The Best Fabric For Children’s Clothing

Whether you’re sewing your own or buying in store, knowing what fabric will work best for your children is essential. While it may seem like the fabric you choose would be low on the list compared to style and cost, the material a piece of clothing is made of can tell you a lot.

For one, the type of fabric used relates a lot to wear and longevity. For example, clothing made of cheap polyester will most likely rip, stretch, or shrink much faster than an item made of higher quality fabric. However, higher quality polyester can not only be comfortable, but it is also safe, easy to wash, and soft on your children’s skin.

JJ’s House designer Jessica sells many flower girl dresses and often offers brides or mothers information on the type of clothing they’re buying. For example, she says that brides will sometimes be bought in by a dress’ style and not take into consideration the fabric at all.

“We’ve had some brides look at crushed velvet dresses for their flower girls for a June wedding, but that is way too warm. Instead, we try to guide them towards chiffon, white flower girl dresses that will be breathable and easy to wear,” she says.

Formal wear can often be a place where parents struggle. Young children rarely enjoy formalwear, but that may have everything to do with the fabric. For example, cheap lace can be irritating and itchy and nothing anyone would want to wear, however, if you purchase soft, well-made lace, you won’t have that issue. This is often something we see at weddings where young girls are deeply unhappy in their lace flower girl dresses because of the lace’s itchiness. If you buy a high-quality dress though, you won’t have this issue.

When it comes to everyday wear, parents are well familiar with how dirty their children’s clothes can get. Because of how often their clothing needs to be washed, the fabric for your children’s clothing should be durable and wear well. Fabric like soft corduroy is perfect for rompers or overalls for toddlers and babies, while broadcloth is perfect for all sorts of everyday clothing.

Terry cloth can be an excellent option for young babies since it washes well and is very soft and comfortable and fleece works great for nighttime jumpers and jammies because of its cozy warmth.

As your children age, they will start to have more opinions on what clothing they’re in, but it’s still important to try to choose clothing made with high-quality fabrics. Blended fabrics, like what you see in many “jeggings,” can be especially troublesome. Too much elastane in the denim and the jeans will quickly become formless and uncomfortable. Too little, and it won’t have the fit your girl will like and will also take forever to break in—though they will last forever too, the Cowboys were onto something!

Ultimately, when your child is very young, look for clothing that is soft, durable, and easy to wash. As they age, you can branch out into other materials that may be more finicky—so long as they do any required handwashing!


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