Why Jennifer Aniston Movies Suck

I’m afraid I’m not a big fan of Jennifer Aniston. Apart from the ‘Rachel’ hairstyle, I’ve yet to be blown away by anything she does. I’m not even sure the hairstyle was hers or the inspiration of a Friends stylist anyway. If you fall into the category of being a Jennifer Aniston fan then perhaps you should look away now.  This won’t be pleasant. When I was in the States I learned to keep my mouth shut about what I thought of her ‘talents’ after getting a rather brusque telling-off (to put it mildly) when arranging Florida car hire. I had no idea that she engendered so much love out there. I’m still not sure if it had anything to do with the fact that in nearly every Friends scene her top was tight and she appeared to be very cold.

Jennifer Aniston is a bit of a Sandra Bullock kind of actress, a plain and simple girl-next-door who can play herself. The only difference is that Bullock is steadily leaving that behind and can actually act. In all the films I’ve had the misfortune to see Aniston in, she always gives the same performance. Always? Well not quite; a couple of films she plays against type but they are so contrived that you can’t take her seriously.


Brace yourself for my selection of worst Jennifer Aniston films ever. It’s by no means definitive, I’m sure you can add to it quite easily!

Picture Perfect (1997)

With a derivative plot and unappealing characters, Aniston continues to flail about for a non-Rachel character. She plays Kate who is conniving but it’s an unconvincing performance.


The Object of my Affection (1998)

Lovelorn, girl-next-door, Aniston has romantic intentions towards her best friend. The only downside is that he’s gay. Ho hum. If this scenario appeals to you then watch Will and Grace. At least you’ll get a laugh.


Rock Star (2001)

Whoever thought that Aniston could play a rock star’s girlfriend must have thought her name on the poster would be a draw rather than a put-off. Jennifer plays a loving girlfriend who tires of the travelling life. Don’t we all, dearie?


The Good Girl (2002)

It’s been a while since Aniston must have had to ‘work’ for a living like most people. Her portrayal of a working class girl seems more of a parody. The plot involves her not being happy with her bloke, doesn’t chat with him, just goes off and messes around with another layabout.


Bruce Almighty (2003)

Jennifer Aniston phones in her performance in an otherwise excellent film starring Jim Carrey. To be honest I had to be reminded who played Carrey’s love interest in the film.


Derailed (2005)

Film Journal International’s Ethan Alter summed it up nicely with the comment, ‘One of those forgettable efforts that’s neither bad enough to completely dismiss nor good enough to wholly recommend.’


Friends with Money (2006)

This is one of those bizarre films you leave the cinema wondering what the heck was it all about. Too much meandering and meaningful glances and wistful looks eventually just stops. I would say ‘conclusion’ but there just wasn’t one. And is Aniston really believable as someone who isn’t used to male attention? Please. Not even the maid costume sequence is enough to make me watch it again.


The Break-Up (2008)

It’s a film of two halves; the first is a comedy with few laughs and the second half seems to be a drama but with no character or conviction. Vince Vaughn plays an obnoxious boyfriend with no redeeming qualities while Aniston pines and whines about her life and everything.


Love Happens (2009)

The best thing about this film is the stellar performance and 100% credibility exuded by the cockatoo. I only watched till the point where Aniston thinks it’s a great idea to release this poor tame bird that is used to a tropical climate with regular helpings of food out into the wet and chilly climate of the north west of America where it won’t know how to forage for itself.


And finally…

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

It’s just ridiculous isn’t it; Jennifer’s ex-husband plays an in-debt bounty hunter, Aniston commits a minor crime and gets tracked down for the bounty. The pair fall in love again. Blah blah blah.


Guest blogger, Greg Coltman, reviews films, DVDs and music and is one of those rare guys who does enjoy foreign language films and romcoms (well, some romcoms).


