Things to Consider Before Buying a Wedding Ring

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life so you need to make sure everything is perfect from beginning to end, starting with the engagement ring.

When you think of engagement rings, diamonds usually spring to mind however they aren’t always within every ones budget.

While diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend, there are plenty of other more affordable options to explore especially sterling silver designs and there are many different styles available to suit different styles and budgets. Don’t be fooled into believing that only expensive rings are worth buying, there are many affordable engagement rings that are just as beautiful.

Let’s have a look at a few things to consider before choosing an engagement ring:

Staying In Your Budget

Firstly it is important to know your budget. You can let the jeweller know this first as so they can assist you in the best way and that the rings they offer you are affordable and you aren’t tempted to over spend.

Deciding on whether you would like silver, gold or platinum, diamonds, sapphires or cubic zirconia will all be factors that affect your budget.

Do The Research

The choice of engagement rings is endless. Whilst it can be good to keep an open mind and willing to listen to the advice of the jeweller, it can be overwhelming and confusing if you go into store without having any prior knowledge or idea if what you are looking for. Therefore it is best to do a bit of research on which material, stone type and shape you or your partner prefers so you have some ideas to get you started.


While there are a plenty of beautiful designs already available it is possible to design or personalise an engagement ring.

Engraving initials on the engagement ring is a popular choice or even engraving a personalised quote that is special to you both.

Most jewellers will offer this service at an extra charge.

It is worth considering that some personalisations can affect the value of jewellery and it is always best to take advice first from the jeweller you are buying from.

Patterned wedding bands are an up and coming trend for newly wed’s. These encompass all sorts of styles such as grooved lines, hammered finished and more.’

Visit A Trustable And A Reputable Jeweller

The last thing you want to do is to buy an engagement ring from an unreliable, inexperienced or unqualified jeweller. Whether you are buying in store or online, it is essential that you check the reputation of the jewellery beforehand and that you are aware of all their terms and conditions and returns policy before buying the jewellery.


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