125 SpongeBob Memes That Sums Up Our Daily Lives

Our beloved Nickelodeon cartoon series Squarepants is perhaps the only bunch of dumbass cartoon characters that we absolutely love. There’s something absurd and sophisticated at the same time about its sense of humor that makes it quite engaging. Who can forget the fun and upbeat lyrics, “Are you, ready kids? Aye-aye captain. I can’t hear you… Aye-aye captain!”? Many of us grew up hearing those lines in our heads as kids, right?

What else made SpongeBob so special? Surprisingly, the hilarious antics of SpongeBob gang is so relatable. It happens in real life that people made memes out of it. Check out these crazy SpongeBob memes below that will surely make you both confused and amused. It seems like the Silly Sponge has a lot to share under his sleeve. —I mean pants!

When Your Party Animal Self Is In Full Mode

“Dear uncle Charlie, 

I will not be picking up your drunk ass when you find yourself cuddling your vomit outside your favorite sports bar. 

Please, go home and sit in your rocking chair.

Your nephew”

Dressed up to look swag, no problem! Challenge accepted. Rocking those iconic coordinated looks with matching colors. Does it not remind you of the old-school fun fashion of the 90s wherein teens wear vibrant clothes and giant accessories. Wait, where’s the shiny ride?

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So, the booze gave him a high dose of confidence to say the “N” word that sent his ass at the garbage chute. Needless to say, every cool dude who brings a new face in the club have experienced getting tangled in this mess. At least, it’s something to remember forever, right? Nah.

Apart from hitting your head somewhere after getting drunk last night. Mom’s yelling is another instance that everything becomes too blurry as soon as she slams the door into your bedroom. Your brain is soo delayed, but your ass is already up.

Meaning, you went out clubbing a night before. Smashed (who knows) how many alcohol shots. Transformed into a walking zombie after 03:00 AM. Fortunate enough to save your car’s dear life from turning into a scrap metal the next day. And eventually walking into a stranger’s home without getting arrested. 


When A Hook Is Too Short To Latch

Oh, the struggles of being an average man who is expected to be more than an average. When it comes to men’s *ahem* package, that “Height and shoulder-to-hip ratio,” is scary AF. A pro tip, don’t get defensive. Confidence men! Confidence even if it fails!

It’s the little primal areas of body obsession that is considered a death question to every man. It ain’t like the medieval times, you know? It’s better to enhance your “other bikini bottom” skills if you’re not that confident. It’s your best hope. 

Relationship Memes That Hit Hard

It’s one of those epic responses that will make you say “Oh, f**k.” Too late woman! It’s too late. The party is over. It is why the hookup culture makes up 80% of the babies born. So, it is no surprise if every woman might actually freeze or freak out on this.

Hookup gone bad. And then as it turns out, she is not dead at all. She was just knocked out to deep sleep. A few ages later, she wakes up, walks to your house to tell you she wants another wild round.  What would you do?

Here’s another way to test a man’s patience. So, ladies! If your man can endure hours of waiting outside a Gucci, Sephora, or any stores for girly stuff, he’s a keeper! Shout out to all the men who can do this! You are admired!

Shoutout to all the wives, girlfriends, delusional girlfriend wannabes, and creepy secret admirers out there! It’s not a surprise that a woman is a better detective than the FBI to their lovers. If you don’t have a private investigator skill, good for you! Or is it??

C’mon! The smartest and most sensible thing you need to keep in mind is to never argue with your spouse while on the road. Remember, some people have a sensitive switch button that automatically turns them into a beast.

Student Life At Its Finest

That moment when you know you’ll be answering all the exams questions “C” for cruel. Ha! Send this to your pal who gets savage AF the moment your terror Math teacher steps in the classroom. It’s like “Oh my god?!”

There’s always that one friend who just can’t shut his or her mouth. And when the beans are spilled, someone ends up in a hot seat. Well, it happens that secrets accidentally slip while trying to make a point. You might as well prepare a duct tape, just in case you have to zip it. 

Well, you can’t be too skinny, or you’ll look like a cancer patient. You can’t be too big with a “keg” belly as well, or you’ll look like a potato. On the positive note, you just saved nearly $100 a year for not needing to use a shampoo and conditioner. Cheer up!

The SpongeBob meme that precisely speaks the college life most of us have all been through. Especially sitting on the ground while eating leftovers from the pizza or burger place where you work. You would either love it or be embarrassed when you look back.

Okay, we have all been through this as a kid trying to impress our teachers, friends, and crushes. Whenever a school debate happens, a crossfire inside your head starts to get pretty ugly and just blow your brain cells out. Yet, you still kept your butt in the chair until the end.

Can it get anything worse when your mom makes a surprise visit at your college dorm and catch you in a lingering, musky smell of sweat and alcohol? Spongebob, Squidward, and Patrick certainly make a phenomenal job in capturing hysterical emotions as possible.

