The Highest Female Winners Of The WSOP

The world series of online poker has had a plethora of winners since its conception, many of whom happen to be women.

Sure, poker is often seen as something that is played mostly by men, but that’s not to say that there are numerous women out there that enjoy online poker, and they would more than likely be able to beat you too.

In this article, we will be going through the female winners of the WSOP who have seen the most success.

Barbara Enright

First up on our list; Barbara Enright.

For such a male-dominated sport, Barbara Enright is certainly doing her part to change the stereotypes.

Through hours of endless practice and honing her craft, Barbara Enright was able to win a WSOP bracelet three times.

Not only that, but Barbara also regularly plays in a plethora of poker tournaments and often places extremely well, becoming somewhat of a celebrity throughout the online poker community.

Barbara Enright just goes to show that even when a sport is mostly dominated by one gender, that doesn’t mean that the opposite gender can compete and be successful.

Enright was the first woman in history to have won an open event at the WSOP, and she is the only woman that has ever won three bracelets at the world series of poker.

The highest single event Barbara Enright ever participated in was a $10,000 final event at the world series of poker, and she continues to compete and dominate in her field even today.  

Nani Dollison

Taking the second spot on our list is Nani Dollison.

It is said that Dollison spent countless hours on online poker sites like GGPoker practising and improving on her already impressive skills, which eventually led to her competing in events like the world series of poker.

Throughout her time competing in online poker events, it is estimated that she has earned over $650,000 from competing, with around $600,000 of that coming from the world series of poker alone.

Nani is one of the highest-earning poker players of all time, and that is even more impressive considering poker is oftentimes a male-dominated sport, even further reducing the chances of a woman coming out on top.

The earnings that she has been able to surmount is truly mind boggling, and It is certain that all of her success in the industry is from her very own hard work and dedication.

Vanessa Selbst

Taking the third and final spot on our list, Vanessa Selbst.

Out of all of the women featured on our list, Vanessa takes the title of having the most overall earnings.

Throughout her career, Vanessa has reportedly earned upward of 12 million dollars from competing in a variety of poker tournaments.

This figure is truly awe-inspiring, and there are only a few people in history that have ever amassed this amount of revenue from playing poker.

Not only that, but Vanessa Selbst is even a member of a notable poker team, with that being Team PokerStars Pro.

The three females we listed are but a few of the winners of the WSOP. In reality, there are many more women that could have been on this list.

Just because online poker is a male-dominated sport doesn’t mean that women do not regularly frequent and showcase on the top of the leader boards.

Online poker is something that anyone can do and have fun with, as well as become a professional with the right amount of work ethic and dedication.

Have fun.