Trailer Trash DIY Vehicles

Trailer Trash refers to people who live in a trailer or caravan, known as white trash. They tend to be overall uneducated, unclean and lack basic social skills. They also have children while still in their teens and are basically piss poor. They reside on Trailer Parks as that is the only housing that they can afford.


Most of these types of people don’t generally have a car, never mind an electric vehicle…well unless they have made it themselves out of a fridge and a shopping trolley while happily throwing back shots of Jack Daniels. While the missus merrily BBQ’s the road kill, her husband and his brothers found the day before on Highway 9.


I kind of feel sorry for them, obviously not all people who live in trailers are like that, but it is what everyone typically thinks. I mean would you call an old lady who happens to live in a caravan, white trailer trash? I think not that would be just downright disrespectful but their are people out their who are what the name suggests, white trash. They are load mouthed, booze swilling, Hill Billies and anything we say or do ain’t ever gonna change them!

Take a peek at these Trail Trash DIY Vehicles…

Trash Can Car


Sick of trash collecting in the back seat of your car? You need Dumpster Car, no longer does it matter that you throw you rubbish in the footwell, as your are already sitting in a bin!

Squeeze in!


What a cheap skate! You wouldn’t fit many of your mates in this. The World’s smallest trailer…being pulled by a bicycle?



What is this? It’s a cross between a car, a trailer and a snail…which also blows flames! This strange creation was part of the 5th annual Maker Faire in San Mateo County.

Silver Trailer


Sip Juice Cart, Portland.

Made from recycled materials, namely wood and tin foil…This food cart from Portland, obviously didn’t have an Architect involved in the building of this lovely silver shed. Well at least it’s clean!

Mobile Home


Looks like the Hill Billies have got a new set of wheels! What a smart DIY wooden camper van…wonder how long if would last if, I huffed and I puffed? Naught big bad wolf!

Man driving a bath?


I can hear him now, I was just having a quick bath, Officer…This Russian Tub Car is the ultimate way to keep clean while on the move, no need to visit those awful campsite showers, just take you bath with you!

Fatboy trailer trash style


Who forgot to lock the Salvage Yard gates? Those Trailer trash rednecks have been at it again!!

Good business idea?


Can’t stop laughing at this one… not a vehicle, but what an awesome idea for a trash can!



Two storey home, Japanese style, all on the back of a truck, what more could you wish for?

Santa’s Sleigh?


For a minute I thought Santa had come early, But it’s just the Trailer Trash idiots at the end of the lane! How dangerous is that? Fancy using a beat up VW Beetle for Santa’s Sleigh, what numpty’s!

Hope you enjoyed my insight into Trailer Trash DIY Vehicles, hope you don’t take any offence at what I have written, as it’s all in jest, especially all you Hilly Billies and White Trash out there!

Demon Chick xx