120 Cute Outfits That Will Make 2019 Your Most Stylish Year Yet

The best way to stand out this year is to make your style more personal yet fashion-forward. You might rely on tried-and-true basics and classics, but it wouldn’t hurt to add some whimsy and playful vibe to your looks. New Year resolutions are great to kick-start your year ahead, so we rounded up some inspirations on cute outfits that will make 2019 your most stylish year yet.

Winter Fashion Tips

  1. Play with fur accents—bags, coats, skirts, and jacket.

Fur whether real or faux is the perfect finishing touch to your winter outfits. However, fur also has that childish flair, so you should select the ensembles and color that goes well with your personality. Also, the fancy material is best reserved for colder months, which is why some women prefer to invest in fur accessories that can be worn from fancy parties and beyond.

A great thing, fur ensembles whether it’s a skirt or handbag can add some personality to your looks. For instance, a woman with a carefree personality could opt for fur ensemble with an exaggerated trim that will make everything cool and effortless. On the other hand, fur coats and jackets made from shaved mink will give you a more timeless, classic style.

If you want to add some romantic flair to your winter looks, opt for fur ensembles and accessories in bright hues or pastel shades. However, bright and pastel colors don’t go well with all colors unlike neutrals, so you would want to consider your wardrobe when shopping for colorful fur ensembles. A great thing, fur accessories can easily dress up your most basic, casual outfits.

Fur might be a symbol of luxury and glamour, but it doesn’t mean you can’t sport them on your casual weekends. We all know that a fur handbag is cute, making your everyday style more fashion-forward and whimsy. Yes, it will absolutely go well with your favorite tee and jeans combination, winter coats, and even holiday parties.

More than that, you’ll be able to get a cute statement this winter even if you wear your bulkiest outfit.  Do you often trade comfort for style? With fur ensembles, you’ll make everything practical for the cold winter months at the same time stylish.

  1. Layer like a pro.

Winter months call for cozy yet cute outfits that can take you from day to night. However, most winter layers often end up looking bulky and not so sophisticated. A great thing, you can surely look cool at the same time stay warm during the cold winter months with a few styling tricks. Do you know that you can actually layer your most unexpected pieces in your wardrobe?

As a rule of thumb, you should play with volume and proportions when it comes to your winter outfits. If you plan to wear an oversized coat, it’s better to balance the rest of your look with structured or form-fitting ensembles like tailored trousers, bodycon dress, skinny jeans, A-line skirt and such. Nowadays, the trend of wearing loose top with loose bottom is all the rage right now—but if you’re aiming for a polished style, go for the tried-and-true combinations.

When it comes to layering your winter pieces, which one comes first and comes last? According to the experts, you should wear the lightest layer—one made from thinnest fabric and breezier textile—as your base layer, then, go for heavier fabrics like velvet, leather, and fur as the outer layer of your winter outfit. A great thing, winter season will allow you to wear your most favorite clothes more often without getting noticed.

A great thing, you don’t have to go shopping just to survive the colder months as you can surely extend your warm-weather wardrobe by layering them with your winter favorites. Some women even managed to wear their skinny leather trousers with their summer skirts, along with sleeveless summer tops and sweaters. Remember, all you need is to experiment with your wardrobe and be creative on creating cute winter outfits.

Spring Fashion Tips

  1. Go trendy with unexpected color combinations.

We all know that you can’t go wrong with neutrals—they are versatile, classic, and never go out of style. But spring season is all about blending into the colorful scene of blossoming flowers and colorful fields, so it’s the best time of the year to get colorful on your style and wear cute outfits. Wearing colorful hues with blacks and whites might be a good place to start, but going for unusual partnerships will make your 2019 style cuter and more creative.

If you want to try donning the unexpected color combinations for the spring season, you might start with complementary colors that will give a striking, yet cute statement to your looks. For instance, you might give the pink and red color combination a try with your top and bottom, along with your shoes and handbag. This color combo used to be a fashion faux pas, but not anymore so feel free to break the rules.

If you love nature, then wear the colors of the nature—green and brown. It might seem like the color combination is a bit challenging to pull off, but keep in mind that the green leaves and the brown soil always look appealing to our eyes. The same thing goes for yellow and green—just think of sunshine and green grass on a summer day. Have you noticed that green is a refreshing and cooling color? Yes it can add some fresh vibe to your daily looks.

