How to write a good CV? Top 5 Tips for You

There is absolutely no denying that the first impression is the last impression. When it comes to an interview your CV plays a major role in securing an interview spot for you. But how do you make sure, that your CV doesn’t end up in the pile trash?

The problem with most of the job seekers is they try to write their own CV, in the process they end up messing thing. If you get the option to pay for essay writing or pay for CV writing service, go for it, because the experts know what to use and where. Sometimes it is a wise idea to trust professionals, rather than taking everything on oneself.

Here are some tips give your CV that oomph factor:

  1. Use the correct format –Most of the time a resume gets scanned for just 30 seconds. No matter how well written your CV is, the hiring manager won’t really be giving it any longer than 30 to 35 seconds. You need format your CV in a wise way. Poorly written CVs or unorganized CVs generally finds a place in the bin and not in the interview table. Be precise about what you have done. Use bullets to highlight the achievements and the important things of your career. You can use bold to drag attention towards your accomplishments.
  2. Don’t drag; keep it simple –There is no need to unnecessarily drag your CV. You need to understand that everyone is hard pressed for time, snacking a CV for half an hour is impossible. Don’t make your CV 4-5 pages long. In fact don’t make it more than 2 pages long. You need to unleash your creativity in those 2 pages. Write about your past and present experience and what have you achieved. Keep rest of the information for the interview table.
  3. Your past matters, but your present is more important –The hiring manager would like to know what you are doing currently not what you have done 5 years back. Your past experience won’t come handy to them. Don’t just omit those experiences, keep it in the CV but highlight your present experience more.
  4. Use the correct fonts –When a hiring manager scans a CV, they simply check everything, which includes font as well. A CV written in Comic Sans will surely not impress the recruiter. Use a professional font like Times New Roman or Calibri, it might not be funky but it will make your CV look decent and clean.
  5. Don’t lie, it will get you nowhere –You can refer to put some lies in your CV and grab the job, eventually your performance will reflect what you have done earlier. Always put the truth in your CV, because it is the key to getting into a certain Company.

Creating an impressive CV is easy only if you know how to do it. You just need to put together all your experience, your skillset in the right pattern and you are all set to go.


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