Top 3 Sports Kids are Most Likely to Achieve Professional Status In

It’s pretty typical to hear small kids growing up say what they want to be when they grow up. It’s not uncommon to hear kids say that they want to be a doctor, firefighter, or police officer… those career paths are dedicated to helping others, so to hear your child say they aspire to do that, can be quite heartwarming.

Now, there are also the kids who enjoy helping others but have a totally different agenda as to what they want to be when they grow up. Those kids with different agendas have been known for saying that they want to be a professional athlete in a particular sport!

If you think about it, it’s easy to see why kids want to grow up as professional athletes. They not only have the opportunity to play a sport that they love for a living, but there is also the aspect of making a substantial amount of money when you’re a household name!

Now, just keep in mind that before the big name pro athletes made it to the big leagues, they made a lot of sacrifices, and so did their parents. You could expect the kids not fully having a childhood because they spent most of their time perfecting their skills, and parents would make financial sacrifices by sending them to summer camps in their craft.


Professional athletes have even talked about the sacrifices they’ve made and stated that it was hard as a child at times because they didn’t see the big picture as their parents did. As a child, missing the birthday parties and things because of practice or games seemed devastating but they can look back at it now and truly appreciate the all the sacrifices that were made for them.

If you have a child that’s showing an interest in sports, you definitely want to support and encourage that interest! A big dream of kids and parents alike is for their child to be a successful athlete, and ultimately go pro! If you have high hopes of your child becoming a professional athlete, these are the sports that they’ll have a great chance of achieving professional status in.


You may not know this but the most famous pro athletes are the ones who dominate the sport with their feet in the world of sports, and According to ESPN, soccer is the number 1 sport to achieve fame in.

In order to really see if your kid is cut out for soccer, you’ll need to put them in positions to hone in on the required skill sets. Send them to summer camps or enroll them in elite soccer academies… all of these efforts will give you a better understanding of figuring their likelihood to go pro.


Golf is definitely a sport that’s not for everyone, but for those who do have the skill set for this particular sport, have been incredibly successful. With golf being so different from the other professional league sports, it requires different types of skill sets.


Golf is a sport that requires absolute quiet and mental alertness (focus), unlike basketball or football. You also have to know how to utilize multiple types of golf clubs according to what type of swing you’re needing to do, and you have to be sure your body is in the perfect stance for proper posture to hit the ball. This is definitely a sport to get your kid involved in while they’re young if you want them to have any chance of making it big!


How many of you all follow or understand the game of cricket? Not too many people do, and that’s why it’s a likely chance that your kid has a high chance of going pro in this league. According to ESPN, Cricket is gaining serious popularity all across the globe!

Cricket is in all 50 states, and it’s the fastest growing sport as well. You can kind of think of cricket as an “underground” sport, if you will. You can think of it like that because it is a sport that’s well-known everywhere, you just have to know where to find it.

For your kiddo, do your research in locating different programs that offer cricket. Some schools even have cricket teams. With the right training and dedication, your child could really shine in the world of cricket!


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