Update Your Spring Wardrobe with an Aran Sweater

With spring having finally sprung, and the weather beginning to improve, we all start to look forward to the better half of the year and leave the chill of winter behind us! As the season begins to change, we start to switch up our clothing choices and make some changes to our wardrobe. Putting away our heavy, dark clothing that was designed to keep us warm through winter, we look towards much lighter designs so that we can enjoy the upcoming good weather.

The summer months give us much more freedom when it comes to our clothing choices; we no longer have to wrap ourselves up in 3 layers before leaving the house! However, spring and summer aren’t without their spells of shade and drops in temperature. With that in mind, you might need to make a few wardrobe choices that can protect you from the elements while still maintaining that summery appearance.

Spring Knitwear

While many of us associate knitwear with wintry weather and cosying up in front of the fire, it can just as easily be transformed into a light, summery alternative to a coat. As we prepare ourselves for putting our winter coats away for the next few months, you might be left without an alternative. Knitwear can be the next best thing; making sure you’ve got that well-needed layer, without overheating!

Including summer knitwear in your clothing collection this season can complete your wardrobe and ensure you’re prepared for whatever the weather may throw at you. A lighter, brighter approach to the knitwear you choose could completely transform your wardrobe. So, where do you start?

Choosing an Aran sweater

An Aran sweater might just be that last piece of the puzzle when it comes to your spring wardrobe. Designed to be light while protecting you from the elements, Aran sweaters are renowned around the world for their style and comfort. Using only high quality wool including Merino and even cashmere, the unique design of an Aran sweater has its roots deep in the heritage of Ireland, spanning decades.

A strong part of Irish culture on the Aran Islands, the sweaters remain a symbol of life on the Islands. You’ll no doubt recognise the well-known stitching patterns; the cable knit, which remains hugely popular even today, as well as diamond stitching and zig zag. Making their way into high fashion as well as the high street, Aran sweaters are one of the easiest and versatile garments to wear that will still keep you warm against the spring chill.


Bright, light designs

With their lightweight design, choosing an Aran sweater as part of your spring wardrobe means that you can remain comfortable and look great at the same time; no more hiding under your winter coat! The spring and summer seasons allow you to brighten up your choice in clothing, opting for lighter shades and welcoming the nicer weather.

Neutral shades such as beige and brown are versatile colours that will blend in seamlessly with your existing wardrobe, or if you’re feeling brave then brighter hues like royal blue or emerald green will certainly inject a bit of extra colour into your life! Whether it’s a sweater, a button-up cardigan or even a knitted scarf for those particularly breezy days, the choice of Aran knitwear is endless this season.


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