The Refrigerator Does Not Freeze Well: Key Reasons and Repair Options

It often happens that the refrigerator stops freezing well: it seems to work, but does not cope with its main task. Food quickly deteriorates, which can negatively affect the health of the whole family. However, this is not the only negative consequence of a weakly freezing fridge! Do not underestimate the problem of poorly chilled food in the refrigerator! If this has happened to your household appliances, call the repair service immediately!

The Reasons for Badly-Freezing Refrigerator

There are several possible reasons why the fridge has become poorly freezing. Some of them are easily removable, while others will be quite problematic to fix. However, the specialist from the appliance repair Mississauga or another service near me can carry out even the most complex repairs of a refrigerator! Within an hour or two after the service specialist arrives, all malfunctions will be solved!

First, the repair person will find the cause of the malfunction. The main reasons that the fridge is badly freezing are the following:

  • The rubber seal of the door is damaged or worn out;
  • The refrigerator is not sealed due to the deformation of the door;
  • The thermostat is out of order;
  • The refrigerant leaks;
  • The motor-compressor is out of order.

If you can replace the rubber seal of the door, as well as solve the problem with its deformation, then entrust the replacement of other parts of the fridge to the specialist.

Freon Leakage or Motor Malfunction?

Most often, the fridge starts to freeze badly due to a freon leak. Freon is a toxic gas! Its increased concentration in the air can cause health problems. Do not risk your health! If freon leaks in your refrigerator, it needs urgent repair!

If you think that the freon leakage is causing the malfunction, you can do a simple test. There is a metal condenser in the back of the refrigerator. If there is enough freon, it is warm; if there is a leak, it is cold. However, be careful when touching it – it can get very hot!

If a thermal sensor or a motor compressor breaks down, this is a huge danger to the appliance itself. It may soon be completely out of order. A thermal sensor is a part that transmits information to the control system about the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer chambers. If the information is transmitted incorrectly or is not transmitted at all, the motor “thinks” that there is no need to freeze. If the motor compressor, which is responsible for cooling, is faulty, the weakly freezing refrigerator will very soon stop working at all.

Don’t save on your comfort and security! Call the repair service as soon as you have noticed the malfunction. Perhaps, your refrigerator can be successfully repaired.