Top 12 Most Useful Dating Tips You Need to Get Your Soul Mate

Let’s be real here – dating most times is harder than it needs to be. After several dinner outings and drinks by the bar, it gets tempting to call it quits and resign yourself to watching the Notebook in your PJs. Don’t give up yet!

The thing about dating is sometimes; you have to go through the bad to get good. When dating gets done the right way, fantastic results can follow. Such great dates are what lead to new friendships, relationships and who knows maybe a walk down the aisle.

In this article, we run through 12 excellent tips that are sure to improve your love life:

12 Excellent Dating Tips to Improve Your Love Life

Look Beyond the Bar Scene

A bar is not the only place to meet the love of your life. Sure, sipping a margarita and eating fries can allow you to scope out available options. But, you are still limiting yourself.

There are a host of other locations to find interesting individuals that you can date. If you restrict yourself to one area, you end up missing out on these alternatives. Check out this article on the best places to mingle that aren’t bars.

Who knows? Your next partner may very be standing in line at IKEA or even walking her dog. So, what should you take away from this? Love can pop up anywhere open up yourself to it.

Let Your Friends Be Matchmakers

Why place the burden of finding a soul mate solely on yourself? Your friends will surely love to help if you give them a chance to. The good thing about this approach is that your friends are probably the only ones apart from your parents that know you so well.

When they consider your tastes, personality, and quirks, they might be in an excellent position to match you to a potential suitor.

Also, some times, our friends have other individuals they relate with apart from us, allowing your friends to act as matchmaker creates the opportunity to create a tight bond.

Date Your Friend

Sometimes, we are so focused on looking outside that we ignore the rare gems around us. Have you ever heard the term friend zone? Well, this is one phrase we feel should be banned.

Why? Because that is a tag that prevents you from actually appreciating what is in front of you. According to the stats, friends make the best dates, but, you will only know this if you give a chance for it to happen.

Your friends understand you, they know your ticks and are the closest thing you have apart from family. So, what else could be better?

Use a good dating site

We are in the 21st-century meaning connection to the internet is available to almost everyone. Through a dating site, you should be able to find a suitable partner after a few tries. However, the emphasis is on making use of a good dating site.

As you sign up for a dating site, it is crucial to think about what you want to get from experience. Are you looking for a hookup, steady relationship or someone to hang out with? Like this article on things to consider before you start online dating states, your interests should define the type of site you sign up for.

Ensure your first impression counts

During the dating process, it is highly likely you will be meeting a lot of individuals for the first time. The first date in itself can be overwhelming, and if you are not careful, things can go downhill. It is therefore essential to leave an excellent first impression.

From the first impression, your dating partner can decide if further contact is something worth pursuing and you can also make your own decision.  According to Women’s Health Mag, it takes a minimum of 12 minutes to know if you are interested in someone.

Be warm and receptive

Okay, so we may have heard of how guys love the thrill of a chase especially when pursuing a woman. Well, that is not 100% accurate. Most guys are open to a woman who is kind and warm from the get-go. However, this does not mean you should overdo it.

Ensure you gain a great understanding of your date first then use at least two minutes of your first meeting to understand the type of interactions to engage in.

Prevent yourself from oversharing

Yes, we said to be warm and receptive. But, we also emphasized on not overdoing it. There is a thin line between been responsive and open and oversharing. First dates are more about getting a feel of each other. You do not want to share too much, but at the same time, you don’t want to look like you are playing too hard to get.

Finding a balance is crucial in ensuring what should be private stays private. At least pending the time your date turns into something more fruitful.

Pay attention to your interactions

First time meeting, then you need to compose yourself and ensure you are giving off good vibes. It is not only about what you are saying to your date. How you say, it also matters.

According to an article, men that are interested in a woman, are likely to vary their pitch from high to low tones. Also, watch out for the type of words you both use in the conversations this can give an insight into what you both have in common.

Follow the gaze

The eyes are the window to the soul, or so we are made to believe. When someone has a connection with you, he or she is bound to linger on your face. The occurrence of this is what led to the phrase “love at first sight” being pandered around.

On the other hand, if what the other person feels for you is sexual lust/desire it is evident in the way their eyes roam around your body.

Ask Your Friends but Make Your Own Decisions

So you are interested in someone but need your friends to provide their take on it. That is not a problem. However, there will be a problem if you let the words of your friend’s override what you already consider a rational decision.

Wanting our friends to jump along with our decisions is another thing that affects your dating experience. So, while it is okay to ask, at the end of it all, the decision should be yours to make.

Keep on Trying

The first few attempts at dating may not work out, but, does that mean you should give up? The answer is no! If at first, you don’t succeed, the entire Fuckswipe review says to try, try and try again.

Move On If You Are Not into Him

Why settle when you can always wait till the right guy comes on. Never make the mistake of dating someone who does not make your heart race, or you don’t see yourself loving. Doing that can lead to adverse consequences.

If after the first date you cannot recall any impression that left an impact, the dating pool is still vast.


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