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10 Best Love Songs of All Time

It’s February, a time when most people’s thoughts turn to romance. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you can’t escape hearing love songs on the radio at this time of year. There are...

10 Movies That Blew Up The Most Cars In The Making

When I look at these Movies nowadays with big action scenes, lots of big car chases and of course the total destruction that follows, I cringe...but yes I do enjoy them, maybe not as...
David Hasselhoff

Top 10 Celebrities with No Talent

The dictionary definition of “celebrity” is a person who is easily recognized in society. Usually someone is a celebrity because of something she or he has done. They may receive attention for talent, lack...
juilian mcmahon

The Hot List: Top 10 Underrated Gorgeous Celebs

When you think of gorgeous celebs you think Pitt, Jolie, Depp, Kardashian and countless other names you constantly see topping the hottest celeb lists. It's puzzling, really. There are any number of gorgeous celebs...

Famous Women in History

Ruled by the dictates of patriarchal norms, women from times immemorial have been forced to bow down to men and patriarchy. Yet, despite these shackles, there have been women who have managed to put...

Celebrities Without Makeup: Who Needs It and Who Doesn’t?

Who can forget the photo on the left? Katy Perry's husband, Russell Brand, tweeted this picture of his lovely bride a few months back and deleted it not long after, probably due to protests...

20 Hot Men to Lust For

Have a better look at your beloved, dear women! You will be filled with overwhelming love for them. But every innocent faced woman has a wilder side to her! She likes her men raunchy...

The 10 Best Lesbian Movies Ever Made

I support gay marriage. I don’t think it’s fair that two people should be denied the same rights everyone else has based on their gender or who they fall in love with. The logic...

15 Men Who Look Younger than Their Age

I turned 30 on Monday and after a long hard look in the mirror, I decided it wasn’t nearly the big deal I thought it would be. I have a few wrinkles on my...

Hollywood Women Who Make Curves Look Good

For a long time, there was a trend in Hollywood that seemed to say skinny was the only way to be sexy, but it hasn’t always been that way. Look back to women like...