Going to a festival this summer? Here are some tips to keep your skin looking fresh

While there are many of us, who enjoy a summer festival we all know that spending a few days camping in the great outdoors can start to take its toll on our skin. Knowing which products to pack and how to take care of your complexion while you’re away will certainly help you avoid breakouts, uneven skin tone, dry skin and sunburn. 

Keeping your skin clean

You might not have access to all of your favourite cleansing products, but that’s no excuse when it comes to keeping your skin free of makeup and dirt. Spending the majority of your time outdoors (and probably without adequate shower facilities) will mean that your skin will be facing a whole host of free radicals that will cause blocked pores and lead to problems. Pack a good cleansing water, such as micellar water, and use it at morning and night so that you’re much less likely to wake up with an unhealthy complexion.

Protect your skin from the sun

Applying SPF to your arms and legs is all well and good but make sure you don’t miss out your face. Even if you are already wearing organic fake tan, your skin can still be at risk of sunspots or signs of premature ageing if not properly protected. There are a lot of foundations on the market these days that include SPF protection, but you shouldn’t solely rely on them. Make sure you top up throughout the day and bring a hat that will protect your scalp and neck, too.

Pack products that can multi-task

Products such as BB Creams and all-purpose balms are festival lifesavers as they allow you to keep your skincare to a minimum. When it comes to makeup, pack light by using a bronzer for your cheekbones and your eyelids, a blush that works on your cheeks and lips, and even perhaps a concealer that can function as a subtle highlighter.

Take care of your immune system

As we know, taking care of our skin isn’t all about the products we use; it’s about what we eat too. Pack your festival cool bag with as many fruits and veggies as you can, but if you’re struggling to do that, you can always keep your immune system ticking over with vitamin and mineral supplements. Vitamin C is your best choice to keep pesky germs at bay and make sure you pack a good antibacterial hand gel for those trips to the portaloo.

Get your glow back post-festival

Once you’re home, you’ll probably be desperate to get back into your regular skincare regimen. It’s time to do a detox and a deep cleanse. The likelihood is that your skin is feeling incredibly dry and not at all clean, so you’ll want a deep cleansing and exfoliating product that will buff away uneven texture.  Tame uneven skin tone with a toner and make sure that you give your skin some much-needed hydration with a good moisturiser. Any sunburn should be treated with aftersun as soon as possible.