The Correlation Between Life, Love and Spirituality

When walking the path of spirituality, there are methods we use to discuss, promote, and join groups together in a unique bond. Without this niche market, we may not feel so content with our general everyday lives. The reality of spirituality is; we can’t see it but it helps with growth and improves memory.

Life as we care to live it can take many routes, but it is in our own decision to make good or bad decisions. Love is in effect the least likely art of efforts to put forward spiritually into practice as it is so beyond our control.

However once found it can change motivation and self-esteem. So, how does these three great realms connect?

The Power Of Meditation

Meditation is a method of combining well-being and healing to provide relaxation in your everyday living. Breath control is a continued use of an informal tool with a group in practice together or a silent count to yourself. Those who are new to the concept may not know it is not exactly true to a faith, although Buddhists are based in prayer when they practice meditation. It is good to use programs in the life of which control the unknown effects that cause us stress and resentment in our life.

This is such a helpful method of practice originated from the origins of Buddhism, although even the monks would not force this practice or method of belief on anyone as it is true to their religion that they do not preach. With regular effort in maintaining your spiritual health and well-being through a method such as meditation, it can help you to live longer, maintain better relationships and keep you in better check of your everyday life, (like a mind, body and soul cleanse.)

Crystals Have More Meaning Than You Could Ever Imagine

Crystals are another method in which we receive benefit through an idea created according to research over the years of which help calm the mind, body and soul. Under effort to use them correctly, you need to have a little knowledge of how to use them. Different stones hold separate owners and uses and they can all create a different kind of energy. With this, how they are handled is important. Sometimes just holding so much in a certain hand and a particular type of stone can release endorphins to help the mind function faster or other stones may calm you.

You would choose the type of stone for the reasoning of whatever it is you need for your own spiritual karma. They can be used away from the body too, to aid similar issues using a different approach for the same outcome. Such as leaving stones somewhere in the house to create the ambiance of which is poignant and necessary.

Astronomy And How It Fuses Life And Emotion

Astronomy is another massive attribute towards mending and continuously affecting our lives where certain matters of which we take control and can control, however, allows for an effect on our spirit totally out of our hands. As much as this may not be believed by some, astronomy is a topic that has been researched for many years and it is a topic of great interest to many university graduates and professors.

Links to our health have a possible significant effect on how we feel and what may happen in our daily lives due to the alignment in the stars above. For example, the moon is supposed to have an emotional link to some people’s mood depending on its solar cycle. The wolves come out at night’ some researchers say a full moon can create moods such as agitation and mania.

An Insight Into Astrology

Astrology has a similar teaching. It is a study of life and soul through a means of horoscope related back to a person’s birth date. In teachings across the globe, there are strategies of how we resemble and redirect someone’s short term and long term karma. This is why people like Doreen Virtue, through her elaborate explanations of angel numbers such as angel number 333, tries to make a connection between this life and some signs it sends us from the spiritual world.


The effect is known about this technique and studying can impart wisdom and tools to create a happier, more satisfactory lifestyle as well as being an interesting hobby.

How Spiritualism Changes The Entire Outlook

Spirituality is defined as a regard to wellness to mind, body and soul through a manor of techniques. It is a concept based solely on a lot of slightly mythical, yet researchable truths. In core effort of explaining how we are affected by this concept, we have an inner or an unexplained force that you cannot see, hear, feel or touch, but it is still an important part of our inner self. It portrays who you are.

Could There Be A Link Between Spiritualism And Mental Health?

Mental health research in the last ten years has built such a high level of understanding. Our mental health is what keeps our entire system working. Without the mind, not one bodily function could work of course. It is within each individual to maintain the strengths and avoid stresses that the mind cannot cope with. However, this is not as easy as necessarily written down on paper. We know were nothing without the mind, but some stresses in life can lead to problems. The mind has an enormous amount to process and control and if not treated kindly can break, just like anything.

Mental health began to become a common topic to discuss in the last decade. The trouble is we still don’t understand what causes it or if there could even be a cure. Now, spirituality is a similar topic as a lot about the meaning and how we are effected has not been fully realized, yet we are aware of its existence. Mental health can be improved by practicing some of the above tasks and your inner self can be cleansed. However, with that said those with difficulties lose interest in these activities and it is hard for them to return. It is interesting to combine research patterns in science about the above activities to suggest taking care of your general wellbeing through alternative therapies may help you.

