Fitness Apps for Couch Potatoes to Use at Home

COVID-19 forced us to stay indoors for over two years. The situation was pretty surreal because no one had any idea when we would be allowed to get out of the home and socialize the way we used to do in the old days. This contributed heavily to making people lose track of their weight. Of course, staying at home can turn you into a couch potato. After all, it is easy to lay around in your PJs while watching Netflix than to get up and go to the gym or even on a walk.

Now that we are gradually coming back to the normal lifestyle we used to have before the pandemic hit us globally, we all are ready to go back to the shaped bodies. Also, it is summer and we are sure you have plans of going to the beach soon.

Pandemic and Workout Routine

In the past two years, gyms were closed and as a result, our bodies gained massive mass which has led multiple people to suffer from all types of health problems. Lounging around and losing the track of your health does not only affect your physical health but also has a great impact on your mental health. This is why many people started experiencing various types of mental illnesses.

Therefore, it is a high time that you start working out and no you don’t even have to go to the gym or get a personal trainer for yourself because, with the help of some of the best fitness apps installed on your smartphones, you can start taking care of yourself even from the comfort of your home.

But in order to do this, you need an internet connection installed at your home. Without excellent connectivity how would you even install these apps or watch video tutorials needed to get a hang of the whole workout routine? If you currently don’t have a subscription to the internet, then don’t worry, we have the right solution for you.

One of the biggest internet service providers in the United States is offering high-speed internet connection and that too without any data limits. This means that you can watch as many high quality videos as you want. Simply visit spectrum internet español and get all the information you need and that too in Spanish.

With that being said, let’s move forward and talk about the fitness apps you need to get back in the shape.

1.     8fit

8fit is probably one of the most popular fitness apps you can find on the online store. Every fitness freak out there knows about this app and probably uses it on daily basis. You would be surprised to know that not many people hire trainers or experts, in fact, they mostly use apps like 8fit to train themselves.

Essentially, the app lets you create a program for your diet and exercise while considering your goals. This app is perfect for those who want to get their hands on suggestions, guidance, reminders, and instructions to keep them fit.

You can set goals as per your interest. Whether you want to gain muscles or lose some weight, you can use this app and get a program that is perfect for you. You can also tell the app within what time period you want to lose weight. It designs plans according to your terms. You can also set the time of the day on which you wish to work out and the meals that you like to cook.

2.     Charity Miles

You can already guess from the name but of course, the app needs an introduction. Charity Miles is a highly impactful app as it not only helps you in staying fit and healthy but also provides immense benefits to different organizations in terms of providing them charity and donations. To break it down to you how it really works; whenever you are jogging, walking, or bicycling, the sponsors of corporate donate a few cents for every completed mile. You are allowed to choose the organization you want the donations to be made from the forty different

You can use this app on iOS or Android. Basically, it works like a running stopwatch, a timer for walking, a tracker for running, or any other such meter. You are only required to start and stop the exercise so that you can keep a track of the distance that you have covered.

Use this app to not only benefit yourself but the charity organizations by becoming a source for them to get cents for every mile that you cover.

3.     Peloton

For all those of you who are avid cyclers, Peloton is the app that you need to download on your smartphones ASAP! But if cycling is not really your cup of tea, then don’t worry, you can still use this app because it provides assistance in a general workout, yoga as well as running. Using this app is going to make you feel as if you are actually in the gym because It provides you instructions through experts and that too in real-time.

Peloton also lets you alter the instructions in accordance with your requirements. However, you must make sure that the instructions can turn out to be a little difficult sometimes. The classes you take on this app can range from five minutes to seventy-five minutes and this includes the instructions related to cycling and treadmill.

To Conclude

The global pandemic has resulted in us not taking proper care of our health. Now that things are going back to their normal routine, people still find it difficult to go join the gym due to their busy schedules. However, with the aforementioned apps installed on your smartphone, you won’t have to go to the gym for a workout nor would you have to hire a personal trainer. Simply install this app on your phone and start getting your body back in the shape without having to pay a single dime to experts.