Trends in makeup: permanent and mineral makeup

Every woman wants to be beautiful and pretty with little effort and in short time. In terms of make-up  the solution is the permanent makeup.permanent-makeup Permanent makeup correct various facial imperfections or enhance certain lines of the eyebrows, eyes and lips, giving them a more regular design. The brow permanent makeup which can mask some scars is the most searched.

Makeup should be natural  to not seem “designed”. The purpose of permanent makeup is to highlight the natural beauty and to easily correct the forms. Over the permanent makeup can be applied the decorative makeup to change the color and to fit modern trends.

How to apply the permanent makeup

After the area is disinfected, the outline is drawn and the right color is chosen as close can be to the natural color of the lips. The lips are cleaned with lidocaine and are anesthetized. For the eyebrows, eyelids and lips is used an anesthetic cream.

Permanent makeup is done with a needle which pierces the superficial layer of the dermis, needle which is used to insert a dye that contains a mineral origin pigment which is non-allergic.

The thickness of the used needles differs depending on the desired contour. The making of the makeup takes an hour, an hour and a half.

During realization of the makeup, patients do not feel pain, just vibration, light tickles or stitches.

Side effects caused by permanent makeup

If the procedure is properly followed, on the skin is formed a thin film that is visibly darker than the real pigmentation, because the local thickening of the pigment and tissue fluid (lymph).

When the skin is thicker it means that the procedure was performed at a greater depth, and healing will take some more time (from three to five days for the eyelids and the eyebrows and from four up to six days for the lips) .

Before opting for this type of makeup, you should know that permanent tattoo is not for people with blood clotting problems, diabetes, epilepsy, pregnant women or those with infectious or febrile states.

People prone to allergic reactions have to do a test to detect the possible problems. There are no allergic reactions to pigment, the allergies appear more often because of the anesthetic cream.

Allergies to tattoo occur very rarely. When they occur can be very problematic, because it is difficult to remove the pigments.

Permanent makeup is not permanent

Unlike tattoo, permanent makeup does not forever remain in the skin, it must be repeated every three or five years because the skin renews and the implanted pigment gradually disappears and with it the color fades.

Permanent makeup can be removed by laser or by another permanent make-up session in which the chosen color is replaced by skin’s color.

Permanent makeup is generally recommended for people with low vision, with shaking hands or people who have adverse reaction to cosmetic products.

Nowadays have developed both the experts, acquiring new knowledge, and technology, developing sophisticated equipment specific to this domain. With the technology increases the number of women who opt for this type of makeup

Another type of makeup in trends today is the mineral one. It is so searched today for the many positive effects it has on skin, but little people know that it has its origins in the ancient Egypt.

A brief history

The women from Egyptian high society were coloring their eyes by applying a black pigment on the lids and the upper eyelid, obtained from antimony or soot. This pigment was called Kohl and was intended to make their eyes tear to protect them against the desert dust.

Eyelids were colored in shades made from strong natural oxides. It was used black copper oxide, charcoal, terra-share or cosmetics based on mercury. Mouth was maked-up with carmine, and eyebrows were elongated and blackened.

Queen Cleopatra was preparing her blush and ointments by her own recipes and makeup was made meticulously by priests.

If before it was considered as having symbolic value, today the makeup has become a habit, a condition to achieve the kind of beauty promoted by the society.

What contains the mineral makeup

Cosmetic brush for applying the powder mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is made from natural ingredients, minerals at a rate of 95%: zinc oxide, titanium oxide, iron oxide, magnesium, gold, all powders which are combined with strong pigments. This type of makeup  does not contain harmful ingredients such as alcohol, dyes, talc, mineral oils, preservatives or perfume.

The makeup products are based on a hypoallergenic powder that naturally nourishes the skin, and substances which don’t irritate the skin, mixed with beautiful natural colors

The benefits of this type of makeup;

With a very light translucent texture, the mineral makeup provides a perfect cover on any type of skin , treating acne at the same time.

Being a makeup with natural ingredients when you go to bed makeup removal is not necessary because it acts as a treatment, protecting even the sensitive skin around the eyes. Because it does not block the pores, the risk of black points and irritation decreases.

All mineral powders protects skin from ultraviolet rays and longer and looks very nice. They reflect light and give skin brightness and freshness.

This type of makeup suits every skin type and in terms of chromatic shades, they are endless.

The make-up color is very intense and last a long period, even if you sweat.

How to apply

Mineral makeup must not be applied directly over the cream in a large amount because there is the risk to stain the skin. Since the structure is solid, like a lipstick, when you apply the color directly, it does not equalize. Place some powder on your hand and from there take it with the shaving brush and apply with circular movements.

Before using products in this category, we suggest you make sure that the products which states to have mineral components in their composition to be truly natural.

You should know that these type of makeup s more expensive than the classic one, but the benefits are indisputable.