If you want a calming yet a bit unexpected look, go for blue with red, or perhaps orange? After all you wear almost everything with your blue jeans, so don’t be afraid to wear your most colorful piece with a blue ensemble. After all, blue and orange are complementary colors that can make your trendy statement a lot cuter and cool.

If you want to steal the show with blinding colors, you could never go wrong with red and yellow combo. It’s the perfect look for holidays, but you can always tame the bright colors with its muter counterparts like mustard, maroon, and burgundy that will look cute every for the day.

  1. Get a cute statement with cute bows and feminine accents.

Nothing is cuter than big ribbons, voluminous frills, flouncy ruffles, feminine bows, peplum designs, pleats, and flirty decorations. If you’re seriously looking for a cute statement this year, go for them. These cute details are girly, but if you want them to be a bit more grown-up, go for accessories like handbags, shoes, hats, and sunglasses instead.

Do you know that you can even wear ruffles and bows strategically to bring proportion to your body shape? In fact, you can take advantage of ruffles to draw the focus away from your flaws—think of rounded stomach, bigger hips, or even shapeless figure. If you wish to make your bust or shoulders more proportioned, you may think of off shoulder tops, along with dresses and tees with ruffles placed horizontally.

If you’re wearing a structured piece, you can make your style more balanced with ruffled, pleated, or even peplum-designed pieces. If you’ve got that straight body type with lesser curves, then add the illusion of curves with ruffles and peplum pieces, making your style more feminine and chic. More than that, do you know that ensembles with cute details will also bring some interest to your basic outfits?

  1. Stand out in spring parties with cute outfits.

We all know that spring season is full of surprises, so if you’re expecting to attend a few spring parties, you could never go wrong with cute outfits. Before selecting the outfits to wear, make sure to pay attention to the dress code, as you wouldn’t want to come as underdressed or overdressed. Your cute outfits will surely look great for garden parties, creative parties, and even glamorous affairs.

If the party is going to be held on your friend’s house, then you can assume that it’s a semi-casual occasion where you can wear a denim skirt dressed up with a chic top, or a tea length dress in spring colors. Sometimes, you can even get away with jeans, but go with a cute top to make it look appropriate for a spring party. For garden parties, you could never go wrong with lace dresses and breezy maxi dresses.

If you’re going to attend a more formal occasion, whether it’s a spring wedding or a fancy celebration, reach for your cute, yet classy cocktail dresses and skirts. Yes, it’s better to dress up a bit for a formal party, but skip those little black dresses and long gowns. Remember, spring months call for romantic, colorful, and a bit romantic style, so make your look the cutest and chic.

Summer Fashion Tips

  1. Lighten up your looks with whites and pastels.

We all know that white is the favorite shade of us when summer temperatures go up, since it keeps our body cool at the same time our style fresh. Do you know that there’s a scientific explanation behind wearing summer whites on the summer months? According to experts, our body temperature goes up when summer temperatures rises, and we need to perspire a bit to release the heat.

A great thing, whites and other lighter shades reflect light, making us more comfortable in the sweltering weather. That’s also the reason why stylists discourage us to wear darker colors in the summer since they keep our bodies warm because the colors absorb light.

  1. Go for cute sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and basket bags.

Summer season means spending outdoors with your friends and family, so if you’ll be soaking the sun all day, you should be ready for functional and cute outfits to keep you cool and stylish. Do you know that cute sunglasses, wicker basket bags, and wide-brimmed can take your summer style to the next level? A great thing, basket bags are great from beach trips to picnics, and even to tropical vacations and a walk in the city.

If you need some cute outfit inspiration to get started, think of Jane Birkin. Do you still remember when wicker basket bags became popular in the seventies because the actress don the accessory in her daily looks? You can surely wear it with your jeans, crop tops, matching sets, and breezy maxi dresses, along with cute sunglasses and summer hats.

  1. Embrace summer prints to refresh your style.

Wearing prints on the summer will give you a fresh style—think of cute outfits in fruit prints, rainbow stripes, floral patterns and such. Since summer is the perfect time of the year to look cool and fresh, embrace summer prints. Thankfully, fashion designers are making summer prints more colorful yet more approachable.

