Are you tired of the office routines of your career? Get freedom here.

Are you sick and tired of office life?

Can you imagine a Serena Williams in an office serving you as a receptionist? What would you do if you found Mike Tyson running an office? The answers are clear, and you do not need to give them here. The purpose of these questions is to provoke you to see how a good and well-meaning person can be a very dangerous misfit in an area they are not naturally wired for. Today, many people out there are sick and tired of staying in their office jobs not because working in an office is wrong or dumb, but because they are not just cut for it.

But what is the remedy for those sick and tired folks who are struggling with all this discontent, but just because they have bills to pay, they are stuck in there? One of the ways of liberating yourself and getting into a new level of productivity without the tiring politics and inhibitions of office life is venturing into freelance writing and securing online jobs for writers from At the moment, the market has thousands of happy and highly productive men and women who quit their offices and they are now making more money with greater freedom they couldn’t get during their office employment days.

Read this post to see how freelance writing can free and unleash your potential from the shackles of office routines. Take a look at this.

  • No dressing code wars

Can you imagine entering your office dressed in clothes that your boss is going to keep chiding you for? The world is full of such people who just endure wearing that white-collar shirt and hanging that “earth wire” (a tie?) in their neck. They find such office rules a demanding, if not, a punitive task. As a freelance writer, you have no one to keep lecturing you on what you wear and how to do it.

With freelance writing, you can choose to work anywhere while wearing anything. You can even put on your nightdress, work with your bras on, wear your vest, and even work barefooted. The only mandatory thing you need to wear every morning is the right attitude for work, aka, metal dressing—that is all. Here, you have no business adhering to rules like “dressing for success,” or “dressing to kill.” However, the beauty of all this freedom is that you can virtually and freely “walk into” any established organizations’ offices using your laptop or mobile device and secure big writing jigs.

  • Enjoy freedom from office politics and gossip

For those who don’t have a wiring as a “people’s person”, working as a freelance writer gives them the opportunity to be productive without undue office rules and restrictions. It is not secret that the office can provide an environment for all manner of politicking. Office gossip and politics are nuisances some people are not comfortable with. But with freelance writing, you bid all these annoyances a permanent goodbye and work in your own controlled environment without interference and distractions from nose-poking workmates.

Since you have seen two forms of office life from which a career in freelance writing can liberate you, you now have the power in your hands to enjoy freedom from inhibitive office routines by embracing jobs for writers. Enjoy your career.


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