The Strangest Diets in the World

Dieting has become a much hyped word these days with all the obesity issues being faced by people of the developed and developing countries. With the kind of attention this topic  is getting in present day world, no matter what source one refers to, there are zillions of diet plans readily available. Quite a few of these diet plans are effective and innovative. But majority are either too tough to be included in one’s daily life or total zilch. There are also a few diets that happen to be strange by all means. Some of these diet plans are discussed in the paragraphs that follow.


One such strange diet is the tapeworm diet followed by a few celebrities as well. In this they have pills ingested with tapeworms. The theory is that the tapeworms get lodged in the intestines and uses a part of the food humans have for their own survival thereby helping humans consume all the food. As effective as the theory is, to a normal human this is a gross idea of losing weight.

Another interesting yet strange diet is the Jesus Diet or the Bible Diet. According to this, people are supposed to have only raw food twice a day, go veggie and reserve a day in the week for fasting. As healthy as it sounds, people who follow this would be drained and totally lacking any energy.

The banana diet followed by people of Tokyo is an interesting diet in which breakfast consists of raw banana and water. This diet is in fact really preferred by people because it promises to help shed weight even if people eat to their liking during lunch and dinner. The logic of this diet is beyond the scope of a normal human being though.

The Breatharianism Diet advocates that to sustain life food is not at all necessary. All that one requires is Prana or the life force, sunlight and air. In India this has been in practice for millennia by sages and yogis. There is no question about the effectiveness of this diet, just that it is not the best idea for normal human beings having interest in living a life of fun and not on the path to nirvana.

Sleeping Beauty Diet, as can be assumed from the name, is all about lots and lots of sleep. The logic behind this is that one eats only when he or she is awake. Sleeping for hours at a stretch is not an easy task as one would imagine and the diet suggests the intake of heavy sedatives. The diet is scientifically proven to be effective and at the same time it is one of the most health affecting diet plans around.

The most weirdest and repulsive diet plan around is the one followed by a pornographic model and escort based in California, Kim Kelly. The diet, she herself publicly named Man Juice Diet, involves a protein formula where one can lose weight by following a diet involving only man’s seminal fluids. The diet has been declared to be effective, but then, it all depends on whether one can stomach the idea of this diet.



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