Fun Things Your Child Can Do During School Holidays

Schools are closed, children are now at home 24/7, what next? All parents can attest to the fact that they are not for the idea of children staying glued on the TV’s or their phones 24/7. And for this reason, it is imperative to find out other activities your child can engage in during the holidays. This is not to say that they should be restricted from watching their favorite show but to say that they should do other fun things apart from that. Remember, school holidays should be a time for you and your children to bond and create good memories. If you are wondering how to do so, here are some tips for you;

  1. Take them on vacation

Going for a vacation has always been one of the most fun things that children enjoy. This is because they get to tour a new place and enjoy all the facilities at the destination. And did you know that going for a vacation does not have to be expensive? As opposed to the belief of many people, traveling can be very affordable. All you need to do is start planning in advance- book your flight tickets in advance, save up for the trip and purpose on cutting on costs. There are many affordable places that you can visit in this world, which makes it quite hard to decide where to visit. But the good thing is that you can never lack a place to go.

It is during these vacations that your children get to learn more about other cities, their cultures as well as engage in the adventures and activities the town has to offer. And who knows, your children might fall in love with a particular destination and always want to go there during their holidays. If this is the case, then buying a vacation home from Movoto could be the best thing to do. Not only will it save you on accommodation costs but also be a safe haven for your young ones.

  1. Take them for swimming

Most children love swimming. If you have a pool at home, you can take some time and swim with them. If your child does not know how to swim, this can be the best chance to teach them how to. Conversely, if you do not have a pool at home, you have the option of taking them to a community swimming pool where they can get to make new friends and at the same time have fun. So much so, when you are on vacation with them, choose a hotel that has a swimming pool. To heighten the experience, buy them a ball that they can play with while in the swimming pool or get other games that they can enjoy playing together while swimming. However, ensure that you always keep an eye on them while swimming or have a lifeguard nearby just in case.

  1. Enroll them for a children’s program

School holidays are meant to be fun, and as a parent, you should ensure that they are. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep your child company during the holidays due to work. However, you can always enroll them in a children’s program near you. At these children’s programs, they will not only have fun but also acquire new skills such as making gifts, baking, and drawing. Also, it is in the same children’s program that they will meet new friends who might, in turn, become lifelong friends.

  1. Enjoy preparing meals with them

Children are curious people; they always want to know how things are done. You might have noticed that they always follow you in the kitchen at all times. Well, you can utilize the time during school holidays and teach them how to prepare a meal or two. For instance, you can have them help you as you bake cupcakes or other snacks that they love. However, ensure that they stay far away from the oven to avoid any accidents in the kitchen.

  1. Let them help you out in the garden

As mentioned in the previous point, children always enjoy learning new things. If you have a garden in your compound, you can tag them along. Here, allow them to get their hands dirty as they learn how to remove weeds, plant some new plants, water the plants, and also dig up some holes. You will be surprised at how much they will enjoy this! Yet again, always monitor them to avoid any accidents in the garden. Ensure that all sharp objects are away from them.

  1. Take them to a local park

There is probably a local park around where you stay or just in the next town. Set some time aside and take your children to the park. There they can run around, play in the park, and also engage in any other available activities. Some of the activities might include horse riding, boat riding, merry go rounds, and so on. If they want some face painting done on them, allow them to get their faces painted with the cartoon characters they want. These are some of the little things that actually make them happy.

  1. Take them for professional horse riding classes

If your children have an interest in matters to do with horses, it might just be time to make it happen for them! Enroll them to a good horse riding training camp where they will get to learn all about the horses. At these camps, they not only learn about riding a horse but also how to take good care of the horses.

  1. Teach them some DIY’s

Want to teach your kids some new skills? DIY-ing is the way to go. Children of all ages will enjoy this. You can either use the knowledge and skills that you have to teach them how to create something or watch DIY videos together with them as you work on the project.