  1. am not American and only noticed Aniston last year in Just Go With It in one of our local cinemas…was so fascinated with her that i googled and downloaded other movies she starred in. Seeing her movies with my fresh eyes, i personally enjoyed Derailed, The Break-Up, The Bounty Hunter…and her movies that are not in your list (Rumor Has It, Along Came Polly, Marley and Me, and Hes Not Just Into You).   The Good Girl and Friends With Money gained Aniston “critical acclaim” according to wiki but I never dig them…The Object of My Affection, Rock Star, Love Happens, Management (not in your list) appeared uninteresting to me. Her recent Horrible Bosses appealed to male audience but not to me cause I’m a girl.
    Aniston has done some great and some not-so great movies, and I understand if the audience especially in the US are overcritical of her big screen work… For a decade, she was on a TV sitcom (perhaps  the greatest work Aniston has done) and people expect her to do something greater or something new on movies… I have not seen her sitcom yet so my opinion is limited to her movie works. 

    Apparently, great movies of Aniston fall in comedy genre be it drama-comedy or romantic-comedy…If you are into laugh-out-loud style you won’t appreciate her comedy… Witty when there are dialogues + gestures + body movements but boring when mostly facial expressions (hence she’s so-so in drama)…And for a change, she should embark on black-comedy or horror-comedy or parody/spoof too…By the way Claire, are you criticizing her movies or her in her movies? Your one paragraph review per movie is so critical of Aniston alone so title should be Why Jennifer Aniston Sucks in Movies, and write helpful not hateful reviews. I’m just saying.  

  2. Thank you so much for this posting. You could have added so much
    more to this list. I am particularly fascinated by Jennifer Aniston’s
    success, based on her limited talent. She reportedly has a net worth of
    about $130 million, and is frequently featured in big budget films at
    the expense of similar actors with more versatility like Sandra Bullock
    or Julianne Moore.

    Aniston should have been cast as a secondary star like Lisa Kudrow
    (who actually had the most talent of the female actors on “Friends”),
    and at least picked her films a little more judiciously.

    Let me add to her list of awful films:

    “Just Go With it” A match made in heaven: Aniston and Adam Sandler.
    Both actors basically despise their audiences by turning out 95 minutes
    of lightweight comedy. This film makes your skin crawl.

    “He’s Just Not That Into You” Horrible cast-driven movie, so Aniston
    fit in well. This is like an autobiography for her — men simply lose
    interest in her. My guess is she’s really high maintenance, and whines
    too much.

    “Along Came Polly” Aniston teams up with Ben Stiller in yet another
    failed romcom. She plays a free spirit. Not buying it, and neither did
    any film critic.

    “Derailed” A generic thriller, and a pathetic attempt by Aniston to “stretch” as an actor. There is nothing here to see.

    “Wanderlust” Pairing Aniston with Paul Rudd — what a brilliant idea!
    Two “everyday nice people” involved in a life of discovery, even though
    their characters are as boring as an infomercial. This one is the best
    of the group, but it’s still bad.

    “Rumor Has It” This one makes you want to throw something at the screen. Maybe a good actor saves this. Maybe.

    “The Switch” This time she is paired with Jason Bateman. I love
    “Arrested Development” and thought Bateman did a good job. But he’s a
    one-note actor, just like Aniston, and this film has been done before.

    Aniston could have been a respectable career if she accepted roles
    similar to Judy Greer or Elizabeth Banks. Aniston was great in a small
    role in “Office Space” and could have followed that up with other such
    roles. It would probably mean she would be less rich, but at least she’d
    have her dignity and some integrity.

    Here are some “real” female actors, who have succeeded based on their
    skills and not their persona on the cover of People Magazine. Watch their films instead.

    Meryl Streep

    Cate Blanchett

    Uma Thurman

    Ann Hathaway

    Kate Winslet

    Charlize Theron

    Naomi Watts

    Annette Benning

    Michelle Williams

    Jessica Chastain

    Frances McDormand

    Jennifer Lawrence

    Rachel Hall

    Laura Linney

    Susan Sarandon

  3. Oh Please … Jennifer Aniston is very likable and that’s why she’s a big star. People like to see her in films. Not every film has to be an Oscar winner. I think many of her films are funny and enjoyable. She is better than a lot of actresses in dramas too. I give her a lot of credit to keep on going in a business that’s pretty brutal, she has a lot of class & handles herself exceedingly well. Give acting a try sometime. It’s not as easy as it seems. She makes it look easy because she’s a good actress.

  4. Also … Did it ever occur to people that maybe she really likes making comedies instead of depressing dramas?


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