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Amazing Recycled Art

There is nothing new about recycled art, artists and artisans have always reused materials. But reduce, reuse, recycle are the buzz words for the 21st century and one man’s trash is...

Are You Ready for the Fall TV Season?

Now that the warm days of summer are over, it's time to think about cozying up with the fall TV season. Whether you're ready to see what happens on Parks and Rec after "I...

Top 10 Celebrities Famous for No Good Reason

In Hollywood, there are artists that have earned fame through hard work, talent and by making smart career decisions. These artists have worked to master their craft and have been rewarded for their skills....

Man Candy Monday: Paul Wesley

  Who is Paul Wesley? The Vital Stats: Name: Paul Thomas Wasilewski Nicknames: Paul Height: 5’10″ Age: 29 Born: July 23, 1982 in New Brunswick, New Jersey Profession: Actor Status: Married to actress Torrey DeVitto Filmography (year, title, role): 1999: Another World (Sean McKinnon) – television series 1999-2001: The Guiding Light (Max Nickerson) -...
Taissa Farmiga

Taissa Farmiga – Biography, Net Worth, and Facts of Actress

Taissa Farmiga is a famous American actress for the series, American Horror Story: Murder Story and The Nun. She earned the title, Scream Queen, and had several demands on horror movies. With the rise...

Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 8 ‘The Great Depression’

It's easy to rag on 'Jersey Shore' - really easy. I used to do it all the time. I went on rants for days about how horrible the show and everyone on it was....
Chris Burrous

Chris Burrous: A Reputable Journalist, His Life and Death

It was a mournful day from the KTLA Network when they lost one of their best journalists. How much more of how his family felt when they heard the news? Chris Burrous was the...

Are UK kids TV characters sexist?

The first ever series of the kids TV show Thomas and Friends hit our screens in September 1984. This show was filled with starry eyed young teen trains such as the loveable Thomas, Gordon...

Fierce Kids Fashion

Fashion is for everyone, young and old. The only proviso is that for kids it’s the parents who call the shots. And with fashion it’s all about the ‘tude. It’s not always what you...

Awkward Subway Photos

There are always pros and cons to taking public transport. Sometimes they are one and the same. OK, I hear you scratching your head and thinking, ‘What are you on about?’ I’m talking about...