VCF, an Electronic Business Card: Extension and How to Open

The VCF extension refers to a text file of an electronic vCard. VCF format is the universal standard used for storage of business or personal contacts, such as name, email address, website address, home address, phone numbers, etc. The vCard consists of records, each of which contains information about one business card.

Such files are often used for import and export, i.e., for the exchange of electronic business cards between various programs or devices and their address lists. You can also send VCF file by email together with the message as an attachment. If you want to open vCard, proceed to the site to find the detailed instruction and choose the needed program to be able to resolve the issue.

Get to Know More

It was the Versit consortium that developed the vCard format in 1995. This group included Apple Computer, IBM, Siemens and AT&T (later Lucent). Then, all rights for the format were transferred to the Internet Mail Consortium in December 1996.

.VCF files are launched in the program Windows Contacts. On Mac OS X it’s the address book application where they are opened. VCF format is also supported in most modern mobile devices, regardless of their platform.

For example, in Google Android contacts are being stored in one file and separated by BEGIN and END tags. You can find them in the PIM/System directory on the memory card after the export to a memory card. Such files are called PIM00003.vcf, PIM00009.vcf, etc. The larger the number in the name, the more recent the backup of the Android contacts book is.

There is a problem when importing backup files for Google Android phone books in Outlook. Outlook imports only the first contact. Mac OS X’s Address Book imports backup files of Android phone books into its database without any problems. Android phone book files can also be imported into Gmail contacts.

NOTE: .VCF is stored in text format. It means you can view the content in a word processor. However, they can also include binary data that is being used to store photos.

Virtualdub Configuration File Is Also Related To The VCF Extension

The .VCF is also a VirtualDub configuration file. VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit Windows platforms, distributed under the GPL (GNU General Public License).

How To Open The File With .VCF Extension

There are several methods available. You can do the following:

  • fix errors associated with the impossibility to open this file: if everything works well on your computer, it will open automatically;
  • download the software that will allow you to open it (for example, Microsoft Outlook Express, vCardOrganizer, Palm Desktop, Apple Contacts, Nokia PC Suite, FreshBooks, etc.);
  • use the universal method: it can be the File Viewer that you can download for Windows or Mac and open any type of files with.

Following these simple tips, you will never experience problems with opening any kinds of documents, movies, video, images, etc. anymore.



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