Why Ladies Love Jeeps

Ladies love Jeeps. Jeeps are rugged vehicles designed for dirty work on rough terrain. They have large wheels and four-wheel drive for overcoming rocks, mud, and water, and they have open tops and removable doors to allow the rushing wind to rustle passengers’ hair as it passes through the cabin. Traditionally, Jeeps are the ultimate masculine vehicle — and yet, the fact stands: Ladies love Jeeps.

As baffling as the phenomenon may be on the outside, the truth is that women love Jeeps for many of the same reasons that men do. If the lady in your life has a surprising affection for this car brand, you might be able to better understand her feelings by reading about the Jeep’s most likeable features.

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Jeeps Are Fun

Most cars are purely purpose-driven: Sedans are economical commuter cars, trucks mean real hauling and towing capacity, and SUVs and vans transport many people from point A to point B. Jeeps can boast all of these uses — but that’s not why so many people choose to drive them. Instead, the driving feature that convinces soon-to-be Jeep drivers to make a purchase is this: Jeeps are fun.

Unlike hybrids, Jeeps’ engines can roar. Unlike heavy trucks and SUVs, Jeeps flit lightly from here to there. And, unlike stuffy sedans, Jeeps can open up so you can feel the wind in your hair, a sensation most women simply can’t get enough of.

Jeeps Are Customizable

Girls love to make things look distinctive with personal touches, and Jeeps are the perfect vehicles for customization. Even before you leave the dealer, new Jeep Wranglers come with all sorts of optional features and configurations to make your car fit your style. For example:

  • You can opt for a hard top, a colored top, a soft top, or no top at all.
  • You can select removable full-framed doors or removable half-framed doors or doors that stay put.
  • You can choose all sorts of different headlamp styles, like park-turn lamps and fog lamps.
  • You can add superlative off-road features like enhanced suspension, winch bumpers, and guard rails.

Once owned, Jeeps are incredibly easy to upgrade at home. Ladies in particular love to add personal touches like colored pedals and gear shifts, patterned seat and steering wheel covers, and custom paint jobs. Not all women’s Jeeps look like Alicia Silverstone’s from “Clueless,” but since Jeep personalization is so simple, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a few glitzy Jeeps on the road.

Plus, because Jeep lovers tend to be fervent and devoted, there are tons of accessories women can sport to show off their Jeep passion. Shirts, earrings, bracelets, keychains, stickers, and more abound in online shops looking to spread the love of all things Jeep — and female Jeep lovers will snatch them up like crazy.

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Jeeps Are Durable

Modern-day Jeeps evolved out of rugged renaissance vehicles designed to serve any military purpose during World War II. Assertive in style and aggressive in power, early Jeeps were built to withstand the harshest terrain of the European continent. Aside from some aesthetic changes and technological upgrades, little has changed between then and now, and today’s Jeeps are nearly just as durable as the models made for military use.

Jeep Wranglers are some of the only four-wheel-drive cars still rated for off-road use. With solid front and rear axles, heavy-duty suspension, and plenty of flex, Jeeps can get in and out of anywhere and everywhere.

Jeeps Are Dirty

A clean Jeep is a mythical creature, about as commonly spotted as unicorns and jackalopes. Because Jeeps are built to overcome any obstacle, drivers tend to take them directly into messy situations — through rocks, sand, streams, and mud — and the vehicles usually end up covered in evidence of their travels.

Believe it or not, women also like to wear dirt and grime like badges of honor. Even though the prototypical female is shiny and clean, with coiffed hair and lacquered nails, some women feel most comfortable leaning up against a muddy Jeep, covered in dirt and sweat from head to toe.

Sometimes, a lady’s love for her Jeep goes beyond explanation. Instead of questioning ladies’ widespread appreciation for such a phenomenal vehicle, you should simply accept it. Once you do that, you’ll have more time to spend enjoying the open air and muddy tracks with your Jeep-loving lady.