Defining Our Routines And Priorities

Life is what we make it and is full of surprises, but is the way we feel about ourselves and our levels of self-esteem going to affect our love, life and spirit. Well, of course it will. There are ways of coming with low self-esteem, some of which we have discussed. The point is, we need to inform our inner selves of what is important. Our lives are not so out of control as we sometimes feel and there are ways to create your own awareness to your own shortcomings.

Some people keep a diary to speak to their inner self, as your outer self can sometimes lie through the ride and sometimes you even believe your own lies. By keeping a diary close, you can reveal a whole side of your personality you never knew. You can discover hobbies you’ve never imagined trying, ideas of lace to holiday and if you’re a first time flyer, just writing that note about your first fantasy holiday abroad will confront your possible nerves for flying.

Then Come The 4 Letter Magical Word…..Love

Love is a hard word to correlate with anything because again we cannot see it. We believe the only sense that picks it up is our sense of feeling. However, we can’t show this feeling to another human being. With that said, we know it’s there and yet sometimes slightly out of our control. To be true to ourselves, we can’t explain why we ever have a compassion or feeling of love and trust for another person it’s just there. The interesting, noteworthy factor about love in relationships is how different the seas look at it.

Males and females are one generation after another just roving to be in a completely different ball game from each other. Men and woman, both have the same chemicals that release feelings of love, yet the two would describe how love makes them feel totally differently. Women tend to be a little more wrapped up in the idea of love and a lot feel incomplete without it, whereas a lot more men when it comes to an attraction will show slight interest, but just let whatever happens be.

So, How Do The Above Techniques Intertwine?

Without breaking all of the rules of serenity, I have a few words to discuss about how the above techniques may help you in everyday life, love and friendships. Meditation is all including the thoughts and techniques of how breath control helps. With this technique, also to say can be used so easily in everyday life wherever you go. It is usually a count into ten breaths in and out. You can do it anywhere and it can be used to control an all matter of sins.

Spirituality is needed as something to embrace when we feel at our most vulnerable. Panic attacks are a common and now publicly talked about issue and therapies such as these are on the market to help those suffering with these issues and problems. These can be resolved by an all matter of remedies, but certain methods will help certain problems more than others. Below are a few examples of how you can use methods of practice to resolve the issue.


My issue

“I can’t sleep”

Having studied little about crystals, I’ve heard the astounding positive feeling and great amount of use they really are. Rose quartz is an important stone for calm, serenity and peace. Just hold in your right hand, firm but not too tight for about ten minutes before you go to bed making sure this is done when you are in a calm environment. If you are a regular bad sleeper, try this method as an ongoing evening method to help you relax.

“I keep getting headaches”

There is a great method of practice to sort this problem. A lot of the time headaches arise and formulate from sore muscles in the neck, so light exercise where you create and maintain a healthier more supple physique can resolve the problem fairly quickly.

“I have reoccurring nightmares”

This is a little harder to resolve and hasn’t been researched extensively to find a resolve. However, in my own experiments in the past, I tried calming my mind down in the last hour before bedtime. Don’t watch a fast aced movie, which allows for all your senses to be heightened before bed. Try an hour of reading time. Reoccurring nightmares do resolve, whatever resolves them, so even if you don’t read usually as a hobby, I would suggest to try it just for a couple of nights until the nightmares subside.

Now That There’s An Evident Relationship, Why Are We So Intrigued?

Mind, body and soul complete who we are as a person and we need to take care of it from tip to toe. We’ve discussed alternate therapies, what you can do for certain complaints and how mental health correlates to our spirituality, but the topic yet to cover is why are we so intrigued by this topic and where is the class of its origin. We have had medicines and exciting new ways of remedying illness to create wellness for decades, but the word I have been avoiding due to its sounding cheesy is soul. How do you mend one? Do we even have one? Chances are, we don’t. Within human logic, something that invisible can’t be there.

Having said that, do you see gravity because I can’t, but we have evidence and proof of its existence? My main point here is plainly a discovery of something unknown or a subject matter of little or no knowledge can still exist. Decades of research have proven the wellness of the human body can consist of health and virility when practicing calming the soul. Spirituality and in its greatest form has been celebrated, studied and more beyond a time we could probably depict as it is such a widely comprised idea. It is spoken of in religion, when cavemen were on the planet they had the ability to communicate, (some could argue there general living and learning was just a beginning for the facts we’d later discover.)

Once you have learnt and gained factual evidence to authorize what you’re saying, a fact before declared a fact always was. So in conclusion, my evidence suggests that love, life and spirituality are all related. Without one combining to help another or one continuing without the other we wouldn’t be able to live a content and hay life.

Finally, a short meaning to love, life and spirituality is the compact stability and stages of lifestyle to maintain a person’s need.