Who Really Dominates the European Gaming Market?

The size of the global gaming industry is expected to accrue to approximately $90 billion by 2020 from $78 billion in 2017. Thus, this would lead to the implication of a 14.6% increment in France, Germany and the UK, by roughly $12 billion. Additionally, some elements of the gaming sector (for instance e-sports and slot games) are expected to drastically increase in value and revenues in the future, as a result of an astronomically higher public coverage alongside larger sponsorship proceeds.

Consumer Spending Increased By 3% in Western Europe in Comparison to 1% in the US

Within the next year, Western Europe is expected to encounter an increment of 3% on consumer spending on gaming. Numerous reports indicate that seven European countries (Spain, France, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Belgium, and Germany) represent three-quarters of the European Gaming market worth $20 billion.

However, the advancement of the entire European jurisdiction is greater than 3%, with boosting from the Polish and Russian markets. Over the coming years, growth in Western Europe, alongside the USA is expected to skyrocket based on the fact that a larger number of players have begun spending real money (+17% as well as +36% respectively). When the average spending of these punters increases in the next one year the Western European markets will resume to healthy growth figures. Nevertheless, the detailed dynamics behind the expansion are significantly different, per country.

Customers and Their Screens

In a nutshell, online mobile games, and digitally distributed content make up for the declination in boxed retail sales. Given the use of smartphones and tablets as gaming devices, consumers currently have four regular screens by which they can gain access to the games. Furthermore, they are spreading their budget across these screens, hence putting pressure on specific game revenues, which makes it a requirement for gaming firms to provide gameplay alternatives across all screens. While PCs still gross most money and time, 21% European, and 22% American punters still use four screens.

Comparing Regions

The dynamics of each jurisdiction making up the European wagering market differ, and are in relation to social and cultural differences. As such, key findings depict the following:

  • The share of casino players who wager with real money has increased to 59% in Western Europe.
  • The social network gambling industry has encountered a skyrocketed increment in Germany, which also boasts the greatest advancement in cash spent on web-based game portals.
  • Spain is the country with the quickest growth in the MMO sector in Western Europe.
  • The United Kingdom is the dominant in the European mobile gaming market, in growth, as well as absolute figures.
  • Spending in console gameplay options is astronomically high in Italy.
  • The spending in PC Download Games is highest in Italy alongside Germany.

The Facts and Statistics

  1. As of 2015, the gross wagering revenue of European regions was greatest in Italy at approximately EUR 18 billion, followed by the UK with EUR 17.9 billion, not to mention Spain, France, and Germany with EUR 8 billion.
  2. As of 2017, the web-based betting sector in Europe was the greatest in comparison to the rest of the globe, with a market size of EUR 18.12 billion, closely followed by the Asian, as well as the Middle Eastern market with 11.67 billion U.S. dollars. Additionally, the European gaming Internet market is expected to grow to roughly EUR 25 billion by 2019.
  3. By 2016, the United Kingdom was in the lead with gross wins of leading sports gambling nations in Europe with approximately EUR 3.9 billion. The brick and mortar lotteries in Europe generated gross winning estimates of EUR 31 billion.
  4. For a fact, as of 2017, concerning the traditional brick and mortar gaming sector in Europe, France attained the most significant gross gambling revenue among casinos situated in Europe at approximately EUR 2.27 billion. What is more is that Great Britain acquired an estimate of EUR 1.18 billion. France was also in the lead with the casinos having the highest number of visitors (33 million).
  5. With matters pertaining to the number of casinos situated in Europe, France is the highest, with a total of 200, followed by the Czech Republic with 218 associated gaming platforms. Nonetheless, the employment rate in casinos is highest in Great Britain (17,000), France (15,500), and last but not least, Spain (6000).
  6. The largest share of web-based wagering revenues in Europe stems from sports betting with 37%, followed by Internet poker with 24%, and last but not least, gambling websites at 22%. Moreover, a mélange of market shares of the top Internet casinos in Italy indicate that Poker Stars, and Sisal, rank among the top five.

Overall, it is safe to say that the European gaming market not only has but will continue to encounter immense growth and development.


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