Top 2022 e-Learning Trends

As technology is evolving, so is eLearning. It makes training more useful and effortless. In the past years during Covid-19, e-learning has become critical and has developed at an expanding rate. And with the world setting foot in the post-pandemic phase, an unexpected wave of learners in the e-Learning community opened the doors of unlimited potential. Educational institutions, Corporations, and non-profit organizations – all of them are inclining toward online education standards.

Growing internet use and digitalization in semi-urban and rural areas also played an important part in increasing the cornerstone ondemand for e-learning. Undoubtedly, the benefits of e-learning significantly outweigh the traditional learning approach. And as skills evolve, online learning acclimates to make training more effective and manageable. Here are some of the latest e-learning trends to help you comprehend how the expectations of organizations as well as learners are shifting. However, Understanding these will help you to conduct training for effective workforce development and modify your employee training methods to achieve the desired return on investment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the past few years, there has been remarkable growth in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence in automating several everyday activities. It is one of the desired eLearning trends that are grabbing attention. The function of AI is to make learning more empathy-driven and holistic. AI is playing an important role in compiling and analyzing data of students from LMS software such as learners’ interests, weaknesses, strengths, and expertness. With the help of it, the learning ways of users could be comprehended and analyzed precisely.

Mobile e-Learning

Mobility has become an essential part of everyday life for billions of people. As the digit of mobile users expands, more and more people are developing an intense liking for mobile learning. Mobile learning improves user experience. Due to the huge increase in mobile users, the quality of mobile learning is enhancing slowly. The number of users of mobile phones is growing and they want to stimulate themselves day by day. Today, people do not use laptops or desktop PC as frequently as they use smartphones. It enhances the knowledge of the learners anywhere anytime which is causing the organizations to pay more attention to this learning tool. As a result, the mobile e-learning trend is increasing more swiftly.

Video-based learning

Video provides instruction or enriches an otherwise boring lecture. After the Covid-19 outbreak, Video-based learning became a strategy to top the list of learning methods and modules. This learning based on videos is one of the effective and useful ways of learning. In video-based learning, researchers, practitioners, and academicians share their recorded video lectures which make sessions more attractive, interactive, and engaging.

Social Learning

Social Learning includes things like Chatrooms, Forums, and File-sharing options between trainers and learners. During the Covid-19, this learning trend became the most useful and intuitive method. Moreover, it is not restricted to one person learning only, it can even be conducted online. Online learning platforms are utilizing innovative strategies to facilitate interaction among users through social learning.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning has been around the globe for a while now and now it is beating the trend of AR, social learning, and Microlearning.  With this learning,  the students can learn on their own pace. Adaptive learning in 2022 is predicted to reach new heights due to it being integrated with AI and AR. It supports robust analytics, pre-learning quizzes, and confidence-based assessments, to help institutions avoid the drawbacks of typical learning. Through this trend, learners would be able to pick what kind of learning courses they would like to opt for.

We foresee these trends as they are increasing in the coming year. Learning forums are achieving prominence so are these trends. And there are several eLearning trends in 2022 such as AR, interactive content, big-data analytics, etc. But they are yet not developed and there is much ado about them.