Ways to use Basic Discounts You Should Know

Discounts, sales, coupons, and promotions — one day, every person has to deal with these concepts to decide whether it is worth using special offers to save money, how to do it, and, finally, how to have basic online deals.

Do not keep up with rising prices and break your head how to save? Try tracking markdowns for everything: from products to clothes and yet you can compare prices before buying.

Make purchases in online stores is cheaper and more convenient, but there are several unpleasant moments. You cannot touch things before purchase, and you have to pay for shipping. Here you will learn how to buy, not to be disappointed with your purchases, and most importantly: how to get a financial reduction on the goods you are interested in without wasting time.

The number of online stores is growing. Their range is expanding, and ordering on the Internet is more profitable and more interesting than shopping. But what and how do you make purchases always happy and cheap?

In order to help those who have not yet tried to use markdowns, we will tell about the main types of special offers and several effective methods of using them. Below you will find the types of discounts and terms of their application. Choose those that are more suitable for your field of activity and for your task.

Discounts are general and special

Granting discounts attract customers, keep old ones and interest new ones. There are a lot of financial reductions. Among them you can find the bonus, wholesale, trade, seasonal, etc.

  • Seasonal markdown — is given for a seasonal product that is sold outside the season, or for seasonal shipments of goods.
  • Holiday financial reduction — is given for a certain product, which is realized on the pre-holiday and holidays.
  • Special markdown — is provided when selling goods to customers in whose orders the seller is most interested.
  • personal (privileged) — is used when selling a certain product to a particularly preferred buyer.
  • “promotional” — is given for specific assortments of goods, which are used in the conduct of a certain action.
  • Progressive markdown — is provided subject to the preliminary agreement of the parties to purchase a batch of products.
  • Dealer (distribution) financial reduction — can be given to its permanent representatives or intermediaries who deal with the sale of goods.

Other kinds of discount

  • The first one is preliminary and excellent when the product is expected to be released. Preheated by impatience and curiosity, CA willingly pays, for example, for the disc of a favorite artist, although the album will be released only in a month.
  • The financial reduction depends on the amount of purchase. Would you like to order a site filling of 20 texts (the markdown — 5%)?. Do you need a quotation and a text for the presentation (financial reduction — 10%).
  • The financial reduction on obsolete goods. Shops constantly arrange sales, and, stale goods can look the same as in the new season (only the strap on the coat changed).
  • Defective goods.
  • Holiday markdowns.
  • Weekend markdown.
  • Discounts for regular customers.
  • VIP-clients.
  • Seasonal financial reduction.
  • Accumulative type which often operates in boutiques, cosmetics stores, cafes.
  • Financial reduction when paying in cash.
  • Markdown for age or social groups (college students coupons).
  • Collective discount is often offered by travel agencies.
  • Markdown with a time limit (one day, from 8.00 to 12.00, from 1 to 9 March and so on).
  • Markdown for dealers or members of affiliate programs.
  • Markdown “trade-in” or trade discounts. Go to the shop with the phone they bought from them and documents to the device, you rent a smartphone and buy a new model at a financial reduction.
  • Personal coupon, promo-codes or offer-code and flyer are examples of such discounts.
  • Financial reduction for social or age groups (schoolchildren, students, pensioners).
  • Cross-markdown is when a person buys 2 or 3 goods and the third or fourth – with a big financial reduction.
  • Service financial reduction.
  • Club financial reduction.
  • Markdown for off-season purchases.
  • Special markdowns for regular or new customers. For a trial product, for example or for the first order for essay on the top writing service.
  • Financial reduction for fast payment of goods. It is often found in online stores or on websites where information products and training are sold.
  • Bonus markdown which usually acts on limited groups of goods, which, naturally, need to be “quickly reduced.”
  • Markdown-subscription. It is widely practiced in the same fitness centers.
  • Situational type which is often possible in live communication. We came to the department of mink coats, and there was nobody there. The landlord, realizing that he smells of money after two weeks of idle time, begins to lose the price …
  • There is also a financial reduction lottery.
  • Markdown for the first purchase (if only you haven’t used this shop previously).
  • Financial reduction on the birthday of the client. Do not forget to pamper loyal customers, colleagues.

In general, the above discounts are calculated in a simple way — the discount percentage is multiplied by the sales price of the product that was in effect earlier. Also, the prerequisite for the provision of all the above discounts is often the price or quantitative restriction. Accordingly, the trader applies a special discount with a price (cumulative) restriction. Or the financial reduction is applied provided that the buyer purchases a certain amount of goods.

There are also special financial reductions: these markdowns include cumulative discounts and financial reduction. They are also called discounts for turnover or bonus financial reduction. These markdowns are usually granted to regular customers on the basis of a special mutual arrangement.

Cumulative discounts are valid for a long time. Most often, such a markdown is calculated based on the volume of goods purchased by the buyer. That is, its size is constantly changing, and each time when buying goods depends on the size of the purchased items.

The financial reduction for a complex purchase of goods is a measure of a reduction in the standard selling price. It is guaranteed to the buyer if he purchases this product along with other complementary goods of this firm. The logic of such a discount is the following explanation. The price of each of the goods in the set is lower than for an isolated purchase, even in the same firm.

Discounts for regular or prestigious buyers are also good. These discounts are provided on a purely individual basis and can be issued, for example, in the form of personalized customer cards. Such cards have now been issued by many European food supermarkets.

Markdowns for the return of the previously purchased goods from this company (in the amount of 25 – 30% of the list price) are given to the buyer upon returning him the product of the obsolete model purchased earlier from this firm. Such discounts apply to the sale of cars, electrical equipment, and rolling stock.

As you can see, the types of price discounts are various and their huge number. We assume that we have not named everything, we do not claim 100 percent reliability. For example, we did not mention the sale of the markdown coupons, as recommended at popular discount services. You buy a coupon for 50 dollars, for example. It gives you a 50% discount on all the menus in a particular restaurant.

In conclusion, shopping is always a pleasant process, especially if it was possible to save money in the process. For example, your discount card accumulated a large number of bonuses. For this reason you paid for the goods half as much as expected. Or by a lucky chance, you managed to buy something with a good financial reduction.

On sales, usually, you can buy good things with 40% or 50% discount, but there is one nuance: some stores arrange sales to “shove” the goods that are stale, and others — to attract new customers. Always give preference to the second, and bear in mind that the things that have long been out of fashion are not worth buying even at a very low price.

Today, many people buy clothes online. You can reduce your expenses by entering the order page special promotional codes that online stores provide to their customers.

Everyone knows that buying the outer clothing is best in the summer. In the summer, fur coats and down jackets can be purchased at a 50% financial reduction. Most of the outer clothing, which flaunts on the shelves in the summer, will be relevant in the next season. So is it worth overpaying half the cost in the fall, if you can buy a cheap thing in the summer?

With the help of the Internet, it is realistic to monitor all the stocks and offers from hundreds of stores. Moreover, almost all of them have their own website. Once or twice a year, even boutiques arrange a week of discounts, during which branded items can be purchased cheaper than usual. All you need to be aware of lucrative offers from shops is access to the Internet and the desire to have a good little thing at a tasty price. Watch for different discounts and save by buying only quality and cheap items!





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