The Best Massage Oils for Hair Growth

Everyone loves sparkly and glossy hair, and nothing keeps them in perfect shape better than massage oils. Despite invigorating the growth, these oils have the propensity to clear and prevent dandruff, reducing frizz and damage and delaying greying. Each hair massage oil serves a primary function, while others offer cross-cutting benefits resulting in the perfect hair. To help you find your best hair massage oil fit, here are the options you should consider for every hair issue.

Preventing Dandruff

Flakes can be annoying and show up despite keeping your scalp clean. However, massage oils, including tea tree oil, peppermint, and cedarwood oil, can help prevent and eliminate prevent dandruff. Besides primarily helping with dandruff, these oils offer many benefits, including avoiding inflammation and dry scalps.

Reducing Damage to Hair

Dry hair can quickly leave empty patches on your head, making your crowning glory unsightly. However, a solution always exists, and essential oils like avocado and coconut oil can help. Thanks to their rich load of fatty acids and vitamin E, these oils usually soften and restore dry hair pretty quickly. You might as well use natural macadamia oil if you have curly hair.

Reducing Frizz

Despite frosty weather being a primary culprit for causing frizzy hair, your mane can sometimes appear that way out of poor hair maintenance. Perhaps you might want to cut yourself some slack if the former makes your hair unsightly, but you have zero excuses for indigent care. Rosemary and lavender oils are usually the best at preventing fussy hair since they properly nourish the hair. You might also consider diluting them with diluting oils, including almond and jojoba oil, for better results.

Preventing Premature Greying

Premature graying of hair (PGH) happens before the ages of 20 and 30 and can significantly affect your self-esteem. And although genetics and issues with your thyroid gland play a substantial role in this condition, a lack of vitamin B-12 which essential massage oil can correct, can be handy. Coconut oil is usually the best pick, but you can also add lemon and massage your scalp until the results show.

Promoting Growth

Virtually every massage oils promote hair growth, so you’re spoilt for choice. Sometimes, your hair may appear like it’s stalled and stunted. And although numerous causes exist, solutions are plenty, including lemongrass essential oil, thyme, and clary sage oils. Besides, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils also significantly invigorate your hair growth rate pattern.

Aiding Balding

Balding is natural when it comes to old age. Genetics is usually the leading cause, and most people find premature balding unwelcome. However, massage oils chip in to help, delaying or sometimes reversing the process. However, it takes more patience and consistency to see results since changing this process, especially when using oils. Grape-seed oil, thyme, and horsetail plant oils are the best at preventing hair loss and balding and can be your go-to options.


Massage oils for hair always come in handy for giving your crowning glory a gloss and shine like no other. The best part is that they’re cheap and readily available, so you won’t have to cough out cash or risk using chemical products. Hopefully, the few oils this article mentions will come in handy.