Top 10 Weird Fetishes

To each their own. Judge not lest you be judged. Whatever floats your boat. We’ve all heard the sayings and we all know what they mean. Everyone is entitled to like whatever they want and we really have no business poking our noses into what happens in a person’s bedroom. I’m a freelance writer and while I love my work, it doesn’t always pay the bills. In all honesty, it rarely pays the bills. Not willing to actually take my clothes off for money, I consulted a dear friend wise in the ways of making money online quickly and easily and asked him what I should do. His suggestion? Fetish videos. He just happened to have a little store online that sells fetish clips and my career as a professional fetish model began. It’s actually been a fun way to earn extra money but some of the requests I’ve gotten have been pretty freaking bizarre. I thought I’d share some of the weirdest and most common requests I’ve gotten thus far. Enjoy!


10: Balloons

I can kind of get the whole balloon thing. Kind of. Popping balloons, blowing up balloons, stepping on balloons and sitting on balloons to pop them are all popular sub-genres of this fetish category and, okay – no, I don’t really get this one either, but a lot of people seem to really be into it. As you’ll read in the ‘stomping’ category, I have a little bit of experience with this whole fetish thing and a lot of the requests I get involve balloons in some way. Perhaps it has something to do with childhood or a traumatic memory of a party. Perhaps it’s just the sound of the balloon popping. Perhaps its just a thing for some people. Who am I to judge?


09: Ghosts

I don’t necessarily understand how this one works but I can understand the appeal more than some of the other fetishes on this list. Ghosts are sort of an unknown. They’re mysterious – kind of like vampires without the fangs and bloodsucking. If I were to get into any weird fetish personally, I think it’d have to be this one.


08: Giantess

The giantess fetish is all about women, usually in heels or boots, crushing miniature versions of real life objects such as cars, buildings and even toy people. This is one of my favorite fetishes to film because it gives me the chance to be creative and even sometimes tell a story. It’s a bit more time consuming than the average fetish video so I charge a little more but I think the end result is worth it.


07: Pedal Pumping

Pedal pumping isn’t a complicated concept. Basically what the audience wants to see here is a woman, often wearing heels or boots (a popular theme among fetishists), pumping the gas pedal of a car. It’s even better if the car isn’t responding. It’s about frustration and helplessness. Like the giantess fetish, pedal pumping sometimes allows me to get a little creative and set up a whole scenario – I have to get somewhere desperately but my car just won’t start. Thus far I’ve done “late for work”, “medical emergency” and “running from a crazed killer”. All lots of fun to film.

source: World of Female

06: Stomping/Crushing (General)

Stomping or crushing as it’s also called is, by far, the most lucrative fetish I’ve tried thus far. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I’m really good at it. A lot of fetishes play into the crushing theme (giantess, balloons, bread crushing etc) but the straight ahead crushing category is just for the general act of crushing. Food items are often requires as are anything that makes a lot of noise and anything that blows up in particularly spectacular fashion. I’ve crushed a DVD player, CD cases (one of my favorites), toy cars, bananas and tubes of toothpaste – the last two being especially impressive looking. My friend’s rule of thumb? If it goes smush or crunch, it’s a good one. Upcoming videos include balloon, cookie cakes with chocolate filling and the one I’m most excited about, half a cucumber. Yes, I take requests. No, I do not stomp or crush anything with a face.


05: Piggybacking

I’ve gotten this request a few times but haven’t yet filmed a clip for it because I’m not entirely sure how I’d pull it off. This one works exactly as one would think it does. The model gets on a man’s back and he piggy backs her around. She can squirm around to hang off the front of the man (arms around his neck, legs around his waist) if she so desires. It’s a simple premise but it seems to be a popular one. Piggybacking can be combined with a great number of other fetishes including living doll fetishes, baby fetishes (adults dressed as babies) and gothic fetishes (women dressed in gothic fashion).

source: World of Female

04: Bread Crushing

A subgenre of the crushing fetish, bread crushing is far more popular than I would’ve imagined. From crushing loafs of bread, baguettes, banana bread, croissants and things of that nature to crushing sandwiches, toast or just bread with some sort of condiment on it, bread crushing seems to be really appealing. I don’t really get why people like seeing bread get smushed but people like what they like. Who am I to judge their reasons?

03: Furries

Back before I started really exploring the world of fetishes, the furry fetish was about the only weird fetish I’d ever heard of aside from foot fetishes which really didn’t seem that weird in comparison. Now that I know more about what gets people going, I still find the furry fetish weird but in a much less judgmental sort of way. There are different kinds of furries out there. Some are sexually aroused by stuffed animals. Some are sexually aroused by people dressed as stuffed animals. Some are sexually attracted to both. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test out this fetish but I’d like to one day. It sounds interesting.


02: Bicycle Pumps

The bicycle pump fetish is now only weird but dangerous and it freaks me out. I’ve never done a bicycle pump fetish clip and never will. Let me tell you why. This one involves inserting the nozzle of a bicycle pump in the back door if you get what I’m saying there and pumping your tummy full of air. That not only sounds painful on many different levels but … it’s just too weird for me. If it’s what you’re into, all the more power to you. Just be careful, right?


01: Being Eaten

This one is just too bizarre to even wrap my head around. I have never, nor will I ever, film a clip for this one because I just can’t understand how one would do such a thing. This isn’t a fetish in a traditionally sexual way but instead refers to being sexually aroused by the idea of someone basically cannibalizing your body. A novel in the Dexter series revolved around this fetish. I thought it was weird then and I think it’s weird now.


  1. furries are a group of people who like anthropomorphic characters in art and culture, plushies like to have sex with stuffed animals. there is a big difference.


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