The Top Ten Best Dressed Ladies at the Oscars: A Fashion Review

You’ve all no doubt heard how bad the Oscars were this year but to be honest, they weren’t all that bad. With a few notable exceptions, every Oscar show is quickly derided as the worst Oscar show every. The Academy Awards are a big deal. I love James Franco (his tweets from behind the scenes were a lot of fun). I love Anne Hathaway. While they weren’t as good as Hugh Jackman, I thought they were alright. Who cares about the show anyway? Let’s talk about the fashion!

Helena Bonham Carter (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

As you watch the show – especially the pre-show red carpet broadcasts – you know who is going to be torn apart the next day. Helena Bonham Carter will be one of those people, but I honestly don’t think she should be. She is the Lady Gaga of the acting world – although slightly less bizarre. She does her own thing and that’s why I love her. It’s sad people don’t get that. On a red carpet full of long, flowing gowns and perfect hair, Helena stands out. I adore this woman and her strange style. Beautiful.

Cate Blanchett (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Cate Blanchett is one of my absolute favorite actresses. She’s a beautiful woman. I’m also quite certain she’s going to wind up on many ‘worst dressed’ lists. I didn’t like the dress. I won’t lie. It sort of looked like she was wearing a bib and that’s just not a look that appeals to me. In truth, I think she’s going to split the vote here. All the same, it didn’t work for me. Melissa Leo delivered the most memorable Oscar speech, dropping the f-bomb, but her dress stands out for me as well; it just stands out for all the wrong reasons. It looked a bit like it was made of doilies. It looked itchy, actually. I think the judgment passed on her dress will be a lot more even – thumbs down. A long way down. Love her though, and was very excited she took home the ‘best supporting actress’ award. With that, let’s move on to the good stuff – the ten best dressed ladies to hit the red carpet.

Hailee Steinfeld (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

10: Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee will turn 15 in December and just received her first, of what I’m sure will be many, Oscar nomination for her performance in ‘True Grit’. She hit the red carpet looking like an adorable princess is what was a complete age appropriate gown. She didn’t go over-the-top with it, choosing something simple that didn’t make her appear under dressed for the occasion.

Sandra Bullock (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

09. Sandra Bullock

At this time last year, Sandra was basking in the glow of her own Oscar win. This year, she hit the red carpet as a presenter. It hasn’t been a stellar year for Sandy. The end of her marriage and the drama that surrounded it definitely overshadowed her win. Bullock isn’t one to let that sort of thing keep her down though. She looked fabulous last night. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the dress at first, but I like it more every time I look at it. I honestly like her look last night better than I liked her look for last year’s show.

Jennifer Hudson (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

08. Jennifer Hudson

Dear heavens – I just did not expect this. I loved Jennifer’s choice of gown. It was sexy without being trashy. It was bold and bright. My only problem with it is… what’s with her boobs? Why are they so high? Perhaps it’s just the cut of the dress, but her cleavage makes it look like her boobs on on her collar bone. Aside from that, Jennifer looked flawless and beautiful – a real standout.

Mila Kunis (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

07. Mila Kunis

When the actresses first began hitting the red carpet, I really thought Mila was going to come out on the top of my list. I love everything about this dress and the way Mila wears it. She looks comfortable. I love the shade, I love the cut and I love the train. I also loved the way Mila wore her hair – classic but modern at the same time. She looked beautiful. The only thing keeping her at number seven is the stiff competition she was up against.

Michelle Williams (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

06. Michelle Williams

Michelle has long been one of my favorite actresses and her performance in ‘Blue Valentine’ definitely earned her nomination. I love Michelle because she is just so naturally beautiful but doesn’t rely on looks to advance her career. Instead, she has the genuine talent to back it up. Michelle proves a gown doesn’t have to be dramatic to stand out. This dress is sophisticated, elegant and sexy – just like Michelle.

Reese Witherspoon (John Shearer/Getty Images)

05. Reese Witherspoon

Reese hit the carpet looking like Academy Award Barbie. I’m not kidding – the hair, the dress… the whole package. I’m sure it didn’t work for some, but I really liked it. I thought Reese looked incredible, which is really a lot coming from me as I’m not her biggest fan. The dress was simple yet very flattering. I think the hair was a gutsy decision as some will undoubtedly mock her for it, but it was a smart decision. She looked perfect from head to toe. There isn’t a thing I can pick on her for.

Halle Berry (Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage)

04. Halle Berry

You can always count on Halle to bring it on the red carpet. Her personal life might be a bit dramatic at the moment, but you would never know it seeing her on the red carpet tonight. Confident and beautiful, Halle rocks everything she wears. The slightly messy, disheveled design of the dress really worked for her. I absolutely loved it. No big surprise here.

Hilary Swank (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

03. Hilary Swank

I know some folks are going to have a hard time with Hilary Swank’s dress, but I think it’s incredible. It’s flattering and elegant. It’s everything an Oscar gown should be. I love everything about this dress. The simple clutch, lack of dramatic jewelry and her simple up-do put all the focus on the dress where it belonged. She looked simply amazing.

Amy Adams (AP Photo/Matt Sayle)

02. Amy Adams

Amy Adams. Don’t you look stunning. The only problem I have with Amy’s attire is the fact that she should’ve worn her hair back with this dress. While her hair is only shoulder length, I didn’t like the way it worked with the cut of the neckline. I think a hairstyle that left her neck exposed would’ve complimented the dress better. That said, she still looks amazing. The dress is perfect for her. I know some early commentators weren’t  crazy over the jewelery she wore, but I liked it. The lighter colored stones offset the dark dress nicely. The dress was such a classic, elegant cut it may have been drab without the sparkles, but with them, it was a real standout. It also complimented Amy’s body perfectly. She looked stunning. I just wish she would’ve done something different with her hair.

Camila Alves (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

01. Camila Alves

I know choosing Camila for my top spot likely isn’t going to sit well with some readers, but the woman deserves it. She was flawless. I’m aware that she was only at the Academy Awards as Matthew McConaughey’s date (he is her boyfriend and the father of his children), but she was still the best dressed woman on the red carpet. Her dress was incredible – dramatic and bold even in its dark hue – and it looked just ridiculously good on her. The plunging neckline was daring but not inappropriate. I loved the jewelery, the hair and the way everything worked together. She stole the show, even if no one else is willing to admit it.


Was your favorite dress on my list? Who do you feel was the best dressed? What did you think of Helena Bonham Carter, Melissa Leo and Cate Blanchett? Voice your opinions in the comment section below. That’s what it’s there for!





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