Why You Should Celebrate a New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

There are more than a million reasons to spend your New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. During this festive period, it’s expected to see the entire Vegas wearing a festive feel. You may want to see the lovely scenarios at Palazzo as well as Bellagio. This season, the city will be filled with lots of excitement, trending scenes, and hundreds of beautiful places to see and spend your time. If you are planning to visit Las Vegas this season and you are searching for the best places to visit, what to eat, and other useful travel tips, you are fortunate to be reading this post.

However, before you pack your bags for a trip to Las Vegas this December, ensure you consider the weather and decide if it will be best for you. One unique fact about the weather in Las Vegas is that it is more refreshing than most states in the U.S., but it never reaches frigid temperatures. On average, it can get as high as 14 degrees Celsius and as low as 4 degrees Celsius. However, the climate tends to be dry most times, with little humidity and little chances of rain.

What to pack for a New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

Unlike other great vacation spots, Las Vegas weather is highly predictable. This makes it easy to adhere to a simple packing list without including additional items to cover up for the unexpected. Here are some things you will need for a New Year’s Eve in this buzzing and fun-filled city.

  • T-shirts and tank tops
  • Jeans and khakis
  • A sweater or a winter jacket
  • Bathing suit

The best places to see on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

  1. The stratosphere tower

Here is one of the best places to see all the action and get the thrill of this festive season in Vegas. On New Year’s eve, the view from the top of this tower is breathtaking, and climbing this high will give you a lovely view of the entire city. The Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower in Vegas is the best place to be if you want to save money, have fun and meet with other vacationers of like mind.

  1. The Slayers Club at SLS in Las Vegas

You are going to experience the fun of your life when you head over to the Slayers Club on New Year’s eve in Vegas. The outdoor patio, Las Vegas strip, and vibe, as well as the live music that pops into your ears, will make you feel like you could stay at the club all night. If you have the money to spend on new Year’s eve, you could become a part of the SLS New year’s eve professional party pass, which gives you access to all nightlife venues that offers you even more than your money’s worth.

  1. The LINQ Promenade holiday decorations

The holiday decorations at LINQ Promenade create a frenzy scene that many tourists would like to take a close look at during the festive season. Wouldn’t you want to be one of them? You will enjoy the holiday carolers, holiday magic shows, and the lovely ride on the High Roller that gives you a magnificent view of the entire city.

The best places to eat and dine on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

You can’t do without having a taste of the delicious meals that emanate from the city of Vegas, a city with the highest number of celebrity Chefs in the United States. It is, therefore, necessary to know some of the best Las Vegas Food Hoods that have the best places to eat and dine this season.

  • Downtown

If you want to avoid the big bill and still get a taste of the solid meal and Vegas flavors, then head over the Fremont East District in Downtown Las Vegas. You will find great vegetarian dishes at VegeNation, such as Bocho, a chicken meal at Flock and Fowls, and so much more.

  • The strip

The strip is a high-quality eating and dining zone in Vegas. Eat and dine at top American best restaurants such as Wynn Las Vegas and SLS Las Vegas. These are the all-encompassing eating arena where your favorite celebrities eat and dine.

Where to stay in Vegas

If you would be clubbing during New Year’s Eve, consider staying in a hotel within walking distance from the club. Chances are the crowd will become much during the evenings, and it might be difficult to get around quickly. It’s also recommended to book a hotel located in less-trafficked streets. Some of the best hotels to stay in this lovely city filled with fun moments are the Flamingo, Cosmopolitan, and Palazzo.

Are you traveling to Vegas from outside the U.S.?

If you are from any of the Visa Waiver Program Countries such as the U.K. and Australia, you will need to fill out the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). An ESTA application check is mandatory to enable tourists from these countries to travel to the U.S. However, visitors from other countries not included in the program will have to get a Visa to go to the United States. There are different types of Visas (tourist, work, and student). However, the most applicable is a tourist visa.

On the Visa Waiver Program, passport holders from the applicable countries can stay in the United States for up to 90 days. You must have a valid passport to be eligible and fill out the ESTA form or ESTA application check, 72 hours before traveling. However, we recommend you visit the United States embassy in your country of residence to determine your eligibility.

The city of Las Vegas has opened its arms so wide to welcome you this season. So hurry, pack your bags and prepare to travel to one of the most fabulous places on earth.