Tips For Dressing Up In The Summer

Everyone eagerly anticipates this exciting summer season. However, all the enthusiasm can easily go away once we transform into a sweating, frizzled and belated mess the moment we step out of the door. That’s why summer dressing can be quite challenging and requires a little more thinking, especially for women.

During the summer, we all reveal more skin than we usually do in other seasons. There are also fewer layering tricks to cover up specific parts or create a nice-looking figure. So, how to dress up in the summer for maximum cooling effect? We’ve decided to help you and combined the best tips for dressing up in the summer.

Different Occasions Means Different Dressing Styles

The first thing you should know before we talk any dressing ideas, is that dressing largely depends on the places you go. If let’s say, you’re going to a casino, it might be challenging to find something cozy to and summer-appropriate to wear. But that doesn’t mean that you should get the first dress out of your wardrobe. And this is the part where some people might just give up to visiting a land based casino, and find casino games to play online. But that’s not you! Just continue reading and you’ll find out how to create a nice, modern, and stylish look for every occasion, while at the same time, manage to stay cool.

Some Interesting Design Details

Wearing only one layer without any eye-catching design detail isn’t appealing at all. So why not try making it as interesting as you can and mix things up a little. For example, if you wear plain skirt or trousers as a good basic bottom, opt for tops that have some extra detail –some stylish embellishment. Or, you can go for a backless top. By doing so, you’ll look modern, yet cool.

Here are some examples of how to make your summer outfit more interesting:
• Wear a scarf in bright colors
• Add color with a bag
• Wear colorful shoes
• Play with color blocking
• Have fun with sunglasses
• Wear a scarf as a top
• Use a scarf for keeping hair off your neck


Wear White Clothes

The summer is considered to be the perfect season for wearing white clothes. Imagine wearing white in winter – it just doesn’t look right. What’s best, white is the most versatile color and can be matched with all other colors (maybe with a few exceptions here and there) and patterns. Just pick anything colorful from your closet and combine it with white. The result is a modern, yet clean look. Plus, you can also go for all white. But, that’s not all! Light colors, especially white, reflect light and help you keep cool, while dark colors make you feel hot because they absorb light.

Wear Minimal Jewelry

Once the temperature rises, large jewelry that touches much of your skin will just make you sweatier and feel uncomfortable. In this case, you can only opt for some standout earrings since they don’t really touch your skin. Anything else like bracelets, necklaces, and rings should be avoided. Necklaces will push your shirt against your chest, bracelets will cover the most important body cooling points – wrists, and any metal will get hot. So, stick to minimal jewelry, preferably only earrings.

Hide Bra Straps and Panty Lines

The basic rule is that bra straps and panty lines should never peek out. No one wants to see this – it simply looks tasteless. If you’re wearing an unusual top, just make sure you wear an invisible bra. The simplest trick is to buy a bra clip that can be used with almost every type of bra or get yourself different bras. And, the same applies to panty lines – they should never be visible.

Bear Your Body Type in Mind

Did you know that there are 5 basic female body types including apple, pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, and the most desired one, hourglass? Yeah, and since summer is the time of the year where we show some skin, it’s very important to know what best suits for your body type. For instance, if you have an apple body type you should pick tops that are wider around the belly and more fitted around the bust area. Just find out your shape and dress accordingly.

Choose a Small Crossbody Bag or a Handbag

A handbag is probably one of the most important and versatile accessories that a woman can own. And, when it comes to handbags, ‘owning too many’ isn’t really a correct thing to say. However, you should think wisely before choosing one for the summer. Huge backpacks or heavy tote bags aren’t the best choices for a sunny and hot day. You definitely wouldn’t want to carry around an enormous backpack stuck to your back or a heavy tote to your side. This will make you sweaty for sure. Instead, think about what’s really necessary for you to carry around and pick a crossbody bag or a handbag and take only essential stuff with you. As a result, you will feel no pain in your back or shoulders, and you will be less sweaty.

Wear Summer Dresses

Dresses are ideal for hot summer days since they are usually quite airy. Plus, you don’t have to spend much time thinking about your outfit since it is a one-piece. So, you will avoid the often times annoying bottom and top matching. However, if you really want to dress up in the summer you will ideally need to have good dresses for every occasion. Hence, opt for dresses and dress up!
• A beach dress – The first on the list is certainly the beach dress. When going to the beach you can definitely opt for something shorter than usual and show a bit more skin. Also, you would like to choose a dress that’s easy to wash and doesn’t wrinkle so much. A perfect example would be a white cotton dress or any dress with spaghetti straps.
• A day dress – Going out for a walk or coffee with your friends? Everyone needs a dress for daytime get-togethers. For this purpose, go for a nice wrap cotton dress or a shift dress that’s quite casual. And, since you aren’t heading to the beach, be careful with its length.
• A work dress – When you have to work all day long, the last thing you should worry about is being sweaty or hot. Thus, you can choose a traditional professional-looking shift dress which you can combine with a cardigan or a jacket.
• An evening dress – The summer is perfect for going out and having fun. Yet, you need to have something a little bit more special than your other pieces. In this case, the material is crucial. Any silk dress will look more special than a cotton dress. So, go for silk!

Mind Your Fabrics

Most of the high-street stores sell merchandise made from poly-blends. But what’s the problem with poly? For one, it isn’t breathable at all. You’ll feel trapped in your own skin, and usually holds on to sweat stains. Therefore, if you want to stay cool in hot, steamy, sunny days, seek out fabrics that have a natural feel. For example, choose cotton – Pima or Supima cotton is the best, yet any cotton type will do better than polyester. The key is that the fibers are hollow in the center which enables easy absorption of perspiration and quick release.

Another great fabric for summer days is linen which is a bit stronger than cotton, but a better heat conductor which makes it the most breathable material of all. As we already mentioned, silk is also another great choice for summer clothes since it is natural, cooling, and breathable. One thing to note, is that silk needs to be cleaned often if you want to avoid sweat stains. As a bonus tip, go for jeans made of super-thin denim.

Choose the Right Footwear

Dressing up during the summer starts from the feet up. Any outfit will look ugly on you if you choose wrong footwear. And, people tend to do many different things during the summer. Therefore, you should have a pair of great shoes for different occasions.

Just like you should mind your clothing fabric, you should also choose natural materials for your summer footwear. By doing so, your feet will breathe and thus keep bad odor and infections at bay. So, let’s have a look at the shoe styles you need for different summer occasions:
• Platform wedges for brunch or daytime get-togethers
• Nude (or any other color) flats for a summer dinner
• Printed slip-on sneakers for a casual outing
• Simple slip-on sandals for a day at the beach
• Strappy heels for a night out in summer

Wear Belts to Accent Your Waist

Last but not least, a suitable belt will make your outfit more interesting and better in general. If used appropriately on the waist, it will not only make your waist look smaller, but also accent your figure. Just make it pop up by choosing one in different material, or even the opposite material than your clothing item. However, if you should bear in mind that you should never overdo belts. You should use them sparingly, rather than often. If your outfit is already fitted and there’s no need for a belt, you better leave it at home.


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