You might think leopard prints and plaids are more of a classic and glamorous style, but do you still remember when fashion designers Christian Dior, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen introduced the print in a more modern and colorful way? You can go for colorful version of these classic prints too that will add some cute statement to your summer style.

Fruit prints might sound fresh, but they actually have a rich, history in fashion. Do you know that women in the 18th century wore waistcoats embroidered with different fruits? A great thing, some fashion designers even made the look more fashion-forward, featuring bananas, pineapples, watermelons, berries, cherries, and strawberries in their designs.

If you want to make your cute outfits more approachable, go for tropical prints instead. Have you spotted some botanical patterns, palm tree graphics, leaf prints, exotic-inspired motifs and such? A great thing, these tropical prints can take you everywhere—think of Sunday brunches with the girls, summer weddings, backyard barbeques, casual weekends and such.

If you want to add some retro flair to your cute outfits, think of polka dots. Do you still remember when the retro print lets you channel your inner Minnie Mouse when you were a kid? Adding the print to your looks through your accessories whether it’s a handbag, shoes, sunglasses, summer hat, or even a cute dress will make your summer looks more playful and whimsy.

Fall Fashion Tips

  1. Wear the fall colors—and be inspired with vintage style.

You might be worried looking like steeping out from your grandmother’s closet when you sported the vintage fashion, but there are actually a few tricks that will keep your looks modern at the same time more personal. A great thing, vintage style will be able to give you cute outfits to wear during the fall months while keeping your style a bit unexpected.

One of the keys to rock the vintage fashion is to wear vintage pieces from different eras. In fact, going for vintage pieces from one particular era head-to-toe will only make everything look costume-y. Some of the vintage pieces that you can wear with anything are peasant tops, puff-sleeved blouses, and even retro print scarves.

If you’re still a big fan of cute outfits, simply add some vintage touch with accessories. Most women opt for vintage jewelry instead of handbags and shoes, since it can give you that unique and more personal touch. Think of vintage necklaces and clip-on earrings that will give you that retro look without compromising your fashion statement.

If wearing a vintage piece sounds unattractive for you, you may simply think of incorporating vintage-inspired motifs to your cute outfits. Retro floral prints, paisleys, and gingham are great for adding some personality to your fall looks. It’s best to wear these vintage prints with your modern pieces to give you a more revamped look for the fall months.

  1. Add a pop of color to your cute outfits with accessories.

Fall season usually comes with earthy tones of mustard, rust, orange, and brown, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a pop of bold hue to your cute outfits. If you think bold colors feel inappropriate during the fall months, you can easily update your look with accessories. Some women even managed to wear pastel hues, neon colors, and bright shades just to make fall season a bit lively and cool.

A great thing, you can also get creative with fall colors with your patterns and prints. All you need is to opt for a fall inspired print that you can dress up with jewel tones, make a bit quirky with neon shades, and make it more timeless with neutral hues. Or, get creative my mixing prints and patterns that will make your fall style more expressive yet a bit unexpected.

  1. Make your cute outfits bohemian-inspired.

Bohemian fashion consists of earthy palette that’s just perfect for the fall season. You can literally go carefree with your color choices, but add some bohemian flair to your cute fall outfits with fringe details, suede fabrics, bell bottom silhouettes and such. If you like, you may even pick a bohemian piece, be it a dress, boots, blouse, skirt, hat, or handbag that will set the tone of your look.

The key is to be mindful of your silhouettes a bohemian fashion is known for its ethnic-inspired motifs, free-flowing silhouettes, and relaxed pieces. If you don’t have bohemian pieces in your wardrobe, then, be creative with bohemian inspired prints—paisley, plaids, retro floral patterns, tribal prints and such. If you wish to take your style to the next level, then simply wear your fall ensembles in a bohemian way.

Remember, bohemian fashion is known for its eccentric and unconventional outfits. Think of wearing your cute top with a breezy maxi dress, you’re A-line skirt with bell bottom pants, flared trousers with button-front skirt, dress with pants and such that will give you a fashion-forward, yet creative statement for the fall season.

