93 Adorable Boyfriend Jean Styles For Women

One of the most comfortable styles of jeans is the Boyfriend jean. That’s the whole idea behind stealing your boyfriend’s favorite pair of jeans. They fit you in a way that your own jeans don’t. They are soft and comfortable and one of the most popular styles out there.

Boyfriend jeans are cuffed, loose and they even have just a touch of masculinity to them. It’s the kind of look that is perfect for the laid-back look. It’s a style that is borrowed from the effortless look of the boy. It can also be dressed up if you need it to be. Check out these 93 Adorable Boyfriend Jean Styles For Women:

  1. Casual Style

A Loose pair of jeans that have some holes in it. This is a very casual style.


2. Cuffed Jeans

A great style like this is cute and casual. Great for the summer.

3. Long Sweater Style

Another casual style that has loose jeans and a long sweater go perfectly together.

4. Fun Styles

These styles are easy to put together and they look so comfortable.

5. Jeans and A T-shirt

There is nothing more comfortable than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

6. A Ripped Style

Ripped jeans are never going to go out of style. You can go wrong with a cool style like this one.

7. Dress It Up

This is a great example of how you can dress up a pair of jeans.

8. Date Night

This is an amazing look that you can totally wear on your next day. It’s simple but still dressy enough for dinner.

9. Distressed Style

A fun style like this could easily be worn to a BBQ or to a family event. It’s comfortable and easy to put together.

10. Fashionable Looks

If you didn’t think that you could really dress up a pair of jeans, then you were wrong. Here is a great example of a classy outfit with a pair of white jeans.

11. Cool Styling

What more could you want from a style? Go meet your friends for brunch or a day of shopping.

12. High Styles

A great style that is both cool and classic.

13. Casual Styling

This style looks casual and comfortable.

14. Loose Looks

A style like this is sure to keep you warm. It couldn’t look more comfortable.

15. Office Styles

This would be a great outfit for a day at the office or a meeting. It’s a classic style with the blazer.

16. Day Wear

Another example of a casual outfit that you can wear anywhere.

17. Add Some Style

A great style that is both fashionable but so comfortable.

18. Trendy Styles

Cool styles like this don’t come around every day. Try out this look and you will love it.

19. Baggy Styles

From top to bottom, these Boyfriend jeans are baggy.

20. Simple and Cool

If you like to have simple looks that keep you cozy, then you will love this style.

21. Tank Top Styles

Tank tops always look amazing with jeans, especially these ones.

22. Classic Looks

This is a great look if you are out meeting your friends for the day.

23. High Waisted

These high-waisted jeans always look great with crop tops.

24. Layers

If you love layers, then you are sure to love this overall style.

25. Classic Styling

Jeans and a button down are always great looks.

26. Great Looks

We can’t help but love a great style like this one.

27. Model Styles

We just love her see-through top and all the blacks together look great with a pair of jeans.

28. Bright Styles

If you want to make your look pop, then add some bright colors. The blazer and shoes are the perfect additions to make this style even more amazing.

29. Gorgeous Looks

This is a well put together look that you can wear to your next birthday party.

30. Bold Looks

The long jacket really completes this look.

31. The Leather Look

A style like this one is totally cool. Leather always looks good with loose jeans.

32. Cropped Styles

Loose jeans and a crop top is the perfect look.

Images by Jesse Maricic & Micah Gianneli | info@controlecreatif.com | www.controlecreatif.com

33. Stunning Styles

This is totally a power outfit that will make you feel in control.

34. Sexy Styles

This style is not only bold but sexy too.

35. Gorgeous Wraps

Jeans always go well with these long wraps.

36. Pretty Styles

A simple button down is all you need to create this classic look.

37. Trendy New Styles

This style is trendy and very fashionable right now.

38. Shirt Designs

Another great example of how well jeans and a simple t-shirt go together.


39. Add Heels

These heels are incredible and they look so great with jeans.

