While You’re Bartending…

Getting started in the entertainment business is never easy. Whether you’re an undiscovered musician or actor, you need to find the right connections. Of course, the struggle is fitting in the time to find these connections, while supporting yourself, searching for auditions and working to become better at your craft. Regardless of what you think you can do to succeed there is a never a reason not to improve your weaknesses. If you are an actor find local singing lessons, if you are a musician find jam sessions to meet other talented people, etc. Here a short list of some of the things you can do to find the right connections.



Three Ways to Make Money and Find Connections

1.  Bartending

One of the best ways to make enough cash to pay bills and still work only part time is bartending. Bartenders get paid cash when they work and can often make hundreds of dollars in one night. The best part, if you bartend at the right club or bar, you can meet those already in the entertainment industry and make the necessary connections to help you move your career forward.

Another huge benefit to bartending is the ability to work late night hours. You won’t have to give up any shifts for auditions or any auditions because you are scheduled to work. As a bartender, you will often go into work no earlier than 4pm and often much later. This gives you the necessary flexibility to handle other important tasks during the day.

2.  Catering

As a server in the catering industry, you will often work charity events and parties celebrities will attend. Where celebrities go, the rest of the entertainment industry follows. This is a great position for those needing to earn money and make connections. You could meet a producer or director at one of the events or hear about upcoming auditions, while pouring drinks and serving food.

3.  Country Club Workers

Most of the top Hollywood executives and other higher ups in the industry belong to at least one country club. They use the club to dine, play golf, play tennis, swim and for many other reasons. If you can land a job working as a server, bartender, caddy, pool attendant or any other position at the right country club, it can lead to the connections you need to break into the business.

You obviously need to pay your bills, which means you need to make money. However, it’s also important that you find the time to work on your craft and meet the right people capable of putting you on the map. Combining the right type of job capable of freeing up your daytime hours and the right place to work can make this much easier. Use the three types of positions above to help with networking, while earning the necessary money to pay your bills.


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