




Hallelujah! Our masks have been lifted and we can finally see once and for all that Madonna is a normal 50 year old woman (well, there is probably not a chance in hell that I will look that good at 50) she finally looks more her age. For a while I was scared she was an alien being who stayed young and cool forever. Someone needs to tell her it’s OK to age though!

Penelope Cruz



Now here we have a beautiful woman but apparently she still isn’t good enough. A few highlights, more evenly sized boobs, a thinner waist and some better lighting and all over airbrushing ought to fix those nasty imperfections for her!

Cameron Diaz


I have really seen it all now – Cameron Diaz of all people (the lady who does martial arts, running, swimming, surfing and general saving of the planet for fun) needs to be thinner and re-touched! Is no one safe from the dreaded Photoshop?!

Kiera Knightley


This actually made me laugh out loud so hard because it is such an obvious difference! Where as normal celebrities need taken in and smoothed out, the ever thinning Keira Knightley needs help with some extra junk in her trunk! There was a fear that when she turned side on for this shot she would disappear altogether out of view (not really, I’m fooling around but hey, she is soooo thin!) So yes, clearly Keira has been given a helping hand in the boob department and retouched on the face.

Piper Perabo


Who needs skin care when you get a flawless perfection with the stroke of a few computer brushes instead?


Uugh, this woman annoys me because she so publicly came out about her mammoth plastic surgery and yes you look great but why get airbrushed within an inch of your life and then lie about it to the world? Own up Demi! No one likes a stuck up celeb!


  1. I can’t believe you say Madonna looks like “a normal 50 year old” in that photo with the ugly arms on the left. That is not like ANY 50-something year I know, you must know a bunch of PREMATURELY AGING people. Geez. Looks more like 79. The one below with the fur trimming where she’s untouched looks good and normal though. She looks good as long as you don’t look at her arms.

  2. were ruining americas youth… magazines allow images that are photoshopped so girls develop eating disorders to look like something thats not even possible to look like

  3. Estee Lauder had a model that they used for various counter-top displays. All the same woman, but it looked like a different person altogether in each one. You’d be amazed how many pictures they take, too. Especially when the picture they use is ugly. Then you wonder, really? That’s the best you got?

  4. Stop blaming Photoshop for eating disorders and plastic surgery cravings. Everyone should know by now how retouched/hacked magazine photos are. Why not enhance your own photos and call it a day?

  5. By the way, Claire, thanks for the pics. I haven’t seen most of these before. I think we should preserve the glory of Madonna as long as we can! I don’t want to see her age.

  6. what is wrong with trying to get the best possible figure? even in paintings an artists will use his or her judgment to make the model seem more…”fitting”. photoshop is no different from an artists’ mind.

  7. Band it! EVERYONE has flaws. It should be visible for everyone to see, so they can actually feel good about themselves. No one can achieve perfection, why make it look like celebrities can?

  8. Band it! EVERYONE has flaws. It should be visible for everyone to see, so they can actually feel good about themselves. No one can achieve perfection, why make it look like celebrities can?

  9. I agree even with cameron diaz .. who is already envied for her looks and long legs and she hasnt resorted to plastic surgery for her bod (she keeps fit running and surfing everyday and has normal sized boobs like the rest of us) they feel they need to Photoshop her and she is already gorgeous !


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