Celebrities Falling: The 10 Best Celebrity Stage Dives

We all have our embarrassing moments. I, like many of the celebrities you’ll find on this list, have fallen. I’ve fallen many, many times. I’m sure most of you reading this have taken a tumble or two as well. Let’s call it a nasty side effect of our friend gravity. This isn’t an article making fun of the celebrities who have fallen. Instead, it’s an article celebrating the fact that, like us, the stars we love are human.

The queen of the stage tumble?

I considered putting Demi Lovato on this list simply due to the frequency of her stage falls. This girl falls a lot – and I do mean a lot. There is a fan made montage of some of her better falls you can see here, but I decided not to include her because I don’t think doing so would be fair. First of all, none of her falls are close to the epic falls I have included. Second, it would be nearly impossible to pick just one fall out of the wealth there are to choose from. Watch the video and see for yourself. So if not Demi, what celebrity stage dives did make the list? Let’s get started.

10: Rihanna (Edmonton, Alberta 2011)


Rihanna is no stranger to tumbling on stage. This most recent fall is really what inspired this list so I had to include it. While it looks like she took a pretty hard fall, all reports about the incident indicate she was just fine. I considered posting the video of Pink falling during a stunt mishap a few months back, but the video was just too disturbing and not only knowing Pink was injured but actually seeing her reaction makes it even worse. This video of Rihanna is a lot less troubling.

09: Brad Paisley (Charleston, South Carolina 2010)

Who says tumbles on stage are just for the women? This is the best video I could find of Brad Paisley and his epic stage fall, but if you skip to the 2:52 minute mark, you’ll see one of the hardest stage falls ever. Brad really hits that stage and although it takes him a moment or two to get back up, he seems just fine after all is said and done. I have a feeling his pride was the only thing seriously injured and one has to imagine it recovered quickly.

08: Jennifer Lopez (American Music Awards, 2009)

It was Jennifer Lopez’s moment to prove to the world she still has what it takes to command a stage. It had been a while since she’d had a number one single and she was trying to light a fire under her career with her performance at the American Music Awards in 2009. It was a great performance – aside from the nasty fall she took; landing right on that famous behind of hers. You wanna bet she had a bad bruise from that one.

07: Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots (Houston, Texas 2010)

A few things to mention about this one. First, I’m a huge Stone Temple Pilots/Scott Weiland fan and have been since Stone Temple Pilots released their first album, Core. Second, Scott wasn’t lip syncing in this video as many have claimed. He falls off the stage, hits the floor and keeps singing. He later said he waited for a break in the lyrics to get back up on stage so as to not interrupt the flow of the song. Third, it’s pretty easy to blame drugs or alcohol for this fall considering Scott’s history, but as the musicians on this list can attest to, you don’t need to be drunk or high to fall off the stage. This brings us to…

06: Beyoncé (Orlando, Florida 2007)


Holy cow – this is one of the most epic stage falls I’ve ever seen. Beyoncé hit those stairs hard and you know that had to be painful. This fall can be attributed to one thing and one thing only – that massive coat/cape thing she’s wearing. As she’s walking down the stairs, she tripped over that thing and went down. The one thing that really amazes me about this one is that she not only gets up and keeps singing but she wasn’t seriously hurt in the fall.

05: Darren Kriss (Washington, DC 2011)

Sometimes it isn’t a complicated wardrobe item that trips up the pros – sometimes it’s the hands of adoring fans. Glee‘s Blaine, Darren Kriss, was just trying to show his fans a little appreciation when one over zealous fan pulled him right off the stage. Never fear, Glee fans – Darren was fine and laughed the whole incident off. All the same, it should probably be mentioned that pulling your favorite singer off the stage isn’t the best way to get his or her attention.

04: Lady Gaga (Houston, Texas 2011)

Like Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga falls a lot on stage – and I do mean a lot. Choosing the best wasn’t hard though. This epic fall off her piano during a performance of You and I from Born This Way was not only epic for how hard she fell, but also for how well she handled it. You know that must’ve hurt, but Gaga is a pro – getting up and carrying on with the show like nothing happened. She didn’t even miss a beat. Well done, Gaga, but next time, maybe you should put your butt on the piano bench instead of your feet.

03: Bono from U2 (Miami, Florida 2001)

U2’s Bono is the quintessential rock star with a heart. His band is legendary but so to is his passion for shedding light on various global issues that he feels strongly about. With that said, Bono is also seen as a bit of a diva with a giant ego. Seeing him do something as human as falling is a bit surreal, especially considering how very hard he fell. He looks a bit rattled once he makes his way back to the stage, but one has to wonder if he was envisioning all the jokes that would be made at his expense. My favorite?

Q: Why did Bono fall off the stage?

A: He got too close to The Edge.

02: Steven Tyler (Toronto, Ontario 2010)

Speaking of falling off the stage. Here we have Steven Tyler demonstrating what happens when a little playful shoving between band mates goes wrong. As Aerosmith performs, Steven gives guitarist, Joe Perry, a playful little shove. When Joe responds with a playful little shove of his own, Steven tumbles off the stage. I tried to avoid posting videos in which people were injured, but I couldn’t resist posting this one; especially since Steven’s American Idol co-judge, Jennifer Lopez, is also in the list.

01: Katy Perry (MTV Music Awards, 2009)


While some might argue with me on this one, I had to put Katy’s 2009 cake inspired fall-fest at the top of the list because it is arguably the single most awesome collection of falls ever captured on video. After jumping into the cake and playfully smearing a little on her guitarist, Katy falls not once, not twice but four times. She had a great excuse – the girl was covered in icing – but that doesn’t change the fact that it was hilarious. Love the fact that Katy was laughing the entire time she was rolling around on the stage. A great moment in celebrities falling down history.