5 Practical Ways Women Can Boost Their Confidence

Women and confidence are two words that should be used together more often than they do. Confidence is a big part of success, so it makes sense we should exude it every day. The opportunities we get, the accomplishments we make and the interesting people we meet are often the product of our confidence and how we decide to use it.

Now, whether you have confidence or need to build it, there are many ways to go about doing so. Here are five ways women can boost their confidence, create awesome opportunities and be their best version possible.

1.   Get A Complete Hair Makeover

Makeovers do wonders in our lives. They transform the way we see things whether it’s a makeover in your home decor, your friendships, or even a physical one. A great way to automatically boost your confidence is to do a hair makeover. Chances are, if you’re a busy career woman or a stay-at-home-mom, you have way too much on your plate to be able to constantly take care of your hair. A low maintenance hair do-over can instantly give you a physical pick me up and a confidence boost you are looking for as you’ll be a lot more aware of your physical attributes.

2.   Talk To One Stranger A Day

Talking to one stranger a day can help you with social anxiety if it’s something you’re suffering from. Besides that, there are many benefits of doing unconventional, out of the norm things you wouldn’t otherwise do.

Doing something like going out of your way to talk to one stranger a day adds a dash of novelty to your life, keeps you on your feet, and increases the chance of meeting other awesome people you might not have a chance to meet otherwise. The best part about it is that it’s a great confidence booster when you get a pleasant and intrigued response from the person you talk to.

3.   Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This one might be absolutely nerve wracking for some, but doable all the same. Actors go through many many years of rejection before getting their first big break, and by the time they do, they have already grown a thick skin and found coping mechanisms against rejection. Auditioning for a film just for the fun of it will help you be more confident in front of a group of people, help you recall things from memory, be sharp when asked questions and help you refine your self-expression and body language even further.

It’s an awesome experiment worth trying and with sites like Auditions HQ you can easily find casting calls near you. Once you get over your performing fear, you’ll be glad you did it and you’ll have that experience under your belt.

4.   Change One Bad Habit

Changing one bad habit can help you become a better version of yourself and therefore a more confident one. But it takes a certain amount of willpower to be able to do it. One way to help you change a bad habit is to write down your plan to do so. Studies have shown that meeting your goals becomes easier when you write it down.

If you can think of one bad habit to change today, write it down, and start taking actions towards eliminating it then you’ve already made a lot of progress in creating a more confident version of yourself. Bad habits only work against us and not for us. And confidence is definitely not boosted by bad habits.

5.   Smile Without Overthinking It

This is probably the easiest thing to do on this list. Smiling automatically boosts our emotions and the way we feel. The act of smiling sends signals to your brain that then releases ‘feel good’ chemicals that increase your overall mood.

Smiling without overthinking it can be one of the best things you do for a confidence boost. The best part is that you don’t need a particular reason to smile, you can just do it!

Start Your Confidence Journey

These are five things you can do to increase and maintain your confidence. It’s important to remember that nothing worth having comes easy, and confidence is one of those things for sure. Your quality of life and your own personal journey will benefit greatly from exercising habits that evoke greater confidence. Which of these methods will you try?