What Is An Argumentative Essay And How To Write It

Can you give an example of a good argumentative essay? What is actually an argumentative essay and when can it be considered a good one? Let’s figure everything out step-by-step.

An argumentative essay is a piece of academic writing, which depends on the argument used in it and the research done to back up the claims. Ideally, any argumentative essay should be based on a controversial topic, which is not always an easy task for a student. The simpler and more obvious topic you choose, the more complicated your background research should be. In this article we’re going to talk about the main aspects of any argumentative essay and the steps you should follow to make your writing a solid one. If you’re not sure about the skills and knowledge you have in writing, you can always apply to Customwriting.com service for additional help from professional writers. So, consider what is more convenient for you and let’s learn argumentative writing skills together.

How to Create a Good Argumentative Essay

Before writing and structuring your essay, you need to have a clear image of what it is. When writing an argumentative essay, you should look for 3 significant things:

  • You should address the instructions of the prompt you got;
  • You should understand the level of complexity of the argument;
  • You should understand how to organize your thoughts and ideas into separate, well-developed paragraphs.

The most important part of any argumentative essay is the introductory part. If this part is unorganized, the argument in the next paragraphs will be unclear. It will be really confusing for you as well as your readers to understand what you’re trying to prove in your writing. So, let’s look at the introduction a little bit closer.

Introductory Part in the Argumentative Essays

Your introduction should grab the reader’s attention from the very first sentence. It should describe the topic as well, and present the main ideas of your topic.

There are several techniques for writing the first sentence of your essay, which is called a hook. The first technique is a surprising statement. Here you can use some interesting fact about something very common and simple. Another technique is using a question. This is the same way as the previous one, but in a form of a question. And the third technique is called attention grabber. Here, you can divide your first sentence into two different sentences, highlighting the most significant parts by the words that grab the reader’s attention.

Okay, but how to describe the topic in your introductory part without writing too much, and still keeping everyone interested? You can restate your first sentence in a fresh way and a shorter form.

And the last but not the least is presenting the ideas of the whole essay in your introduction. When presenting your ideas, make sure that they follow the same pattern. Each idea should be placed in a separate sentence, which smoothly flows to the next one. So, they should be connected with each other by one common pattern.

As you can see, the introductory part is a significant element of any essay, not only for the argumentative one. It helps the reader to understand what your writing is going to be about. It also helps you not only to step into the next paragraphs, but also to draft a conclusion, which is based on the introduction too.

When it comes to the body structure, it consists of several body paragraphs. In body paragraphs you have to support your ideas, which you were presenting in the introductory part. Each paragraph has to begin with a topic sentence stating what is the main idea of this particular paragraph, a couple of evidence, which support that statement, and a transition to the next idea. A transition statement should be in the end of each of those body paragraphs to help you to transit from one paragraph to another paragraph or to a conclusion smoothly.

And the last but not the least is a conclusion. Here you have to restate the importance of your topic one more time by reviewing the main points, which you’ve made, and reviewing the thesis statement.


A good argumentative essay is not only about a controversial topic and with a profound research. It also depends on the structure and logical connection between each paragraph. An introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion have their own goals, which can’t be mixed or neglected. Following these simple rules and requirements allows you to improve and master your academic writing skills, especially when it comes to an argumentative essay. So, if you want to write like a pro, practise some of them. Create a strong argumentative essay, become a writer too.