White Curry Chicken Recipe

Do you like to throw parties for your friends? Are you the kind that feels at her/his best when you’re socializing and playing the “host”? well, if you have answered in a YES for the questions I’ve asked, then you for sure know that a good conversation and the finest wine is not all that makes you a rave among people!….so what is that one thing that helps you win and adorn that “crown” for the BEST HOST!?

Yes! It’s the delicious, mouth watering, sumptuous food that you lay out for all your guests! Be it snacks, be it appetizers, be it the main dish or be it the dessert….each one….mind you-each one is equally important….

Try out my version of chicken cooked in white curry. It is a very basic and smooth flavored dish….something that everybody will surely love to take a second or even a third helping of! The chicken just melts in your mouth….like cream! Go ahead and be the best you can be!



Image Credit : http://www.sailusfood.com/2006/11/04/pepper-chicken-curry/

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