Unique Photography Ideas to Get Your Wedding Memories Clicked

Ah! Weddings, an occasion where the wildest fantasy of a 4-year old girl transforms into a reality, well, (obviously) for a little boy as well, but, of course, they keep it cool! When such a life-long fantasy comes into a reality, you do everything you can to cherish that moment for the rest of your life. Luckily, technology has provided us with an ideal tool to achieve this feat in the form of a camera.

However, a camera is not the sole factor in capturing your most important occasion. After all, anyone can take a picture – it’s not rocket science. The end result and how you capture the moment is what makes the picture special. There is probably nothing more disappointing and frustrating than ending up with a cluster of a weird and underwhelming wedding photo album.

A large proportion of your memory rests on the thin shoulders of some specific micro-moments on your wedding day that decides how you relive that experience whenever you flip through the album or play the wedding recording. You cannot, however, depend entirely on your wedding videographer Ireland to seize all those miniature moments or even create a scene for you.

Here are some of the most unique and quirky photography ideas you can implement to carve out a beautiful wedding album to cherish for a lifetime.

  1. Encourage your photographer to capture candid moments

Who says wedding pictures have to be all serious and upright? Well, of course, the serious wedding photoshoot has its distinct boundaries, but on the contrary, some of the most unique and graceful pictures can originate from a microscopic candid moment. Small detailed moments such as the groom stealing away a look at his beautiful bride, or the two sharing a coy smile – these are moments that will help the two lovebirds realize how significant the day was.

Most importantly, these are small moments that not even the bride and groom might remember vividly, yet, it will represent the authenticity of the feelings in that specific moment. Candid photoshoots can also capture some hilarious aspects of the wedding, which, of course, is another vital addition to your album as well.

  1. A perfect click with your puppy

Of course, this is strictly restricted to couples who love puppies (unless you’re Chandler Bing!). Your pets play a significant role in your everyday routine, and, obviously, you try to share every aspect of your life with them. So, why exclude them on your big day? A couple of playful clicks with your precious pet can help you capture the unique bond you share with it and also chisel its memories forever with your wedding photos to remember it even after their limited lifespan as well.

  1. Go aerial

Simple landscape and portrait wedding photos have become too repetitive, and honestly, boring as well. There are only so many “conventional” photography ideas you or the photographer can come up with before the wedding photoshoot fades away into a normal day of random picture clicks. Aerial photography or videography, on the other hand, opens up a wide range of unexplored ideas to capture your wedding moments perfectly in the most unique fashion. You can capture a panoramic aerial view of your wedding venue and, of course, a beautiful picture of the bride’s exquisite wedding dress in all its glory spread out over the lush green grass as well. The number of aerial wedding photography ideas is practically unlimited if you and your professional photographer can wrap your head efficiently around it.

  1. Make the perfect use of the timelines and the weather

So, it starts raining as soon as you decide to take your photo shoots outdoors, what do you do next? Go out and click some splendid wedding pictures, of course! Well, excluding the dirty and mushy mud. Small details such as a rainy day backdrop with the couple under an umbrella can make quite an elegant wedding picture and something that you don’t often see either. You can take advantage of the different timelines as well. A beautiful wedding picture with a breathtaking sunset backdrop is something you can proudly hang it up on your bedroom walls. Irrespective of what time of the day it may be, there are always creative ways to make optimum use of it during your wedding photoshoot.

  1. Capturing the proud generation

When people talk about wedding pictures, the most obvious assumption is that of the beautiful life partners. However, one of the most thoughtful photography concepts involves capturing the enchanting marriage generations of the family tree. The bride, along with her mom and grandma, can showcase their wedding rings. This picture with three generations of wedding rings within a single frame is an ideal picture-perfect moment, and something the bride and the family can cherish on a sentimental level throughout their life.