The best remedy against cellulite

Cellulite – an unaesthetic problem that more and more people face, regardless of age, weight or gender. Thus, the unwanted “orange peel” skin comes to be visible on the stars’ skin, on overweight and thin people, on the body of women, but also on that of men, being an unforgiving disease whose frequency demonstrates that it is based on multiple factors especially those related to lifestyle.


Drastic weight loss belts, physical inactivity, food that intoxify the organism, medicines, contraceptives, stress, excess pounds, all of these predispose to the appearance of cellulite.

The best and safer remedies against cellulite are the natural ones that are based on diet and which are associated to a sports program of a few hours a week. Sports program must include running or walking quickly besides other exercises chosen.

As I said above, the basic pillars are represented by nutrition and sports.

Cellulite creams – just a myth

You’ve probably already tried many “miraculous” creams, whose labels promise you that you’ll soon get rid of cellulite and your skin will find the suppleness and elasticity in no time … But I’m pretty sure you were disappointed. Did you make any mistake when applying the product?

There is no need to reproach, nor do you have to look for a similar product, which you think would be more efficient. It is important to know that, basically, there is no argument that the use of such products leads to the intended results.

The explanation is very simple: the layer of fat is below the skin (subcutaneously) so that, even if the product is absorbed into the skin, it has no ability to remove the specific toxins. In fact, the only concrete result from using these creams is that they improve skin texture, which will become more silky, but the problem will not disappear. And I think you are already convinced of this…

Some general advice and remedies

If you go to a beauty salon, choose a treatment that consists in applying seaweed based lotions and wrapping the affected areas for 20-30 minutes. Subsequently, it is important to get an intense anti-cellulite massage. This procedure, repeated weekly, will remove cellulite, which will simply be exfoliated off the body with natural remedies.

Another solution is to prepare your own anticellulite lotion. Do not think that it would be something complicated. The best ideas are always simple … In a bowl, mix oil (especially for babies) and sugar (the proportion is about 3 parts oil to one part sugar – in small quantities, because every time you have to prepare a new mixture). Before each shower, massage yourself with the product on the affected areas. Sugar will act as an exfoliator, while the fine texture of oil will leave your skin soft and silky.

A healthy lifestyle regime will not remove cellulite, but it can definitely help you keep it under control. Drink at least two liters of water daily, eat fruit, vegetables and whole grains, exercise and stop, as much as possible, drinking coffee and eating saturated fats. Besides water, it is advisable to drink cranberry juice and eat watermelon. They have diuretic properties, and their consumption will help you detoxify the body.


Healthy food, rich in fiber and an adequate intake of vitamins detoxifies the body, gives the antioxidants needed to maintain health and also mobilizes and “melts” fat tissue. So, it is recommended to eat only chicken and fish, seafood, salads daily, 5 fruit daily, milk, cheese, yogurt daily, and whole grains. Avoid sausages, margarine (you can use butter or olive oil as fatty food), cheese, sweets with cream (chocolate is allowed, but not much), fried foods or fast food.


It is recommended to walk as much as you can and it has to be fast. Do not use the elevator, even if you stay at the 8th floor. Try, at least 3 days a week, to reserve time in which to do sports and run. If you’ve decided that you can exercise at home, it is recommended to run on the spot for 10 minutes before starting any exercise, this taking place of warming. A life without sport is full of unseen problems, accelerates aging and illness.

Beauty treatment

You can opt for a cellulite treatment that can be found in beauty parlors or natural treatments which you can do at home.


Subcutaneous blood is put into movement by massage, because it relaxes the muscles, it oxygenates th body especially if you use essential antistress oils, it helps eliminate stress and a good oxygenation of the body. It is recommended to have as many massage sessions as you can in the fight against cellulite or to opt for anticellulite massage, with the mention that the latter are quite aggressive and painful.


Sauna is a good way of relaxing and detoxifying the body, also oxygenating the body, improving circulation and respiratory functions. The recommended weekly sauna sessions, possibly after sports program if you choose to perform it in a fitness room which also has a sauna. Sauna also strengthens the immune system and slows the aging process, regulates body temperature, increase resistance to stress and helps to maintain beauty and healthy skin.


Another asset in the fight against cellulite is the fluid regime. It is recommended to drink over 2 liters of liquid daily, of which one cup of milk, a cup of coffee, a glass of home made juice and the rest tea or water. You can opt for teas which have an impact on cellulite, as elder tea, green tea, yarrow, but to respect the number of cups allowed daily, noted in the prospectus tea. For example, green tea is strong and should not be consumed in the evening, you should also not exceed two cups of tea per day. Do not buy tea lay.

However, you should avoid alcohol because it dehydrates the body and it mostly introduces toxines, so the results from the other methods above can be offset by consuming alcohol. It is also recommended to reduce cigarettes as much as possible.

The above methods give better results if they are used all at once, so you’ll have a toned body and full of energy and you’ll also gain a nice appearance and young skin.


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