Two Simple Photo Phone Recovery Tricks

Capturing and saving photos via phone is the easiest way nowadays. Just count how many photos do you have in your beloved phone? The problem is that sometimes you don’t make a backup.

As the result, it seems that you can’t do anything if those photos are deleted. The good news is that you can get those deleted photos back.

This article explains to you about phone photo recovery which you can do easily. The key is following the steps carefully, so you can get the photos back and normally.

Phone Photo Recovery with Software

You need a help from another device which is your computer to recover the deleted photos on your phone. Moreover, you also need to use a specific software to help the process. You must make sure that you are using a trusted photo recovery software for the safety of the phone and your own satisfaction. When you are ready with these two properties, just follow the instructions.

Connect the Phone to the Computer

Just connect the phone to the computer or PC via USB cable. It is also possible to take out the memory card from the phone and connect it via a card reader. Then, launch the downloaded photo recovery software.

Launch the Software

This step depends on the software you choose. It is better to choose software with friendly features. For example, by the time the phone is connected to the computer and the software is launched, just choose a specific feature such as the “external devices recovery”. This is also the way to make sure that the phone memory is detected by the software.

Select the Location of the Deleted Photos

The software will guide you to choose the location of the deleted photos. Click the location of the deleted photos and click start. Let the software scan the location to get the photos. Certain software is supported by the deep scanning system. This system is used to rescan the phone to make sure that all the deleted photos are detected.

Check and Preview the Deleted Photos

This is the time for you to check the list of the photos after the scanning process. Click the photos and see the preview and the detail. Check the photos and make sure that you can preview them clearly just like a normal photo.

Click the Recover Button

By the time you get all the deleted photos, click the recover button to continue the process. It takes a few times to recover all the deleted photos back to your device. Just wait until the process finish and don’t do anything to prevent fatal risk. The last thing to do is checking all the photos on your computer. The fantastic part, those deleted photos are back!

Recover Deleted Photos with Google Photos

How about if you want to recover the deleted photos in the phone without using a computer or PC? You can do it by using Google photos. The system in the phones will keep the deleted photos in the Google Photos for 60 days. There are several things you can do to recover deleted photos with Google Photos.

Launch the Google Photos

You just need to launch the Google Photos app on your phone. See the icon on the top left of the application. Commonly, it is in the form of three stripes. Click it and you will see several options.

Select the Trash Option

There will be several options on the menu icon. Because you are about to take deleted photos back, just go to the trash icon. Just like a Recycle Bin in a computer, trash in phone keeps the deleted photos or data before finally removed from the device after 60 days.

Check and Preview the Deleted Photos

Let the trash shows all the deleted photos and data. It takes time and it depends on the total of the photos and data on the trash. When the process is done, you can see the preview of all the deleted photos.

Select the Photos You Want to Take Back

Check the photos one by one and choose the photos you want to recover. You must select the photo by tapping it one by one. If you want to take them all, just tap one photo and find the select all option. Choose the select all button and all the deleted photos will be selected automatically.

Recover the Photos

Find the undo icon to recover the photos. Commonly, the position of the icon is on the top right corner of the app. The icon helps to store the deleted photos back to the Google Photos app. The last thing to do is clicking the restore option and let the system recover the photos from the Google Photos back to your phone.

Restoring deleted photos or data is easy to do with or without a computer. The problem is that the phone system limits the time for 60 days to take the deleted data back otherwise you lose them permanently. This is the reason why you must use data recovery software. There will be no limitation time as long as the software is able to detect the phone.

Summary: You can recover photos or data in two different ways. This article shows you how to do both.


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