40. Sweet Styles

How can you not feel in control of your day with an awesome outfit like this one?

41. Celebrity Styles

Even celebrities like this one know how to rock the Boyfriend jean.

42. Cool Vibing

The jeans here are a little bit tighter but looser in the waist.

43. Conservative Styles

Whether you are looking for a conservative style or an edgy one, Boyfriends jeans can fit in anywhere.

44. Casually Cool

Sneakers and jeans always mean that you want to have a style that is comfortable.

46. Neutral Styles

Neutrals are always great with jeans.

47. Add Some Sparkle

If you want to dress your jeans up for a night out on the top, this is the perfect style for you.

48. T-shirt Looks

Another perfect T-shirt style.

49. Sweet New Look

Another simple style that is easy to put together.

50. Denim on Denim Looks

Denim on denim is a very popular look right now.

51. Ripped Jeans

If you are a fan of jeans with a lot of holes, then you are sure to love this style.

52. The Boy Style

Having the Boyfriend jean is all about being casual and comfortable.

53. Comfy Looks

Not only are these looks very popular right now but they are comfortable as well.

54. Cool New Styles

An amazing style that you are sure to love.

55. Cool Jeans

A tighter jean gives you a completely different look.

56. Loose and Ripped

Ripped jeans come in many shapes and styles.

57. Socialite Style

A great look that will make you feel like you are living the socialite life.

58. Faded Jeans

The sky is the limit for the colors that you can get with the Boyfriend jean.

59. Metallic Looks

This is a very cool shirt that goes well with the jeans.

60. Great Shape

These jeans have a really good shape to them.

61. Darker Styles

A great style that you are sure to love because of the darker shades.

62. Spotted Styles

These jeans are super cool because of the spots.

63. Scarf Styles

Scarves always go well with a laid back relaxed style.

64. Polished Styles

This is another great way to dre4ss up a simple pair of jeans.

65. Short Styles

The loose fit of these jeans goes well with a midriff-baring shirt.

66. Leopard Prints

These leopard print shoes are the best way to complement a very casual look.

67. Edgy Styles

Kristen Stewart is the Queen of casual and she knows how to rock a relaxed look.

68. Gomez Style

Selena Gomez is also doing a great job of rocking out this look.

69. Striped Look

This is a cute look that you can wear anywhere.

70. Big Holes

There’s just something about ripped jeans that just make girls smile.

71. Bold Choices

Chrissy Teigen has amazing fashion sense as we can see here.

72. Share Your Style

Have a matching day with your friend and see what you come up with.

73. Loose Shirts

If your shirt is loose, that can provide you a pretty great look as well.

74. Awesome Looks

These looks are trendy but so easy to put together.

75. Fresh Style

You don’t get more casual than this style.

76. Street Style

Another comfortable look that will keep you stylish.

77. Great Layers

Another layered look that you are sure to love.

78. Leather Vibes

This style is a great look for the fall.

79. Heels and Jeans

This whole look makes for a great style.

80. Black Looks

The black shirt with the leopard print looks amazing together.

81. Acid Wash

Acid wash with a cool crop top is the perfect look.

82. Model Styling

Look and feel like a model with this style.

83. Bold and Fresh

Another great look that is sure to make you happy.

84. Striped Style

A simple style that you are sure to love.

85. Short and Simple

These jeans just got to the ankle and they are super cute.

86. Stylish Jeans

Another great example of the Boyfriend jean.

87. Different Looks

This great look is sure to turn heads.





88. Cool Shades

A great style that is complete with shades.

89. Black Styling

We love the sharpness to this style.







90. Sexy Tank

Tank tops are always sexy with jeans.

91. Fur Styles

These jeans look so comfortable!

92. Sweet Styling

A cool look that you are sure to fall in love with.

93. Painters Jeans

This look is ultra casual. She’s just out running errands, but she couldn’t look more fashionable. This awesome style is sure to please you and we love the ripped jeans. Overall, this is a great example of the Boyfriend jean.