How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring For Your Partner

Many people question how they can choose the right engagement ring for their partner without ruining the surprise and taking their soon-to-be fiancé in a wedding ring shop. Luckily, there are several things you can take into account when finding the right engagement ring for your partner, without spending far more than you imagined once you have established your budget! With so many diamond engagement rings available to buy, choosing the right one can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! In order to choose the right engagement ring for your partner, take into consideration our top tips below.

Establish Your Budget

The first step towards choosing the right engagement ring for your partner is by establishing a budget. After all, you don’t want to find the perfect engagement ring for it to be 10x the amount of money you were willing to pay. Establishing your budget before you begin searching for your perfect engagement ring will ultimately help the jeweller show you the options that are in your price range to avoid disappointment. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you may be able to negotiate the price of your chosen engagement ring depending where you shop.

Research Her Style

When it comes to the time to choose the right engagement ring for your partner, you probably already have a good idea of her preferred style. In some cases, you may have even teased her walking around engagement ring stores! Engagement rings can cost a lot of money, which is why it is paramount that you choose a ring that fits your soon-to-be fiancé’s style and preferences – and you’ll get additional brownie points for doing so! If you don’t want to take the chance, why not take her into a jewellery store and say you would like to look at some watches. Whilst you’re busy pretending to be interested in the Rolex watches, your girlfriend will more than likely wander off to look at the eye-catching rings. At this point, take note of the engagement rings she points out to you or is gazing at before returning to look at the watches.

Find Out Her Ring Size

What’s a ring if it doesn’t fit? Most importantly, in order to choose the right engagement ring for your partner, you need to find out her ring size. Despite being warned, many men fail in this area of the purchasing process because they guess their partners ring size or are afraid that asking will give away their game plan. No matter what, you should try to find out her ring size before making your purchase in order to save time taking the ring back to the jeweller and pay even more money to get the ring size adjusted. It’s not the end of the world if you accidentally get the wrong size ring, but getting the right size ring will certainly save you a lot of grief!

The Four C’s

Who knew engagement ring shopping could be so complicated? In order to choose the right diamond engagement ring for your partner, you must take into considerations the four c’s in order to select a high-quality diamond.

Cut. Many people confuse the rings cut with the shape of the diamond, when in fact the cut is the proportions of the stone which will reflect the light beautifully from one facet to the next, making it sparkle!

Colour. Yes – diamonds are available in colours other than clear, much to our dismay. Before you start hunting for the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you need to understand the way diamond colour is graded – and how it will affect the price. Colourless diamonds (D) are far more expensive than light yellow diamonds (Z) because they are more rare. If you’re really stuck, know that white colour diamonds are one of the most popular when choosing the right engagement ring for your partner!

Clarity. Once you have determined the cut and colour of your diamond ring, it’s time to consider the clarity of the stone. Diamonds with more imperfections are less clear than those that are imperfectly perfect, and cost less!

Carat Weight. Last but not least, the final step towards finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner is to find a suitable carat weight. It all comes down to your desired budget, but essentially, the heavier the stone, the more expensive it will cost to buy – but you don’t have to panic, nor spend another six months saving up a sufficient amount of hard-earned money to treat your loved one. An expert jeweller can make any diamond appear far bigger than its carat weight.

Jewellery Insurance

Once you have purchased your chosen engagement ring, protect your investment by getting jewellery insurance. This way, should anything happen to the ring, you can feel assured that should anything happen to the newly-purchased engagement ring, you will be able to claim.

Phew! Now you should be set to find the ideal engagement ring for your partner, just don’t forget to take some time to fully understand the four c’s that could make or break your surprise proposal! Good luck!


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