Things to Add to Your New Year’s Style Resolution This 2019

  1. Choose cute outfits that flatter your body shape.

You don’t have to be an hourglass body just to look great, as knowing which clothing style that flatter your body shape will make a big difference. Most of the time, going for a cute outfit that’s perfectly tailored for your body will be great over wearing off the racks clothes. Also, take advantage of your outfit silhouettes to balance your proportions whether you’ve got a rounded stomach, curvy hips, or a straight figure.

Do you know that you can even get a more flattering look with monochromatic outfits? Don’t fret as it doesn’t mean wearing all-black or all-white all the time. You may actually wear your favorite color whether it’s a pastel, jewel tone, or neon. However, you might want to get that taller look by matching the color of your shoes with your pants, giving you a longer frame.

  1. Dress for your fashion personality.

Fashion lets you showcase your individuality through your clothing choices. If you’re a woman who’s in charge, it would be better to go for fashion styles that will boost your confidence and reputation. A great thing, a classic style never goes out of fashion, so you’ll look great no matter what. If you’re a tee and jeans type of girl, you’ll love effortless styles and low maintenance looks. Going for basic yet cute staples are great to make your daily looks stylish at the same time comfortable.

Are you a fan of ruffles, lace, and tulle? You might have a romantic fashion personality that always aims to look sophisticated and playful. If you love fashion trends, eccentric outfits, and avant-garde looks, then you might have a trendy fashion personality. It wouldn’t hurt to keep up with the latest trend as long as it reflects your personality.

  1. Wear cute outfits that you love, not what will just do.

Most of the time, we tend to buy clothes that don’t fit and styles that we don’t really love. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t buy things that you don’t love it, or else, it will only take some space in your closet. Instead of buying clothes just because they are on sale, save up for the fashion items that you really love, and you’ll find those cute outfits that you love to wear every day.

Getting fashion inspiration from magazines, searching the racks on the latest thing, and following trends might be your usual routine to stay current and stylish. But this year, it’s time to break those bad shopping habits and be expressive on your personal style you’re your own rules.

  1. Stop following fashion trends religiously.

It wouldn’t hurt to wear some trends that flatter your personality and make you happy, but keep in mind that trends come and go. More than that, most fashion trends are better left to skinny runway models as most runway-looks aren’t wearable in real life. Think of blinding colors, avant-garde looks, larger than life silhouettes, and eccentric patterns that aren’t universally flattering.

After all, you have your own fashion sense and style identity, so don’t try to look like someone else with those fashion trends. You can surely take some inspirations from fashion trends, but don’t let them dictate what you should wear.

  1. Forget fashion rules and make your own standard on your style.

Most of the time, fashion myths rule our closet, leaving us uninspired and disappointment on our current wardrobe situation. For instance, stripes were believed to flatter only skinny bodies, prints should be worn with plain pieces, colors should be balanced with neutrals and such. Unfortunately, those rules only prevent us from getting creative in our looks and put cute outfits together.

Have you heard those fashion rules saying that sequins are only for nighttime, you shouldn’t wear socks with sandals, prints shouldn’t be mixed, and you should always match your bag with your belt and shoes? If you’ll notice, those rules are already broken as there are lots of street style stars, fashion bloggers, and style icons who broke the rules but still look incredible, and perhaps cute.

  1. Create an empowered wardrobe to make your life easier and more stylish.

New Year is the perfect time to hit the reset button, so think of getting a wardrobe cleanse to get a better style this 2019. Have you got those dresses and tops you haven’t worn in years? This might be the best time to get rid of them and make space for the clothes you really love. You might be holding on to fashion pieces that you feel nostalgic and sentimental about, but they don’t actually do good to you.

This year, make sure your wardrobe makes you feel empowered and confident. Does your weight fluctuates and you think you might need those ill fitting clothes someday? Go for clothes that fit, cute outfits that make you feel good, and accessories that add some spice to your life. This way, making a big change on your style will feel like a breeze, and putting outfits together wouldn’t feel like a chore.

Indeed, fashion isn’t about just looking great with your cute outfits, but also a creative way to express your individuality. By heeding these fashion tips, you’ll be able to make 2019 your most stylish year.


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