Our All-Time Top 8 Favourite Movie Heart-Throbs

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Top Celebrities Who Love to Gamble

Celebrities are people just like us. They have hobbies and interests too and, like many people, they love gambling as well. No one is immune to feeling that rush you get when you win...

Trend on Sobriety in New York- 5 Celebrities Who Overcome Alcohol Addiction

There is a new trend on sobriety in New York that has almost everyone saying no to a frozen margarita or tall, cold beer. This sobriety movement requires participants to substantially reduce or give...

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Chris Burrous

Chris Burrous: A Reputable Journalist, His Life and Death

It was a mournful day from the KTLA Network when they lost one of their best journalists. How much more of how his family felt when they heard the news? Chris Burrous was the...
Anorexic Celebrities - Ireland Baldwin

15 Anorexic Celebrities – Sensitization of Weight Biases

Do you know someone who is battling with Anorexia Nervosa? It might be our loved ones or some celebrity that we look up to. These anorexic celebrities have their story behind. But, before we...
Taissa Farmiga

Taissa Farmiga – Biography, Net Worth, and Facts of Actress

Taissa Farmiga is a famous American actress for the series, American Horror Story: Murder Story and The Nun. She earned the title, Scream Queen, and had several demands on horror movies. With the rise...

Dennis Quaid Proposes to Girlfriend in Oahu

Last Monday, Dennis Quaid proposed to 26-year old girlfriend Laura Savoie, a Ph.D. student at the University of Texas Austin's Red McCombs School of Business, while vacationing at Turtle Bay, located on the northernmost...

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Best Entertainment Options For Single women

Attempting to find something fun to do can be tougher than you might imagine. If you do not choose something good, there is a good chance that you’re going to get bored again. Being...