Hmm, the irony of a tough man getting sick with some mild indigestion, a headache or a measly cold, and exaggerating the symptoms so much. As the saying goes, when women get the flu, she still can clean the house. Men, on the other hand, is right there, in bed, feeling like he’s dying.


At some point, we have been guilty of over-sharing our not-so-pleased thoughts about someone we do not like. And really, once, twice or maybe thrice as the last stretch would be enough. NOBODY CARES anymore about how much shade you have left for your office mate, boss teacher, a school mate, or your mother-in-law.

This SpongeBob meme is exactly what your inner soul wants to say to your whiny roommate who acts like a baby when sick. On the positive note, you have some liberty to activate the artist in you. There are many ways to get creative in dissing a sick friend you are upset about.

When you like someone so much, but you just don’t know how to express them without screwing the momentum. Case on point; If you have been clingy then, you might as well suck it up and keep it all in your head for now. It saves you more trouble.


When You’re Proud Of Your Bravery..

How many of you who can’t stand staying in a dark room or run upstairs for three minutes after watching a horror movie? The grisly images of ghosts flashing a Victorian Clothing will surely measure how tough you are.

Nah! Let’s turn this around. You stepped on a lego, and the lego cried. Seriously, this Spongebob meme just nailed reality. It can’t be any more accurate than this. Not to mention, no one actually believes you.

At one point, the miniature replicas of yourself had taken the gift-giving trend scene by storm. You can turn yourself into an action figure! You can give it to your besties as a constant reminder of a true friend’s love. But seriously, what more can you ask for?

This is where it becomes fun. We can all agree that we love reading the comment section of any posts than the subject of the post itself. Maybe it’s time to make a career of being a troll? Or make the likes convertible to money, —much better!


Embarrassing Moments & That Brain Fart That Friends Hate

While your friends are starting to lose patience hearing the corniest jokes the laughter died down, you’re struggling to contain your laughter on the same joke you can’t stop bringing up more than twice. COMMON! Don’t be such a butthurt! Some jokes are just too funny, and it’s hard to stop laughing, even if you wish to.

It’s essential to be familiar with the group you are with because some jokes don’t hit some people’s humor spots. The next thing you know, they are all looking at you like you’re some kind of idiot. It’s just one of those awkward attempts to get a crowd’s attention that gets caught in an upshot.

There’s a myriad of stinky stories to the fascinating history of farts. Some suggest more food that can lessen the funk of your gas. Others even have crazier ideas. But, it all boils down to one solution. If you can’t hold it, you might as well let the air out.

Living paycheck to paycheck predisposes a person to become down and out. If we human beings have “different walks of life.” Well, our lifestyle also has this “Different walks of salary.” And they run out extremely fast!



I think we are missing the versus “reality” in his picture. But hey! It’s free to have some ego-fattening, muscle-building confidence booster.  Just make sure you can keep up. Otherwise, you will quickly go back to Mr. Keg Belly the following day because you can’t resist rewarding yourself with a box of Krispy Kreme. 

One of the most accurate Spongebob memes! When she perfects a contour, you shall expect it to be all over her social media accounts. From her Facebook Wall, My Stories, Instagram Stories, Snap Chat to her Instagram Gallery.


Nah, it’s all about our love for movies littered with lines of dialogue and special effects that provokes our imagination. This Spongebob meme talks to plenty of paranoids out there. We have one piece of advice for those who are like this, stop binge-watching thriller movies on Netflix at night!


Food Is A Manipulator!!

It’s the exact feeling when you’re starving while in a supposed one-hour business meeting. Yet, your collaborator is still halfway through a presentation after an hour. The worse part is, they haven’t ordered a takeaway, and everyone now looks like a crabby patty.

For sure many women out there with friends like this don’t think twice to yell on the phone, “can you just ditch your stupid boyfriend? —And get over it!” It’s one of those moments that you will ask yourself, “how good am I as a friend because I just I just wanna slap her with my shoes.”

There’s a big chance that you get flashbacks about someone you know who behaves like this. Not everyone enjoys quietness, especially when being paranoid pokes as if electrocuted. On the flip side, it’s another way to lift-up your lazy-ass spirit. What a hilarious way to see your soul vibrate before your eyes, don’t you think?


It could have been worse. Even after you drink tons of water and the damn thing didn’t move. It lodged itself in your throat and is sitting in there for hours as it dissolves slow. You can’t avoid but reveal the ugliest look a face can express.

It would be ironic if two random folks were on crack and decided to watch Spongebob only for this to be the first thing that they will see. But hey! It’s a typical display at the bars and pubs. Drunk people who don’t know each other suddenly become besties.

It is one of the Spongebob memes that is a straight-up reminder of the questionable Peach emoji! It’s either you admire that ass, or you are frustrated for not having an ass like that. Gotta hit the gym to do some hardcore butt workout!

