Tips for Spontaneous Weekend Travel While Studying Abroad

How to combine traveling and studying abroad?

If you took a decision to study abroad and immerse yourself in a fascinating academic life in the other country, you probably know about all traveling opportunities you get. Definitely, you ought to spend lots of time studying, passing exams or writing papers, but you also need to take a look at an excellent opportunity that is opened for you. We mean a perfect opportunity to visit other nearby metropolises, beaches, mountains and other places of interest.

If you are just at the stage of choosing the best studying program abroad, you ought to prefer the ones that support their students and help them with any issues that may happen during the traveling. Of course, they don’t pay for your adventures, but they can help you with the ticket or hotel booking. Some of them can give you valuable recommendations concerning the places you can visit.

There is also a category of study abroad programs that allow you to study only 4 days per week. This is a great advantage because in this case you have three days off and can spend them on gaining the new traveling experience visiting the nearby cities.

Traveling shouldn’t be the main purpose of going abroad for studying. Before you make a decision to go to the nearest city, make sure that all exams are passed and all essays or papers are written. You can do it by yourself or ask a custom writing service to help you – it makes no matter! All tests must be passed!

Now, when you are sure that you did a good job, you can open your heart to new exciting emotions. So, before you decide to explore one or another nearby city, read our tips that will help you organize yourself and avoid all possible difficulties. 

How to Pack Things?

This category of tips is the most important one because commonly, students take too many extra things with them. Thus, they just carry too heavy luggage instead of enjoying the beauty around.

  • Leave too expensive things at home. If you wish to penetrate into the new society or blend in with the local citizens, give yourself a chance to do this! Put on and take with only comfortable clothes and shoes. Besides, there is also no need to take a full luggage of clothes with you. A couple of jeans and T-shirts will be enough!
  • Buy toiletries abroad. This tip just proves one more time that toothpastes, shampoos or shower gels are offered for sale in any place. So, don’t overload your luggage with these products!
  • Forget about heels! This type of shoes is very nice, but think twice, before you put your heels in your luggage! Otherwise, instead of enjoying the views, you’ll be thinking about your legs that can’t go forward because of inconvenient shoes!

Travel Notes

Below, you can find recommendations concerning the places to visit!

  • There is no need to spend a new day, in a new city. In other words, if you didn’t get a chance to immerse yourself in the beauties of Paris or you didn’t manage to see the principal places of interest in London, there is no need to visit a new place. Return to this place once again and explore it one more time leisurely.
  • Choose the right day. Everything is easy! Check the calendar before buying the tickets and find out whether there are any national holidays on the day you are planning to go to this city. In this case, all hotels or restaurants will be overcrowded and the prices will be higher. If this is not an obstacle for you and you really want to see an annual Brazilian festival then why not? But in this case, book the hotel beforehand!
  • Plan your Trips. Being a student, it is difficult to plan anything, but in this case, it is much better to think in advance concerning the must-see places! Don’t keep this for later because you ought to understand what places you want to see first, what food you wish to taste and what excursions to take! Find the locations of these places on the map and create a route! In doing so, you’ll save lots of time!

How to Transport without Any Issues

Each country has its own system of public transport! Read the below-written tips in order not to get screwed!

  • Always Validate your Tickets. Some European cities have the system of validating the tickets. You must purchase a ticket and put it in a special slot in a bus or train. In this case, it will have a time stamp, showing the time of traveling. If you won’t do this, you can be charged with a heavy fine.
  • Don’t choose only planes to get to one or another place. Definitely, planes are the fastest transportation mean but in some instances, it is much better to choose some other options like trains, buses, cars, etc. First, you’ll save cash because the price for the tickets is lower. Secondly, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the views of the country and meet new people.

If you are going to travel too far, you ought to prefer budget airlines. 

Financial pieces of advice

These tips will help you save cash:

  • Don’t eat in to expensive restaurants. If you are on a budget, there is no need to splurge on too expensive cafes. You can buy food in the local groceries, supermarkets or cafes. In doing so, you’ll understand what the citizens of this country eat.
  • Prefer free activities first. Some museums in such cities as London, Amsterdam or Prague are free. So, visit them first! This is a cool and free chance to immerse yourself in the history of these cities.

We hope that our tips will let you gain the best traveling experience while studying abroad!


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