Charismatic Celebrity Portraits

Patrick Hoelck started out as a Music Video Director and got into Photography quite late into his Career. At the age of 16, he began his career as a Music Video Director in New York City. The way he got into Photography was quite by accident, through his self published Photography book called “Tar”, in which he wrote several personal short stories about his experiences as a drug addict and self harmer while living in New York City in the early days of his life. He also Produced a short Motion Picture called “Cigarettes and Coffee” in 1993, a Film about five people who’s lives are curiously entwined.

In 2009 he Directed another Motion Picture called “Mercy”, where a young novelist attempts to write about love, but realizes he will need to experience this in real life before he can tackle this story.

Mercy, directed by Patrick Hoelck

Patrick has also Directed many popular Music Videos in his time, such as “Girlfriend” by Alicia

Alicia Keys “Girlfriend” Music Video


Alicia Keys – “Girlfriend” (Dir. Patrick Hoelck) from Patrick Hoelck on Vimeo.

But nowadays he is more well know for his Photography, specialising in Celebrity Advertisement and Magazine Photo shoots. Until recently he didn’t use a computer, as he doesn’t believe in using computer technology to cover up sloppy workmanship, but instead pushes himself to the extreme…by getting the lighting just right and getting perfection in the camera.

Amazing but very dark Photo of Jenifer Love Hewitt, which I presume was a promotional shoot for the hit TV Series Ghost Whisperer. He really captures her beautifully and the fear she is supposed to be experiencing…


Danny Trejo smoking a cigar, captures Danny’s character perfectly for Mean Magazine.

Christina Ricci and Samuel L Jackson, on a magazine photo shoot with Patrick Hoelck.

Very Moody, but amazing Photo of Paul Walker for Complex Magazine.

Stunning Photo of Katie Holmes for Mean Magazine.

The harsh lines and piercing blue eyes of Clint Eastwood, for Entertainment Weekly Magazine.

Patrick Hoelck captures Sir Ian McKellan’s softer side brilliantly for a Celebrity Portrait.

Dita Von Teese’s stiking pose for another of Patrick Hoelck’s Celebrity Portraits.

I’m sure Patrick must have the use of brilliant Stylists and Make-up Artists,who work wonders with eye make up and concealer, as he prefers not to use computer technology to photo shop the pictures of Celebs…instead he uses his expertise to produce perfection.