What to eat not to get fat?

Obesity is one of the major issues faced by people of developing and developed nations these days and it is fast becoming as serious a problem as starvation is in under developed countries. Obesity leads to deposition of fats in blood vessels and also results in cardiac complications thereby making the heart more susceptible to failure. There are various means that can be employed to effectively shed fat and also body weight. Proper exercise and diet are the healthiest means of controlling body fat. There are various diet plans that are put forth these days, but the effectiveness of a diet varies from person to person depending on their independent requirements. There are certain food items, though, that is better avoided to ensure that the fat content doesn’t go up in one’s body. Likewise there are certain other food items and beverages that whose intake help catalyze the burning of fats and also help in reducing the bad cholesterol levels.


Starvation diet will not be of any use as far as fat loss is concerned, but only aids in weight loss. This is because human body is programmed to keep the fat deposits as a reserve and it is burned only when all other sources of energy has been consumed. Also, high sugar content food items should be limited in one’s diet because these are easily converted into fat. To easily cut down fat it is better to increase the protein intake and keep carbohydrate and fat intake at bay. Fibrous vegetables are effective in controlling fat and fats from fishes are considered to be good fats. Certain food items are best avoided or restricted in a diet. Red meat is one of the biggest causes for cholesterol in western countries. Also, it is advisable to use multiple-refined extra virgin oils for cooking rather than ordinary cooking oil. Butter and cheese and such fatty products should be included in the diet, but in a restricted manner. Cutting down fat completely is also unhealthy and throws the diet out of balance. Nevertheless it would do one a lot of good if he or she takes in the mandatory required quantity of fat by including “good fats” in the diet.

Green tea, which is famous in eastern countries, especially in China, is a beverage that aids in shedding fat. Garlic and ginger and various other spices also have similar effects. It has been scientifically proven that having fruits rich in vitamin C or even the fruit extracts help reduce the percentage of fat to a great degree. Ensure that every meal is accompanied by fruit or vegetable salad. They help reduce the fat as well as decrease the tendency to gorge on unhealthy food items.  It is in the best interest of a human being to keep the fat level from going sky high since it would result in many health issues. At the same time it should be ensured that one doesn’t lose weight beyond an optimum level. Henve

Hence, before the commencement of any diet plan it is always necessary take the advice of a practicing nutritionist to make sure that the diet meets one’s requirements.


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