Jokes aside, it only proves that 95% at a time, playing dead can actually save your life. It is indeed a practical joke, literally


A circle of friends is never complete without one being the exact spirit animal of Squidward Tentacles. Alternatively, you might like to buy some squid thingy from a thrift store, decorate it majestically AF.

It’s called adulting hacks that you learn as an employee. A break is a break for a reason. You need to pause and rest. So, just carry on and chill. Act like you never noticed watching them run around like chaos. It works most of the time.

Those Crazy Sunday nights where roomies used to throw ketchup, pizza crusts, fries, rotten tomatoes, cake. And oh! Let’s not forget throwing toothpaste on the roommate with the smallest to no contribution at all but drunk most of the booze.


How Some Mind Works

That sensation of your temple veins throbbing intensely as a reaction to the two words that you just can’t wrap around your heating skull. And all the while, your friends still kept rubbing it to your face.

In your mind, ” have a seat and listen,” so pumped to express your opinion. It’s your knocked narcissism bailing out in full joy after being shunned for a long while. It works like a sponge. —just can’t control over-self-absorption.

Anyone ever got caught in this situation? I bet most of them are men. LOL. How I wish you can simply do some superhero landings to save your ass. But hey! Sometimes you gotta have some adrenalin rush, right?

Is anyone guilty of such a lousy habit? Okay, let me guess, IT’S YOU and your mom gets upset all the time to a point she wants to throw the darn door to your head.

We love cats. Not until they…It’s going to be a catfight of the evening!

When her drawing skills and eyebrow product fails to follow her eyebrow’s arch and definition, that fad look needs some deleting. Oh boy! It’s going to be a big war. Bring out the Goliath-sized eraser for heaven’s sake!

It’s a question that hits so many men in random dates, Have you ever been shocked when your date took off her makeup? Try making a reaction like Squidward’s and prepare those cheeks for the big-ass slap of a lifetime.

At least, you are not the only one guilty of knocking off every container of leftover food in the fridge at 02:00 AM. We all do this, we all do!

Remembering your older brother asking you to give him your strongest punch just like when you were kids, —even though you are twice his size as an adult. Your warning would be like, “You better not ask me to pay for your facial reconstructive surgery.

Everyone can be stupid. Let’s be stupid until our cerebella just can’t take it anymore and walks out the door. Be like Spongebob. Yay!


Brace yourself for momzilla mode, or make an incredibly polished excuse before she reaches the phone.

A SpongeBob meme that hits reality in friendships! There’s always a next time. Just chug those three cups of coffee and get it over with. You can bet you will gain more friends in a few hours…

Which mostly happens every Friday night at a club somewhere.

That’s just plain harsh. But that’s better than spilling the beans and spoil the excitement.



Hmm.. It seems very familiar.



#braggingrights. Can’t say no more.

We all know who these people are in our lives, don’t we?

It’s never easy to be ugly. So, if someone sees the handsome side of you, (whatever that is,) you need to buy that person a lunch.

I can imagine the bewildered faces of the people in the men’s room while hearing your roaring entree slamming the toilet bowl.

OMG. The truth that most people keep from everyone.

When the teacher is out and the sub is in, every kid inside the classroom turns into a bunch of hysterical baboons.

I bet, until now, you still can’t figure out the darn connection of pineapple under the sea, whether he lives in it or lifts the tropical fruit.

Thanks to Kim K and Nicky Minaj for creating a craze of “thicc” and weirdly large fake bums. Now, every chick in town wants to fill their asses with jiggly stuff called ‘silicon’ like some kind of a tire that needs air.

The good old classic American legendary teen boy’s life flick, “The American Pie.” How would you explain yourself within two seconds right after you are caught in this awkward situation?

And you sweat like you are just a few steps away from the pathway of hell.

Yup! The truth be told! The excitement has it’s life span. Grab your self some beer, pizza, and just binge-watch movies.

Since the beginning of the internet, memes have surged every social media platform as a form of a joke. It’s entertaining. Ironically, it brings some valuable lessons, as well as being profoundly relatable. Then, after reading, you come to realize how much the memes tell the most accurate details of your life.

After rounds of writing essays in the ring for the stars know how long, you’d realize how worthless it is. Come to think of it. Right after high school graduation, you still don’t understand how the heck writing essays can help you in boxing items in an Amazon warehouse.

It’s crucial to stay sane in college with all the pressure of coming out alive. Otherwise, you just want to throw your head inside a cow’s butt and forget about the promising world. Let alone it pokes fun at the stress of exams. Ahhh, the limitless reaches of space in its truest form called “college bills.”

Stage fright is real. And every student from elementary to college had to deal with some stupid performance on stage. Yet, your whole vibe changes when you made it out alive. Who’s guilty in getting way above and beyond intense when rapping your favorite rap song?

Kids are gross when sick. There is not even a need to elaborate that.