Top 10 Downright Odd Movie and TV Merchandise

Wanting to show your love for favourite film or tv series? Faint of heart, look away now... 10. Let's ease you in gently with the actually quite funky Terminator USB memory stick. This little beauty...

Top 5 Reasons Speidi Should Be Banned from Existence

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt – or Speidi, as you may also know them – are walking, talking examples of ‘reality’ TV gone horribly awry. I’m sure there are those what will jump all...

Celebrity fashion inspiration from the 60’s

This showcase shows some of the celebrity fashions in the 1960’s, from the early 60’s Hepworth suits, narrow trousers, lapels and a thin ties., to the late 60’s crazy wide flares, ...

Unraveling the Lost Mysteries: What’s Left to Uncover?

If you have been watching Lost since the beginning as I have, you are likely sad to see the show coming to its end but impressed with how well they are beginning...