Vanna White Net Worth, Family, Career, Bio, and More Unveiled

Name Vanna White
Birthday Feb. 18, 1957
Age 62-years-old
Birthplace Conway, South California
Father Miguel Angel Rosich
Mother Joan Marie Rosich
Spouse(s) John Gibson, George Santo Pietro, Michael Kaye
Career TV host
Net Worth $60 million
Height 5’6
Weight 50 kilograms

Vanna White

Vanna White is a famous TV personality and movie actress who is best known for hosting the TV show, “Wheel of Fortune.” Her biggest career break was during her first TV appearance in 1980. However, she didn’t start out like a hose as she was then a beauty contestant.

She even joined the Miss Georgia pageant. But life changed her direction as she instead appeared in “The Price is Right.” Though it was just a single episode, it was a game changer for her because this motivated her to pursue her hosting career.

Early Life

Vanna White’s real full name is Vanna Marie Rosich. She was born on Feb. 18, 1957, at Conway, South California to Joan Marie and Miguel Angel Rosich. Unfortunately, her parents separated and divorced when she was only small.

Hence, she decided to have the family name of her stepfather instead. She studied secondary education at the North Myrtle Beach High School and then moved and transferred to Atlanta afterward.

It was there when she discovered that her passion was really in show business. Because of this, Vanna decided to go to the Atlanta School of Fashion. She graduated as soon as her courses were through and immediately worked as a model.

Her acting career started in 1979, which was also the time when she went to Los Angeles.


It was in 1978 where her ambitions of making it big in the showbiz industry started. She was a contestant for the Miss Georgia beauty pageant back then. And it proved to be a huge success. A year after, Vanna appeared for the first time on TV.

It was in an episode of “The Price is Right” where she was one of the contestants. And though she was not able to make it to the stage, the show still showed a clip of her during their 25th anniversary rebroadcast of the show.

However, all these are just a precursor to bigger and better things for her career. Soon after, a number of talent scouts discovered her talent. This ultimately landed her a role in the famous TV game show, “Wheel of Fortune.”

Years went by and the show proved to be a huge hit. By 19887, she released and published an autobiography of herself entitled, “Vanna Speaks!.” It was a successful endeavor as it became a bestseller.

In 1988, Vanna appeared in “Goddess of Love” as one of the characters. It was a television film for NBC. Unfortunately, the movie received strong criticisms worldwide, mainly because of Vanna White’s acting.

Nonetheless, this didn’t bother her as she continued her acting career. She even made few more appearances such as in the TV show, “Simon and Simon,” “L.A. Law,” “King of Queens,” “Double Dragon,” and “Super Mario Bros.”

She also took the role as one of the main characters of the “Indecent Proposal” movie parody, “Married… With Children.”

Interestingly, the Guinness Book of World Records recognizes Vanna White to be the most frequent clapper in television.

She also became the main narrator and singer of “Santa’s Last Ride” which was aired in 1996, as well as honored in 2006 a star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She has also collaborated with numerous celebrities such as Ricard Dysart, Amanda Bearse, Gerald McRaney, Patch Mackenzie, and many more. It’s because of these successes that she managed to build a fortune for herself.

As of now, Vanna White is still the hostess of the famous TV game show, “Wheel of Fortune.” According to reports, she is signed with the show until 2020. For sure, that assures her more millions of dollars in the years to come.

Vanna White house

Relationships and Personal Life

Vanna has been through a number of relationships, one of the most notable ones was with John Gibson. Gibson was a famous actor and dancer in the ‘80s. Things looked very good for the two as they are very sweet and affectionate to one another.

They were even already engaged. Unfortunately, their romantic relationship came to a sudden and tragic end in 1986 when Gibson died in a plane crash. Four years passed and Vanna got married to George Santo Pietro in 1990.

San Pietro was a businessman and owns a restaurant. They had their first child in Sept. 1992. To make things more interesting, the announcement of her pregnancy happened when the sentence, “Vanna is pregnant” was one of the answers to the show’s puzzles.

Unfortunately, things didn’t happen in their favor as she suffered a miscarriage. But things found a way to make up for it as she later gave birth in 1994 to their first son named Nicholas. Three years after, in 1997, they had their first daughter.

And by 2002, the couple got divorced. It was a shocking end to the supposedly happy family they made.

She then got engaged to Michale Kaye. Kaye is a successful businessman and has been active in a buyout fund in Southern California. They were engaged for two years, but they never got married.

Since then, Vanna decided to not share her personal life to the public to prevent any gossips and rumors that can negatively impact her life.

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Net Worth and Salary

Vanna White currently has a net worth of $60 million. Most of her fortune comes from the many shows she appeared in and hosted. She also has a number of acting roles in the TV and film industry.

According to reports, Vanna gets a salary of $8 million annually for hosting “Wheel of Fortune.” Additionally, she also earns a decent amount of money from “Vanna Speaks,” a journal which she writes. Up until now, it’s getting record high sales.

Vanna’s many filed lawsuits also earned her by the millions. One of the most notable ones when she sewed Samsung Electronics for using her likeness without any permission in one of their commercials. She gained $400,000 in damages from that alone.

And putting it into perspective, Vanna gets to work on only four days per week or 48 days annually. That means that she’s getting around $200,000 for every day she works.

Vanna White

Body Stats

Vanna White isn’t very tall or very short either. In fact, she stands averagely with a height of 5’6. This complements her weight of 50 kilograms, which enables her to maintain a fit body. Her body structure is slim as she always makes sure that her diet and lifestyle are healthy.

With this, one can easily say that she maintains a fit and healthy body so that she can live life to the fullest. She also needs this so that she can continue with being a TV host for her successful game show, “Wheel of Fortune.”


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